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MPAA Rated R for violence and terror including disturbing images

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman wears a low cut shirt in a bar scene, also with a little kissing with her boyfriend. A woman wears revealing clothing walking down the street on a tv show. Main character wears short pajama shorts in one scene. Nothing suggestive.
  • No nudity or sex whatsoever.

Violence & Gore

  • Two parents forcibly push their daughter into an oven and light it. She escapes, but the father pushes his boot into her back to stop her. They duct tape her mouth, put her in the oven again, and smash her hand in the oven door. She is saved and kind of unharmed (a woman puts wet towels on her heated body).
  • A boy brutally kills his parents with an iron rod, though all the actual contact is offscreen; we see lots of blood splattering on the walls, and the bed, sheets and pillows are drenched in blood.
  • A man is seen with a broken jaw, after a brief fight between some adults.
  • A man gets stabbed in the neck with a fork, and another man falls on the same fork, which impales him in the eye. From above, we see a pool of blood coming out of his head.
  • A creepy disfigured woman with a burned red face briefly hunts a terrorized woman.
  • Some dogs attack a man briefly.
  • A man shoots himself in the head. No graphic details, but a large blood spray splatters on the car's window.
  • It is implied that a character drowns, but we don't know for sure.
  • In a lenghty sequence set in a bathroom, huge wasps begin to come out of a man's body and attack him. We clearly see the wasps coming out of his ears, eyes, nose and mouth. When they start to attack him, he falls through the shower box, then breaks his neck on the toilet seat. We see blood splattering on the wall. The man has blood on his face and body.


  • 1 use of "Fuck", 4 uses of "Shit", a few uses of "Hell" and "Ass".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Adults drink beer in a bar.
  • A woman drinks a glass of wine at home.
  • A woman grinds up sleeping pills and puts them in tea to drug someone.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A brief flashback sequence to a woman driving maniacally with her daughter in the backseat.
  • A woman drives her car off a pier, intending to drown her demonic daughter.
  • The wasps sequence is extremely intense and disturbing, especially for anyone with a fear of insects.
  • The child abuse sequences are upsetting.
  • A house is set on fire.
  • Lots of jump scares and many intense and/or frightening scenes. Overall a scary film.

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