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Embracing Edinburgh, Scotland

A woman who fell in love with the storybook atmosphere of Edinburgh, Scotland, has received a job offer in her fairy-tale town. Her husband is reluctant to move but agrees to give it all up to follow her dream. She ...

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The Beat of Playa Tambor, Costa Rica

After the pressures of keeping up with their busy careers in Colorado became too much to handle, a couple is ready to slow things down. They decide to buy their first home together in Playa Tambor, one of Costa Rica's ...

Season 49

28 Feb. 2013
Cultures Collide in Copenhagen, Denmark
The Stine family lived comfortably in North Carolina until Jeff moved his wife Kim and their three kids to Copenhagen, Denmark for a job opportunity. Although the couple looked forward to showing their children another part of the world, finding a new home was less desired. The average home in Copenhagen is considerably smaller than in the U.S., and a house with two-bathrooms is a rare find. Watch as the Stines find a Danish home with American comfort when House Hunters International downsizes in Copenhagen, Denmark.
5 Mar. 2013
A Long Distance Relationship Getting Up Close and Personal in Manchester
Opposites attract as a young couple tries to decide where to live together for the first time.

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