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Mickie James Returning To WWE?! Raw & Smackdown Ratings Crash! | WrestleTalk News

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In this episode of the WrestleTalk News, is Mickie James returning to WWE for the brand split? Will her husband, former Tna World Heavyweight Champion Magnus, join her? And the latest on Raw and Smackdown Live’s ratings slide.

Raw & Smackdown Ratings Crash!

Our top story is the latest ex-wwe star maybe returning to the company! But first…the brand split was meant to improve ratings, but the current trends show a steady decline.

We’re now three weeks into the brand extension, and Raw has lost viewers every episode. The first brand split show on July 25th started strong with 3.33 million, which slightly fell to 3.31 million last week.

This week, however, Raw only managed an average of 2.91 million viewers, with none of the individual three hours breaking the 3 million mark. It must be noted,
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'Supernatural' Season 11 Lands WWE Superstar the Miz

'Supernatural' Season 11 Lands WWE Superstar the Miz
Last month, a new report surfaced that an upcoming Season 11 episode of Supernatural will take the Winchester Brothers (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) into the world of professional wrestling. TV Line is reporting that the show has cast current WWE Superstar Mike Mizanin in this episode, which will be the 15th of this season. The episode doesn't have a current air date, but the show will return to kick off the back half of Season 11 with The Devil In the Details on Wednesday, January 20.

Mike Mizanin, a.k.a. "The Miz," will play Shawn Harley, an up and coming talented young wrestler who has a serious temper, and will do anything to rise through the ranks. Last month's report also revealed that the episode will feature characters such as "Gunnar Lawless," a wrestling legend who is struggling with a lifetime full of regrets, and "Rio," a female wrestling manager who
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10 Likeliest Mystery Partners At WWE Night Of Champions 2015

The big news going into Night Of Champions is the fact that Seth Rollins will be forced to defend both his titles in separate matches, but there’s also a far more traditional subplot to the event – the good old mystery partner angle.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose have been charmingly coy about the identity of their third man, hinting that it could be anybody from The Great Khali to Savio Vega (spoiler: it’s neither of these). The options are pleasingly varied, meaning that we could be in for a legitimate surprise on Sunday night.

All manner of upcoming Nxt superstars, returning legends, and members of the current roster have been touted as the babyfaces’ partner – ranging from the incredibly popular (The Rock) to the…not so popular (Eric Rowan).

Here are the ten likeliest candidates to walk down the aisle at Night Of Champions.

10. Cesaro WWE.
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Dolph Ziggler Vs. Rusev Added To WWE Night Of Champions

It was announced during Monday Night Raw this week that Dolph Ziggler will face Rusev in a singles match at Night of Champions.

This is a rematch from SummerSlam when that match ended in a double countout. When they did the match again on the August 31 edition of Raw, it ended in a disqualification when Summer Rae attacked Ziggler. It would make sense if there was a stipulation on this match since their last two contests didn’t have a clean finish, but there’s no word on if that will happen.

WWE seems to love this feud because they have given them a lot of promo time and they aired the same video package on Raw two times as a way to get the storyline over as a big deal. Fans don’t seem to like it as much although Ziggler is still really popular and works well as a smaller babyface.
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WWE Raw Match Confirmed – Rusev Vs. Dolph Ziggler

It was announced on and various social media outlets that Rusev will face Dolph Ziggler this Monday on Raw in a SummerSlam rematch.

Their match at SummerSlam ended in a double countout when the action spilled out onto the floor and Ziggler was unable to get back into the ring before the ten count after he sent Rusev onto the announce table. During the match, there was also a catfight with Ziggler’s valet Lana and Rusev’s valet Lana.

What could happen on Raw is a cheap win by the heel Rusev as a way to set up a mixed tag match at Night of Champions on September 20.

Another factor could be Big Show because Rusev had problems with him last week. Show is in the midst of a face turn and on last week’s Smackdown, his Ko Punch knocked out Rusev and then
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WWE Summerslam: Betting Preview And Predictions

Given that the result of every match in wrestling is predetermined, it is quite surprising that a number of bookmakers actually accept bets on WWE pay-per-views events. This month’s Summerslam PPV is no exception.

This is useful for those of us who like to try and predict the results of each pay-per-view, because the odds provided tend to offer a great insight into the most likely outcomes of each of the matches on the card.

Currently betting odds are available for all ten of the matches scheduled for Summerslam, whether Sheamus will cash in his Money in the Bank contract and also whether or not various wrestlers will make an appearance at the event.

This article seeks to use these odds to make predictions about the upcoming event and to offer some speculation as to what these predictions might suggest in terms of the potential storylines ahead in the WWE.
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Dolph Ziggler Returns To WWE

Dolph Ziggler returned to WWE at the house show in Vancouver, British Columbia on Sunday night.

He first turned up at the start of the show, accompanied by a WWE Studios film crew. It appeared that they were shooting a scene for the “6.42” film they’ve been working on. He was filmed going to a seat in the crowd, then walking back as fans entered the arena.

Later on, he was more directly involved in the show. Rusev and Summer Rae came out and cut promos on Lana, leading to a cat fight between the two ladies. Ziggler then ran in and started brawling with Rusev, smashing him down to the canvas with a Zig Zag.

There’s no word if Ziggler will be on Raw tonight, but his active involvement last night is a clue that he could be. WWE have been waiting on his return to continue the Rusev feud,
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8 Wrestling Rumours & Reactions (July 21): WWE Targeting Roh?

Muscle & Fitness

Welcome to another edition of Rumours & Reactions, where all the biggest — and not so big — rumours and newsworthy bites are on display. Luckily, in pro wrestling the rumour mill is always running so let’s see what’s on tap for today.

In the WWE, plenty of backstage whispers on the ever-changing women’s division. Kevin Owens is being pulled in two directions, where will the big man land when it’s all said and done? SummerSlam is slowly shaping up with a possible 6-man tag. WWE looks to smash the competition, and finally, first names are no longer safe, just ask King Barrett.

Checking out the company that continues to hang on by a thread, Tna is now changing up how their talent contracts are handled going forward. Also, more talent looks to be heading out, thanks to Hernandez’s contractual mix-up.

Finally, a “where are they now?
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WWE Fans Call Lana Ugly Over Make-Up Free Selfies


WWE diva Lana has been engaged in a social media war with her followers over make-up free selfies she posted of herself on Instagram.

Over the weekend, the “Ravishing Russian” uploaded the following image of herself on a plane acknowledging she had pimples, which led to WWE fans calling her ugly.

Here’s the image that caused the stir;

Off to #WWEPeoria to stand up & speak out ! Yes I have pimples and #nomakeup I love myself on my non perfect days as well ❤️
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WWE Advertising Lana To Wrestle Mixed Tag Matches

Lana is a diva that WWE has really big plans for, but she hasn’t had an official match. At least not yet…

WWE are now advertising Lana to team with on screen boyfriend Dolph Ziggler against Rusev and Summer Rae in a mixed tag match at the WWE live event on September 4th in Hampton, Virginia.

Ziggler is currently out of action after Rusev brutally attacked him using a crutch, though in actuality it was a way to write him out of the storyline while he films a WWE movie in Vancouver. It’s still expected that Ziggler will face Rusev at SummerSlam either in a singles match or in the above mixed tag scenario, though the mixed tag would probably make more sense for the Night of Champions PPV, which could well be WWE’s thinking setting that match for live events in September.
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Dolph Ziggler Wins Back Intercontinental Title On WWE Raw

When a champion loses a title in WWE, they automatically get a rematch for the title they lost. It’s something that WWE has been doing for many years and fans have gotten used to it. Sometimes the former champions invoke their rematch clause the next night. A lot of the time it happens at the next PPV. Everybody is different and every situation has their own unique twist on the stipulation. This week on Raw, Dolph Ziggler challenged The Miz for the Intercontinental Title and he won back the coveted title he lost one night earlier.

Their SummerSlam match wasn’t that great, but the match on Raw was very good. For one thing, they got more time on Raw. We also didn’t have to hear the Florida Georgia Line country music band on commentary like they were on Raw. They were a major distraction that did more harm than good.
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WWE Ending Rusev Vs. Swagger Storyline?

At Sunday’s WWE Battleground PPV there was a somewhat controversial promo that Lana did before Rusev’s match with Jack Swagger where she mentioned “current events” that upset people. It was clearly a reference to the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 that saw 298 people die after a missile attack by the Ukraine/Russia border. We reported on the story multiple times and several major news outlets around the world like the Daily Mail and Washington Post reported on it. Some people were outraged by it. Others just realized it was part of a wrestling storyline.

On Monday afternoon WWE felt like they should say something about it, so they released this statement: “Last night’s segment during WWE’s Battleground event was in no way referring to the Malaysia Airlines tragedy. The storyline with characters Rusev and Lana has been a part of WWE programming for more than 3 months.
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Daniel Bryan’s 10 Best Matches

With his recent triumph at WrestleMania XXX, Daniel Bryan has become one of the biggest and brightest stars in the wrestling industry. However, long before he signed with the WWE, Bryan had already made a name for himself as one of the most talented wrestlers in the game, with four star matches all over his resume. By the time he debuted on WWE television in early 2010 as a “rookie” on Nxt, Bryan had already been involved in more high caliber matches than many on the WWE roster at the time. Certainly many more than the Miz, who was Bryan’s mentor during the Nxt segments.

Few wrestlers have came into a major company with this kind of reputation and hype, deemed the “best wrestler in the world” by many before he ever wrestled for the first time on a WWE show. This was due to his extensive work
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WWE: 10 Major Predictions After WrestleMania 30

WrestleMania 30 is two weeks away. By now, everybody has offered up their predictions. Most people aren’t going to agree on all the matches even though it’s shaping to be a show with a lot of victories for the babyfaces.

What about the events after WrestleMania? They’re going to be very important for WWE. Last year, the best part of WWE were those spring/summer months that lasted from WrestleMania through to SummerSlam. After that, the quality of the programs suffered and the product became lame as a result. It didn’t help that they went back to Cena vs. Orton at TLC. Some things change in this world, but in WWE they apparently stay the same.

There are a lot of questions surrounding WWE performers post WrestleMania as it pertains to the WWE Title picture, the part-time performers, midcard champions and more. What characters are
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WWE: 10 Reasons Why We Love Mickie James

There have been hundreds of women that have walked through WWE’s doors, but few of them have accomplished what former 5 time Women’s Champion and 1 time Divas Champion Mickie James has. Her wrestling career started back in 1999 when she began her training, she appeared on Tna’s first PPV in 2002, then signed with WWE and in 2005 made her on screen debut. In 2006, she had one of the most famous women’s wrestling matches ever in her WrestleMania debut.

Looking back at her career, the 34-year-old James has accomplished a lot and has openly talked about a desire to return to WWE. Seeing Mickie back in a WWE ring would be wonderful because there are plenty of new opponents for her to feud with since she left the company in 2010.

It’s also fair to say that Mickie is arguably
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WWE Raw 5/13/2013: 5 Things We Learned

This weekend is the 2013 Extreme Rules PPV, and WWE did their best with this week’s Raw broadcast to convince us to tune back in this weekend and witness some carnage.

Here are 5 things we learned as we head into the Extreme Rules PPV following this week’s Raw…

5. Dolph Ziggler Will Not Wrestle At Extreme Rules

Dolph Ziggler has suffered a concussion last week, and given his ability to make his opponents look so good, so often, it’s a wonder he has not fallen victim to this medical condition much, much sooner. As a result, Ziggler will not perform at this weekend’s PPV, and instead we will be treated to a #1 Contender’s Match between Jack Swagger and Alberto del Rio (cue the cricket sounds). As exciting as that sounds (yes, that’s sarcasm), look for Dolph Ziggler to make an appearance in some form, and possibly

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