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The end of Part 1
Max_cinefilo8925 May 2008
Leaving a two-year gap between Season Five and Six was already "cruel" enough; dividing the last series in two chunks, released a year apart, borders on sadism. Okay, so the decision to split the final season in two meant the show would end a year later than planned, which is nearly always a good thing, but on the other hand Kaisha is almost too optimistic for a Sopranos episode, a fact that implies only one logical consequence: the last nine episodes will be the most relentless in the program's history, and the prospect of waiting a whole year for those nine (at the time the season originally aired, of course) can't have been too reassuring. But then the show has never been famous for providing instant comfort, has it?

The title Kaisha comes from the name of the woman Christopher is currently having an extramarital affair with, or at least that's what he's been telling everyone: in reality, his mistress happens to be Julianna Skiff (Julianna Margulies), a woman Tony had been trying to get into bed with, and letting him know the truth wouldn't be a good thing, considering the recent turn of events - Vito's murder has practically been interpreted as an act of war on Phil Leotardo's behalf.

"Fortunately" enough, Tony doesn't need to worry that much about retaliation: the news that Phil is in a hospital bed because of a heart attack are probably the best piece of information he's received in a while. In addition, AJ seems to have found something to live for, or rather someone: a slightly older girl named Blanca, who upsets Carmela on account of being black and having a three-year old son, but is treated very well by Tony as he thinks she might be able to straighten up Anthony for a change.

If you don't consider the Phil situation, this episode exudes happiness, a rare thing to find in the series and a sure sign of events lining up for a truly dark evolution in Season Six, Part Two. As a matter of fact, these past twelve episodes have already been more foreboding than ever, with so many elements (Johnny Sack's incarceration, the rivalry between Tony and Phil, Christopher's return to drug addiction, Uncle Junior's insanity) indicating the definitive end of the series won't be a pretty one, and the apparently cheerful note on which Kaisha closes makes it even harder, though absolutely worth it, to wait for that end to take place.
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season 6 is all about the THEME
wildsoundreadingseri-120 August 2006
Each season is about a certain theme in our Americana. The show is about the supposed American Dream in our society. They all succeed but look at the price. Season #1 is about Man's struggle with his Mother. Season #2 is about Man's struggle with his siblings. Season #3 is about Man's struggle with his kids. Season #5 is about Man's struggle with his friends. AND finally Season #6 is about Man's struggle with Money and Society. If you watch every episode of each season, every scene of every episode is about the THEME of each season. Season #6 is the best of them all. It's shot from a very voyeuristic level. Each character losses something very valuable to them. BUT they each choose to STAY IN THE LIFE and keep on doing what they love. The great addiction for these people. THE LIFE is like heroine for them. Tony is trying to struggle from the addiction. But he's good at what he does. This is a man who doesn't fear life. He faces everything head on in his conscious mind. That is why the center of the show is his relationship with Melfi.

So much happens in the last episode of Season #6. It tells you so much. This is a very abstract show. Everything is very subtle and there is no melodrama at all. Watch again season 6. This show is brilliant. I'm shocked how good it is. If only every film or TV show was like this.
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Worst episode ever!
olsenpbg4 June 2006
I just recently started watching the Sopranos, buying seasons 1-5 on DVD after witnessing the phenomenal season six premiere. All season long the episodes were either a hit or a miss and I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that the episodes were very uneven in relation to the overall plot. The epitome of the season's mediocrity was displayed for all to see in today's (June 4, 2006) season finale. Nothing substantial occurred. The only thing that somewhat interested me was AJ's new love interest, a product of his job that his father forced him to take. I would recommend to anyone who asked never to watch nor to purchase this season as it has disappointed and frustrated me to no end. Hopefully Chase and the other writers will redeem themselves in the final eight episodes of this flailing series.
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Season 6(1): Perhaps not as effortless looking as previous seasons but still very good indeed
bob the moo13 March 2010
I came to season 6 with a certain amount of trepidation following what had quite a roundly great five seasons of the Sopranos thus far. I'd seen it before when it was first broadcast and I knew that it was in two chunks (both about the same length as the previous seasons – so not sure why they are all classed as one season) but could not remember why (although I'm guessing the writer's strike). The reason for my caution was that somewhere I had inherited the idea that this final season was not particularly good and that it all should have finished in the fifth season. I've seen it myself of course but my memory also seemed to be conspiring to tell me that the majority of this first half was made up of Tony's coma dream and that I hadn't enjoyed it first time round.

All of this is sort of why I decided to watch the whole show again, because my memory was tricking me in many ways – not least of which being that the first half of season 6 is actually very good. The story continues on from the tensions at the end of the fifth season between the New York and Jersey crews, which grows now that Johnny Sacks is in jail awaiting trial and Phil is acting boss of New York. This side of it works well because it keeps the pressure on in terms of narrative. Junior's decline is perhaps a bit simple and the shooting of Tony doesn't really fit particularly well as an idea – OK it is used well but still it seems rushed. The coma is shorter than I remember and this time it means more to me and works better (perhaps with me looking back having already finished the show). The theme of Tony not knowing who he is fits perfectly with season 5 where we didn't seem to know who he was either in terms of the many faces he puts up. Likewise his choices between business and family (creepily represented by cousin Tony) suggest that this idea of two families is not as evenly balanced as has been suggested thus far – again this is me seeing this in the light of future events with Christopher.

Outside of the coma, there is unrest in both families. The Vito thread is as tragic as it is important as a catalyst in the narrative – we feel for him as much as dislike him but when his end comes it is hard to watch (although this time it was softened for me by my girlfriend rightly observing that Phil literally "comes out of the closet" to hand Vito his fate – which I missed both times). The side plots are perhaps why people do not like this season as much, because they do feel a little fragmented with Paulie, Carmela and AJ all having personal issues to deal with. Paulie seems the most out of place although it does provide us with some insight into his character in terms of his violence and his ability to bear a selfish grudge and lash out at those who he perceives as doing better than him. Christopher's movie sub-plot is OK but more of a curio than anything else. Carmela's Paris trip only takes up one episode but it does serve as a good contrast with the New Jersey material. AJ's thread should really be stronger and more engaging but it is hard to feel for him because he is portrayed as an irritant – which he is but somehow the show manages to have lots of "unlikeable" characters who we like watching and get into but it seems to struggle with AJ. All these bits do weaken the show a bit here because this season doesn't quite manage to have as much insight and subtle character development as before, even if it is still good in what it does, Gandolfini continues to deliver the role that will define his career. His material is great and he totally convinces as a man driven almost wholly by selfish motives but yet unable to see himself for who he is – whether it is his conflicting statements between how he acts and what he says or just petty things like how quickly he withdraws help to Carmela over nothing, only to give it when it suits his needs. He is a great character and he nails it again and again. Falco is great in support again even if her material is not as good as it has been in the previous few seasons. Imperioli cannot make Chris' constantly reoccurring drug addiction into a strong thread but he performs well. Iler is worth mentioning this season because I don't think he is up to the demands put on him – his character is more important than ever in this season but he doesn't quite make it happen. Turturro's Janice is well delivered again and she does a great job of translating her mother into her character in more than just words. Support from Sirico, Van Zandt, Schirripa, Gannascoli, Bracco and others continues to be of a high calibre.

Overall season 6 part 1 is not the best of the show but it is not far from the bar. Bits of it don't work as well as other bits but as a whole it continues to be a very enjoyable and engaging show, with the strong central mob narrative built on well with complexity in the characters and side plots. If anything it is testament to the strength and quality of the series as a whole that one season that isn't perfect stands out as being slightly inferior while managing to still be this good.
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What was that?
bugaboo-730 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
As I sat watching this episode I kept glancing at the clock waiting for something to happen. As the hour wound down I thought they were really going to give us a big pop at the end, and then - nothing. The whole family is huddled around the Christmas tree like something from the Hallmark Channel then, fade to black.

Perhaps one of the poorest season finales I've ever seen. Nothing at all to drum up any excitement for next season. The only thing thrown out as any sort of incentive to watch the next season was the ambiguous nugget offered up by Agent Harris while pawing a sub sandwich that the guys in New York were looking to get one of the guys in New Jersey. Wow, really? I would never expect something like that from mobsters, I'm on the edge of my seat.

It almost seems like they're trying to get everyone to lose interest. They start more plot lines that end up just disappearing than any show I've ever seen. They tease and hint but rarely deliver any more.

What's with the Arabs that hang out at the Bing? They keep throwing them in front of us and magically, nothing happens.

Paulie knee caps some kid after Tony promised his mother that nothing would happen to her son and, poof, gone in the wind.

And how many more meandering drug montages with Christopher are we going to have to endure? Please, have him get arrested or overdose or something interesting.

This was one of the few shows that I used to looked forward to watching but now, forgetta-bout it.
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Where did it all go
georgefoman4 June 2006
I am probably part of the few or many who think this season has gone way too soft for this show. The show has accomplished a lot but I think the show has not delivered the hype they created prior to this season. The long breaks, between seasons, and the action and excitement the show once provided has disappeared. This finale was disappointing, in a way, the fact that its Christmas in this show, kinda makes it lose its power, feels outdated, but again strictly in the action sense, I think this show was not that good, and it didn't hint for something to come in the next season. For that reason I gave this episode a 7/10, but still worth watching to be caught up with everything. I hope for better episodes, but I keep getting disappointed. Thanks for reading. ciao
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Calm Before The Storm
the-stinger7 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This season lacked real oomf, but, as far as setting up stories to get us in the mood again, season 6 is without highlights and spontaneity.

This season lacked its usual Sopranos style, and if you cut out all the garbage that was filled in each and every episode this season, you probably would have had 6 episodes worth of real stories.

Side stories like Pauly's mom, is she or isn't she? was boring and had no purpose other than further exploration of his character. I would have like to have seen Bobby express his anger more at Pauly in that carnival episode, but to no avail.

And that's just it! These side stories had no real purpose, and lack finishing. If they are going to finish off these stories in the next 6 episodes, I'd rather not watch it, because, its not really worth seeing.

Disappointing is to nice a word to say about this season and its finale.
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Kaisha (#6.12)
ComedyFan201027 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Chris meets the real estate agent that Tony almost had an affair with at an AA meeting and hooks up with her, they also start doing drugs again. AJ meets a girl at the construction job and starts dating her too, she also has a child. And Phil ends up having a heart attack and Tony visits him in the hospital.

The ending was the usual ending of most seasons, a family united together, this time at a Christmas tree. But this is not really a season finale, just a break before the final episodes. Still it kept the usual mellow finale mood, most of those episodes didn't have much happening.

Still it had good moments. I like Christopher's character and the story about drug addiction and there was a lot of it here. I also like the girl he has an affair with more than his wife, not as much as Adriana though.

Looking forward to the final episodes, I am sure they will be insane
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Bit deflated at the half way point but fingers crossed for next years finale.
johncfc2827 November 2006
I have just watched the final episode of this year in Series 6 and feel that there has been quite a big build up to the final episode next year but has left me at the half way point bit deflated. I love the Sopranos and will be sad when it does end but this series has had its ups which haven't reached the level of previous series but the downs have been more obvious and evident. My worst was Tony in hospital when he was having the dreams, this just seemed to take up valuable time and not really go anywhere.I must admit that it has been easier to follow recently then some of the older episodes which i couldn't quite get round some of the characters. Christopher has been an excellent role and agree with some as to which direction he is going, I think he will have quite a impact on the story line next year and imagine he will be taken out. The lady shrink hasn't been too involved this series, if there was one episode which disappointed me and was hoping to see Tony seek revenge was when she was raped by the fast food worker. I kept saying to the screen tell him what happened, but her professionalism and human kindness took over unfortunately because that would have been a good scene. Anyway if you are a fan then stick with it and lets see what next year brings.
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You're not really Soprnaos fans
Tom_Powers3014 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
True, this last episode was just OK, but it wasn't a season finale---in a sense it's a beginning, a set-up, a preview of the episodes in January '07. And as far as this season being weak...say what? This was a GREAT season----exploring several of the character's in-depth in a way that didn't happen in some past seasons. Also, the Vito storyline was compelling and had it's pay-off in "Cold Stones." I think that the final 8 episodes will be great. Sopranos will go out in a hail of blood, bullets, & glory and you will all see. This is a classic show and David Chase will not disappoint. If you're "not" going to watch the final eight episodes than your opinion should be "jointed" and placed in several different garbage stops along the NJ turnpike.
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