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Alright but not worth going out of your way for
nephihaha13 March 2011
This is a mildly entertaining documentary which will give you a bit more insight into "Dumb & Dumber", but not many explosive new revelations. Well, maybe one about Clint Eastwood from Jeff Daniels, but you'll have to watch the documentary to find out what it is!

Like many of these documentaries, one or two of the stars are missing. Jim Carrey and Lauren Holly are both AWOL - Whether this is because they became too high rent these days or were too busy, Lord only knows, but when a star goes missing, you end up with a big black hole! A pity, as I think "Dumb & Dumber" is actually a high point in both of their careers and gave a lot of enjoyment to many people. Thankfully Jeff Daniels does turn up, with just about every other major player, and some of the minor ones too!

The interviews with some of the actors playing smaller roles are good fun, with three sticking out. Cam Neely who plays the nasty trucker Sea Bass comes over as a thoroughly decent person, which is a tribute to his acting skills. (I wasn't aware of him as an ice hockey player as we don't get to see much of it over here) The guy who plays the traffic cop also has some funny things to say, and more amazingly, so does the young man who played the blind boy. Both of them improvised some of their lines themselves.

I'm not so keen on the interviews with non-acting participants. We have heard a lot of this stuff before, i.e. that it nearly didn't get made, the script was rejected, or that "we knew it would be a hit all along." This might be the case, but we've heard it before elsewhere. So, it's worth watching if you love the original film and have it on your DVD, but it's not worth going out of your way to see.
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