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jotix10027 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Two young hackers are caught by the FBI in an alley while trying to collect data from computer networks. The petty criminals are questioned by the team. Evidently, they themselves are victims of the Russian mafia that operated in L.A. The two have been found at a cybercafe while doing illegal activities by the Russians, who threaten to kill them if they do not cooperate.

Don Eppes is surprised to learn all his credit cards have been denied when he tries to pay for take out food he has ordered. Not only that, his bank account shows no money. Charlie Eppes, thinking it is a glitch in the system, figures the problem will be solved soon, but when his brother goes to the bank, he realizes he has been the victim of computer fraud. Immediately, he receives a warning in the form of a message, urging him to release the two hackers. Don is flabbergasted when he hears the hackers have been freed with money from his own account, only to learn both have been killed after they are free.

The subject of this program is the constant worry how criminals operate in the internet. Charlie Eppes compares it to a river whose source is hard to find because of the complexity of the problem. All the math he is trying to apply, proves to be ineffective when trying to get to the source of his brother's own problem. By using a different approach Charlie and the FBI will get to the bottom of the situation.

Directed by Bill Eagles, this episode is the work of the show's creators, Cheryl Heuton and Nicholas Falacci, two of the best writers working in television these days. One could only hope this creative duo will surface in another series like "Numb3rs" in the near future. Mr. Eagles gets good acting from all the regulars. Will Patton is the guest star.
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