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Pleasantly Surprised
ksujessi195 August 2007
This movie was a complete surprise! I had heard the worst reviews and when I watched it I was happily surprised. Love her or hate her Lindsey Lohan can act. I agree with others that say this movie was badly advertised. It is definitely not a light comedy, but deals with a real issue of sexual abuse. Lohan's acting makes the watcher laugh, cry, and ask yourself if she really just said that. She makes all those around her shine. I'm tired of the same old movies making it big on screen just because they are the stereotypical feel good comedies. This is finally an original movie with an original screenplay. If you are tired of copycat movies you should watch this one. Thumbs up!
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Good, if flawed, film
Disclord-16 September 2007
Before watching the DVD of Georgia Rule last night, I knew nothing about the film other than it was savaged by critics and was a huge theatrical bomb. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was though, especially the acting from Lindsay Lohan. Her character in the film, as well as in real life, is one messed up young woman. Doing or saying whatever is needed at the time to get her through the situation, her character is very realistic and believable. I personally know a young woman with just these types of issues and reactions. Ms. Lohan's acting ability is phenomenal - and like other amazing, but difficult, actors, her off-screen antics never show up in the finished product. If she can straighten her life out, an Academy Award will be hers someday.

As always, it's wonderful seeing Jane Fonda back on the silver screen - and she looks superb! Too bad Mary Tyler Moore went crazy with the plastic surgery or she could (and should!) look this good now, too. Felicity Huffman is, as usual, stunning - her work is simply too good to ignore - hopefully, her and her husband, William H. Macy, will act together in the future. I'm surprised he wasn't involved in this project as a producer or something, like he was in Transamerica.

This film is difficult - it's a very, very serious film with deep, hard-to-watch issues going on. Yet, at the same time, Garry Marshall has tried to make it a light-hearted comedy too - it can't be both. From the looks of the finished product, I'd say a lot of the film ended up on the cutting room floor - too many scenes are simply not dealt with the way they should have been - like when Jane goes to buy the liquor - where's the struggle with the issue of what she is doing? Nowhere - instead we are treated to a, supposed, comical scene of her trying to hide the fact she's bought the liquor. Bizarre! It's like the film makers felt the movie had gotten too heavy at that point and needed some comic relief. Strange! The Mormon aspect was dealt with poorly too - the guy's issues with not having pre-marital sex rang false - an LDS (Mormon) church member, who was raised in the church, would know the reason why pre-marital sex is frowned upon, not just that it would "make God mad." The writer seems to know no more about the LDS religion and beliefs than some person told him - and he seemed to do no more in-depth research about it.

Still, don't let these complaints turn you off from seeing Georgia Rule. It's well worth your 2 hours.
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Georgia Rule
rajdoctor4 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
When I saw this movie's trailer, I was not at all impressed by it. When I read the IMDb reviews, same was the case. The advertisements and marketing of this movie also seemed lackluster. Yet, I went to see the movie because in one of the reviews I read it was about "child molestation".

The movie is the story of three women – grandmother Georgia (Jane Fonda), daughter Lilly (Felicity Hoffman) and granddaughter Rachael (Lindsay Lohan). Seventeen years old Rachael has grown up to be a liar, loose character, rebel, ill-mannered etc. Lilly decides to leave Rachael with Georgia in one of the small towns of Idaho – hoping that Rachael will learn some good things from her grandmother. There are funny moments between religious Georgia and rebellious Rachael. Soon Rachael discloses that she was sexually molested by her stepfather Arnold (Cary Elwes), and this becomes the intrinsic turning point in the movie. Rachael keeps on changing her statements every now and then. Is Rachael telling the truth or lying? That forms the remaining story.

The character of Rachael was very puzzling to begin with. Being careless, sexually active, liar, outspoken, rebellious made us cringe to begin with. But as the story progressed, the character with such weirdness looked so real and acceptable.

All the actresses acted well – Jane Fonda, Felicity Hoffman but this very talented Lindsay Lohan captures the show - all in all. Hats off to Director Garry Marshall for bringing such a women's issue on the forefront and touch such a delicate topic out in the front fore.

The landscape of Idaho is capture miraculously. Some reviewer disagreed with the overly religious bent of Idaho people, but I think that does not matter – one need not take such small things to heart. It is just a story and as projecting as being non-religious is a non-issue, so projected being religious should be.

Overall, a welcome experience of an "under-the-carpet" subject – of child molestation – treated with not so much heaviness and darkness.

(Stars 7.5 out of 10)
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The Difference Between Truth and Lie
claudio_carvalho13 January 2008
The rebel, reckless and spoiled teenager Rachel Wilcox (Lindsay Lohan) travels from San Francisco to the conservative Mormon Hull, Idaho, with her alcoholic mother Lily (Felicity Huffman) to spend the summer with her grandmother Georgia (Jane Fonda). Rachel and Lily have a troubled relationship and Georgia follows severe rules at her home. While with Georgia, Rachel reveals a traumatic secret from her past that explains her rebelliousness and brings her mother back to Idaho to check whether her daughter is telling the truth.

The screenplay of "Georgia Rule" is unusual, beginning with comedy but developing in a touching drama related to child abuse and relationship among three generations of the same family. The lead female characters are dysfunctional: Rachel lies, uses drugs and booze and behaves like a slut, with no sense of morality; her mother Lily is an alcoholic woman; and her grandmother Georgia does not express her love with her tough rules. The story is engaging, funny in many moments and heartbreaking in others, and shows the importance of the truth, no matter how painful it is, and family bonds to help to supersede problems and difficulties. The gorgeous Lindsay Lohan and Felicity Huffman are amazing, but Jane Fonda performs a strange but fair character. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Ela é A Poderosa" ("She is The Powerful")
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A dramatic picture into the different the sides of family life and trust.
maine_31031 March 2008
Lindsay Lohan presented a different character approach where she played an amatory teen raised in California and sent to live with her pious grandmother for the sake of her redemption. This movie not only enhances the struggles between drinking and growing up too fast, but it shows the love in a family. This movie would play mind games with you which would inspire you to love each character. Felicity Huffman, played Lindsay Lohan's distressed mother and slowly throughout the movie it is seen how closely alike they are. Georgia Rule was a new take on movies and if you are in for a new turn of adventure and occasional comedy kicks, Georgia Rule is it.
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Great movie - Great Cast - Bad Marketing
rwilliams-3216 May 2007
Once again Hollywood marketing has classified a heartfelt drama as a rip roaring comedy. Georgia Rule is no laughing matter, but it is a powerful, worthwhile movie with an outstanding cast. Forget all the critic's reviews -- they don't "get it".

The opening is a little slow but it accurately portrays the strained relationships and secrets in this family. Fonda and Huffman are brilliant and so is Lohan. Given the press surrounding Lohan during the filming, my expectations were pretty low and I was very surprised at how good she was and how good the movie was.

It's a great movie to open dialog with your Mom or your resident teenager. Take the R rating seriously - it's a mature chick flick - one of the best.

Garry Marshall did a good job at handling a heavy subject. There are a couple of laughs along the way for comedy relief, but this is a movie that will stay with you. Go see it.
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Good film - misleading trailer
dishmanl11 May 2007
Audiences can rebel and demand money back for numerous reasons. Viewers certainly do not like being misled by a trailer.

Georgia Rule is a prime example of an ill-marketed flick. Truth be told, I don't know how anyone could market the film. Is Georgia Rule without merit? Absolutely not! Is it a quirky comedy peopled by foreigners from California mixing with the quirky locals? Yes. Is it a slapstick comedy with clever comebacks? Yes. WHAT'S THE PROBLEM??? Quirky and clever comprise at the most 15 minutes of the film. Here is a serious drama about a family disintegrating because of communication problems and damaging behavior. Slowly the onion peels before the unsuspecting town (and the audience too). Long hidden problems drive squirm-inducing behavior on the part of the three female protagonists. The supporting cast, whether villains or heroes, perform wonders with roles better fleshed out than expected. The photography immerses watchers into small-town Idaho and its natural beauty. The score is unobtrusive - good. Now to the big stuff: · this script by Mark Andrus is another of his studies in deception, distrust, sex and revenge. None of these subjects is softened - the full impact of behaviors is up front and in-your-face but the characters seem real - these are not clichés. · I did not expect such a weighty film from Garry Marshall. He doesn't shy away from the material. He trusts his leads to get the job done. · And they deliver. Felicity Huffman walks a line as deftly as a tightrope walker. Her pain and confusion are very visible without being melodramatic or overwrought. Jane Fonda has a more difficult role - her Georgia barely reveals anything. Her every fiber tenses with control - you can almost hear her jaw clenching as she watches her daughter and granddaughter with disbelief. The surprise for me was Lindsay Lohan. A wise viewer would do well to set aside all the stories about her behavior during the making of this movie: what she delivered was simply amazing. Her character, Rachel, wears her demons on what few clothes surround her body. Miss Lohan's facial expressions veer wildly from vulnerability to defiance to dismay to anger and everything in between. The three ladies who carry Georgia Rule may fight it out come Oscar time. As for the film, I can't recommend it if only because of the subject matter.
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Well, that was unexpected
snippetchick13 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was NOT marketed appropriately. At all.

I went into the cinema expecting a light, cliché, feel-good movie. What I saw was much more serious than expected. While it did have some humour, mostly it was a fairly hard-hitting look at the effects of child sexual abuse and the consequences of the abuse coming out into the open.

The performances in the movie were all pretty solid. Lohan really shone in this role. Early on in the movie, I thought it really seemed as though she was essentially playing herself, especially after hearing about her various antics off-screen. She really did well in this role.
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It wasn't what I thought it was going to be...
LaurenRachel8714 June 2007
I won't lie--this was not the best movie I've ever seen, but it was pretty darn good. I didn't really expect much from Lohan but she actually blew me away. My one gripe about Lohan was her age portrayal. It was hard to believe she was seventeen with a smoker's rasp and second-skin jeans. Fonda on the other hand... not her best work, she was completely generic. Huffman's performance was humorous, although a little dark. Her alcoholism is pretty believable except the antibuse thing. The movie was amusing and the unexpected plot twist kept me stringing along for the duration of the movie trying to figure it all out, but not in a frustrating way. Overall I think this movie was far better than expected and totally enjoyable.
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It's pretty good, the ending just flopped though
Smells_Like_Cheese6 September 2007
I'm not sure why I decided to rent Georgia Rule, but I guess you could just color me intrigued since this is the film that I heard where Lindsay Lohan caused all that trouble on being late constantly or not showing up on set. I really had no idea what this movie was about, but I watched it last night expecting probably an over the top chick flick, but actually it wasn't bad. Over all I would say that the story was very good and the actors did a good job, I mean say what you want about Lindsay, she is a good actress you have to admit. The only thing I was a bit disappointed with was the ending, but I'm not going to give that away, it's something you'll just have to see for yourselves. But the rest of the story was really good, funny at times, and very touching.

Rachel is a young trouble maker from California coming to Idaho to see her grandmother, Georgia, and stay with her for the summer. Rachel already stirs up quite a bit of trouble around the town when she messes around with a Christian boy, she makes the moves on a widowed man, and the fact that she is very blunt about things. But things take a different turn when she tells Simon, the widower and her boss, that she was molested by her step dad. He tells Georgia and Georgia calls her daughter, Rachel's alcoholic mother, Lily, comes to find out if that's the truth or not, Rachel for once doesn't wanna cause trouble and tells her mom it's all a lie. Georgia won't tolerate this though, she knows there's something wrong and has to let Rachel know that there are people there who love her and remind her the difference between right and wrong.

The story was really good I think, some of the characters could have used a little more developing, but it still worked. Was it a chick flick? Oh, yeah. But I think this is one of those rare one's that I don't mind. The girls did a great job on acting, so did Dermot Mulroney who played Simon. The ending was just a bit flat and I felt like there could have been a better conclusion, but you'll see if you watch it. But I would recommend it if you are just looking for a fun little flick for the afternoon. Georgia Rule is a good movie that will make you laugh and will touch your heart.

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Garry Marshall brings another emotional and moving story to screen
Robert_duder29 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I suppose ultimately my expectations weren't high going into Georgia Rule considering the lack luster reviews by critics and the ongoing poor press of it's young star Lindsay Lohan but I forgot one key element...the director. Garry Marshall is brilliant!! He has done some of the most entertaining films in history including my personal favorite The Princess Diaries, as well as Pretty Woman, Beaches and a host of absolutely classic Television shows. Marshall has a way of capturing reality, he has a way of making us fall in love with his characters and be riveted by their lives and what happens to them. He just makes his films come alive and Georgia Rule is no exception to Marshall's rule. The film is a little more gritty and dark, perhaps a little more adult than what Marshall usually delves into but that being said it still has it's charm, it still has a dark, twisted humor to it and it still has Hector Elizondo (who Marshall likes to cameo or feature in his films.) The cast is brought together very well and everyone works well together in it and you love being a part of the daily routine of the small town. There is enough drama, emotion, comedy, and overall scenes of pure joy to make this a good movie.

I'll start with Jane Fonda. As famous as she is this is only the second movie I've ever seen her in...the first was Monster-In-Law and I became an instant fan of hers. Her comic timing, her character and her performance was downright brilliant. In this turn she is Georgia, a firm and dedicated woman who lives on her own and but is well known to the townspeople. She has a set way to do things and no one is going to tell her otherwise. Georgia is terrific...the perfect match for Fonda and does a great job. Fonda is such a talented actress and Hollywood elite and she lights up the screen and yet still comes across as this down home, lovable character. My only complaint is that she wasn't used more in the film than she was. Felicity Huffman, I became a big fan of after watching the brilliant film Transamerica where she played a man wanting to go through the transformation into a woman...her performance was amazing. In Georgia Rule she plays the daughter of Jane Fonda's Georgia, Lilly. Now Lilly hasn't always appreciated her mother's firm nature and has had a rough go of it battling alcoholism, two marriages and her wild and uncontrollable daughter. Huffman isn't the forefront of the story but she adds a lot of emotion to her role. Her battle with alcoholism and her daughter and her estranged second husband give way to some very powerful moments. She is a great actress. And now we tread lightly into the world of the recently arrested Miss Lindsay Lohan. We all heard she was nearly fired from this film for her wild ways and I mean her role in this film must strike so close to home it hurts. As Rachel, Lohan plays a confused and messed up post high school graduate who likes her recreational drugs, drinking and random sexual encounters. She doesn't want to listen to so called 'authority figures' and thinks her life is just fine but she's hiding a devastating secret. Lohan I thought overall was good...she didn't match the performances of her senior performers but to go up against Jane Fonda is pretty impressive. She has some great lines and she definitely pulls off the firecracker role very well. Also on the plus side she looks relatively healthy considering her real life health issues as of late. Dermot Mulroney is also very good and actually shows some life to his usually rather dull performances as local Doctor/Veterinarian Simon. Simon becomes almost like a father figure to Rachel and is the one to really bring her back around to coming to terms with herself and her issues. Mulroney is a good addition to the cast. Cary Elwes rounds out the cast as Rachel's stepfather and Garrett Hedlund as her love interest. Elwes is appropriately normal looking but still becomes the villain in a different way and you want to see him get his just end. Hedlund is okay as the naive and love struck Harlan. He comes across as a bit of a dolt which is okay but ultimately you don't want the main romantic interest to be downright stupid. Naive is one thing.

Despite it's serious content (the film is about sexual abuse and coming-of-age in a different sort of way...something director Garry Marshall does with style always) the film has some genuinely funny moments. I wouldn't hesitate to see this film again because there was something charming about it and ultimately it did have it's happy ending although my one big complaint is that Cary Elwes' character never truly gets what's coming to him. I wanted to see Lohan take her aggressions out on him. However the scene with Jane Fonda's Georgia hitting him with the bat is priceless. This film is a classic I think and will go far despite critics and dollar signs. See it!! You'll enjoy it!! 8.5/10
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Good up until the end
sera22882 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I am not sure the best way to describe my feelings about this movie. Truthfully I only watched it because I like Lindsay Lohan, (The Parent Trap got me hooked) but it was better than I had expected. There were a lot of parts in the movie that made me ask myself "Did she really just say that? Or did that really happen?". If it had just been a typical chick flick that didn't say or do anything bad I think it would have sucked. The plot was okay, but the ending left me wanting more closure. It had a "Happy" ending but I wanted to know what happened to the Step-dad, if Rachel actually had a tape, if her and the boy got together. There were a lot of unanswered questions without obvious answers. Over all I thought it was a pretty good movie I laughed a lot and would definitely rent it when it came out on DVD. I don't know if I would recommend paying the money to watch it in the theater, unless you love Lindsay like I do.
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I guess comedy is really just another side of tragedy
aharmas3 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Sadly, most audiences are probably giving this film a negative reception, though it is one of the most assured pieces of this year. Jane Fonda is back, with her stoic, nonsensical acting, lending gravitas to the piece. That should be enough warning that the piece is not going to be a silly comedy, but a piece dealing with darker and forbidding issues.

To begin with, every behavior has a source, and the rather impulsive, self-destructive defense mechanisms of the Lohan character have a horrible beginning. She alledges some misconduct on the side of a male relative, and this sets off a series of storms that eventually lead to a satisfying conclusion. The frustrating part of the movie is not that anyone is bad, but that much more can be expected from all the participants. Jane Fonda does light supporting work as the skeptical grandmother than is afraid to lose her footing by changing routines. She is perspective but ineffective when providing solace. In fact, she messed up raising her own daughter, now a victim of her own demons and facing a new tragedy, with her daughter's own crisis.

Marshall does well with the darker themes, and he has cast the film beautifully, with Lindsay Lohan proving she is a girl fully able to show the many facets of a troubled character. She is also funny (in a defensive way), sympathetic, and never a true victim. She shows the strength that skipped a generation in her family and reluctantly accepts her grandmother's approach to life.

"Georgia Rule" suffers not from its material but Hollywood's silly approach in marketing a film that should have been treated with more respect.
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Creepy, deadly dramedy with all talents involved at a loss...
moonspinner5514 November 2009
Three generations of headstrong women struggle to get along in this misfired comedy-drama from director Garry Marshall and screenwriter Mark Andrus. It is easily one of worst-written motion pictures in years. Opening with an unbelievable scene of mother-daughter conflict on the open highway, rebellious teenager Lindsay Lohan goes to sleep on the side of the road, is awakened by a Mormon hunk who inadvertently feels her up (thinking she's dead), and ends up hitching a ride into town with a veterinarian whom the girl decides must be gay because he didn't look at her exposed legs once. Lohan then runs into the hunk again, who thoughtfully figures she must be more dangerous than riding a horse. "Yeah," she tells him, "But at least after riding me, you don't have to wipe your shoes off." Shifting the tone midway into family soap opera, Marshall grinds the gears for emotional impact, however since no connection has been made between these characters and living, breathing human beings, the gambit fails to pay off. It is inconceivable that an actress of Jane Fonda's stature would end up in such a contrived, phony scenario--and it's painful to watch her trying to make something meaningful out of this abysmal material when the basic ingredients just aren't there. Lohan, playing an habitual liar and loudmouth, wears provocative clothes and sizes all the men up with a jaded, cynical stare, but her hard quality puts a wall up between she and the audience; we're not drawn to her, and less of her is more. A dynamic actress such as Drew Barrymore in her teenage years might have been able to pull this role off, but Lohan isn't in that league. * from ****
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Not worth watching for free
rtlynch76 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I'm only rating this film as a 3 out of pity because it attempts to be worthwhile. I love to praise a great movie and I'm not biased toward "male" movies. Legally blonde was an excellent film. Georgia Rule on the other hand, was a disorganized, weak, poorly written, unrealistic example of movie making at its worst. by the end of the film I didn't care who was lying or if anything was resolved.

The most important thing in a film is a good STORY. This story is weak and never develops (just because the subject matter is deep, doesn't mean the story is good). A good story has dynamic characters. A dynamic character is one that experiences a major character change, and is primed for that change over the course of the movie. In Georgia Rule, the character changes were abrupt and undeveloped. Secondly, there were too many ATTEMPTED dynamic characters. Pulling off a really good dynamic character is a tough job and takes time (you've only got a couple hours in a movie). That means that too many attempted dynamic characters will get too little attention to their personal change. Even if I ignore the poorly written story, and the litter of weak dynamic characters, I can't even say I liked anyone. Every character was a mess. That's fine if your're writing American Beauty but not when you're attempting a dramatic comedy. Georgia was a horrible mother, her daughter was a horrible mother and daughter, and Lohan was a horrible excuse for a human being (no I'm not cutting her any slack because she was molested, crap happens to everyone and we're all responsible for our own actions). The "Dudley Do Right" Mormon kid should have had the guts not to compromise his religion and commitments...and Simon, I mean seriously, what kind of guy lets a 17 year old girl who's been molested just stay over occasionally (unless he's an actor or a politician). This movie is worth watching if you want to remind yourself what good movie making is NOT!
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Wonderful movie!
viewer-5213 May 2007
I didn't see any previews for this movie, so had no expectations. It actually starts out with a situation that's kind of funny, and the girl Lindsay Lohen plays is unconventional and interesting. After a while you start to care about the women and slide into a family drama. By the last scene I was teary-eyed--it was a satisfying ending. The three women were all such good actresses--they showed their emotions subtly and each of their characters was so believable. I don't see how the movie could have been any better. That said, I do think it would be most popular with people old enough to have dealt with a teenage daughter. I went with a college student, though, and she liked it. I think some men would like it, but to be safe I'd consider it a chick flick.
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Not my cup of tea
jprhedd25 May 2007
I really had no expectations when I started watching this movie. I had heard very little although the TV campaign should have warned me off. I think when something is pushed as hard as this was there is a reason. Aside from the fact that the acting was mediocre with the exception of Lindsay Lohan, who was dreadful, the story was pretty ho hum. I have no particular in Lohan's private life since she is a child to someone of my age, but to misquote an oldie but goldie, "her acting ran the gamut from A to B". I felt no connection to any of the women in the film. They seemed completely detached from any real emotion. The men fared just as poorly. I would certainly not recommend this to anyone even as a rental when it becomes available. Basically the film lacked heart and depth.
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Totally ;misleading trailer...But a terrific movie. NOT for kids
jessie-3911 May 2007
We start all of our reviews with the following information. My wife and I have seen nearly 100 movies per year for the past 15 years. Recently, we were honored by receiving lifetime movie passes to any movie any time at no cost! So we can see whatever we want whenever we want. The point of this is that CRITICS count for ZERO. Your local critics or the national critics like Ebert are really no different than you or me. The only difference is that they get to write about the movie and are forced to see hundreds of movies whether they want to or not.Therefore, it is our belief that if you get your monies worth for two hours of enjoyment that is good enough for us! We NEVER EVER listen or read the critics. We only care about our friends and those who we know like the same things as us. Well enough about that.

A surprise to say the least. The movie trailer for this movie were totally misleading. The company should be fined for the advertising for this film. It will attract the wrong audience. This is NOT for kids. Rated R but many will want to see Linday Lohan with their parents. Not a good idea. Lindsay, Ms. Jane Fonda, and Felicity Huffman are wonderful in this very poignant and said tale of the relationship of mother and daughter and granddaughter.

The R rating is what spoils it for the kids. Quite frankly, we didn't feel that the R rated parts were needed for this excellent film.

If Ms. Lohan can get her real life together, she is a fine actress. And it was wonderful to see Jane Fonda.. as good as ever and Felicity Huffman gave an equally wonderful performance.

Go and see and leave the kids home.
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Recycled feminism
siderite21 September 2007
It is not that is a bad film, it is just that the whole story is hollow. You've seen it before: strong women, usually belonging yo the same family, having weird yet mostly amusing quirks, entertain the audience with their sparkly and refreshing relationship. Male characters are just for decoration, cardboard clichés with nothing better to do than either fall in love with the complicated women, either being total jerks.

Women might enjoy this movie more than I did, but it is hardly average. There are some good jokes and there is decent acting in it. The script wanted to be something like an onion being peeled away, showing layer upon layer of familial complexity, but they either run out of imagination or out of money by the end of the first half.
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Georgia Rule In Idaho(California)
bkoganbing30 May 2007
I have to say that I was really disappointed when I went to start writing a review for this film. According to the page for this film the location shooting never got out of the state of California. I really did think that they actually shot this film in Idaho. I guess in a sense I have to tip my hat to the location managers and set designers for what they did.

That being said the film is about three generations of females in one family. Mom, Felicity Huffman, is having all kinds of behavioral problems with daughter Lindsay Lohan growing up in worldly San Francisco. So she's shipping her off to Hull, Idaho to stay with her grandmother, Jane Fonda.

Fonda's an old hand at dealing with rebellious kids as Felicity was and is quite the wild child in her day. Of course all three generations come to an agonizing reappraisal of their situation and in that fateful summer they get to know each other better.

Life does imitate art because the film is now getting reams of publicity due to Lindsay Lohan's behavioral problems in real life. And of course Jane Fonda back in the day was no stranger to being a rebellious individual. She still has a few detractors, me included, for visiting and broadcasting from a country we were at war with. Still you can't deny the talent gene.

In Georgia Rule's favor also is that it does sort of put a lie to that old line about there being no women's roles written these days. The female players definitely have center stage here.

There are three substantial male roles that are filled nicely, Dermot Mulroney as the town veterinarian and Huffman's former sweetheart, Cary Elwes as Huffman's sleazy husband and Lohan's stepfather and Garrett Hedlund as the young Mormon kid Lohan first seduces then falls for. In many ways Hedlund has the most interesting part in the film.

Best scene for me, Lohan's confrontation with the girlfriends of Hedlund's former girlfriend. Has to be seen and I have no doubt she would have carried out her 'threat' to them.

It's a good film, it has both it's serious and comic moments nicely blended.
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Drama, Not Comedy...
vip-danii5 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Well, it was entertaining enough, but...

This movie was marketed as a comedy, which is totally inaccurate since there are surprisingly few "funny" moments. For some people probably none at all.

It was not the light-hearted comedy I thought it was going to be. It's quite a serious movie that deals with serious issues.

Lindsay Lohan did a fine job... portraying her real-life self. She was so convincing as a spoiled stuck-up party girl because she didn't have to act.

Also, there was zero chemistry between characters and you could actually tell that they can't stand / couldn't care less for each other. None of them seem to have bothered to "own" their respective roles; instead, they just showed up and did their jobs -- that's the vibe you get from this movie.

Nevertheless, it's quite an O.K. movie -- for those interested in this genre (drama).
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This film is greatly under appreciated!
mmg9415 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I don't see how people can knock this film, It is dealing with a very difficult topic, sexual abuse and this film deals with it in a fantastic way, it isn't over dramatised as it is in so many other films that touch on the topic. The film portrays a rebellious teenager, but the audience learns quickly that this movie is about more than just that.It is about each character growing and learning to forgive and to move on. I adore this film and would have to say that I think this is Lindsay at her best, she is not playing a little girl anymore, In this film she is playing an adult and doesn't rely on her slutty looks to get her by, this is a fine example of how well she really can act. A great cast and a good film. Just give the film a chance and I am sure you will not be disappointed.
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Worst Movie Ever Made
emtislovely12 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Georgia Rule has got to be one of - if not the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. The whole movie has a very surreal feel that made me gasp, "what?" out loud at least 7-10 times throughout its grueling two hour course.

Advertised in its trailer as a movie about three generations of women - Jane Fonda as the matriarch, Felicity Huffman as her daughter, and Lindsay Lohan as the rebellious, over- sexed, scantily clad grand-daughter, the viewer thinks this will be a cliché, light, chick-flick about growing up and coming together as a family.

Talk about false advertisement at it worst.

After many shots of animals doing "funny" things in the background of "pivotal" scenes and not to mention a whole five minutes focusing on an old woman who comes into a doctor's office weekly to have her diaper changed, or the fact that this movie is actually about Lindsay Lohan's character being sexually abused by her step-father, Georgia Rule creates its own genre of cinema : The ungrounded, horribly acted, inappropriate comedy dealing with extremely serious issues in the most awkward, surreal, strange way. If Garry Marshall wanted this movie to be a drama/comedy, then he should have watched The Royal Tenenbaums. Sideways. Junebug. And so on. And so on.

The only way I feel I can get a reader to understand the horrific genre that Georgia Rule falls under is to create a hypothetical situation. Say that the movie, The 40 Year Old Virgin, was about the main character being celibate because he was sexually molested as a child. But instead of having the movie take a more dramatic turn, belly laughs and comedy would ensue, with all of the characters' reactions being that of fake, lifeless, human beings pretending to care.

Throw in a yellow parakeet, Dermot Mulroney as the flattest, most non-dimensional character that could have been cut completely out of this poorly written script, along with a male character who throws away all of his religious beliefs and morals to be with a trashy, too-tanned girl who shares none of the same interests as he, as well as an an unnecessary car chase scene, unreal moments of characters trying to relate to each other, and you've got Georgia Rule.

I found this movie to be an insult to any of those people out there who are struggling filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, editors, etc..who have a lot more talent and aren't getting noticed.

Don't see this movie : my rule.

And if you must, get sufficiently drunk before hand.
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The best film I've seen in awhile
elizabethannepowers12 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
OK, so this is definitely a chick flick but what a great one! I just got back from the theater and I had to recommend this film. The trailer does not give it justice. I was expecting the movie to be about a "mean girl" getting put in her place by her granny. What you find is a girl who is deeply troubled not because she is bored, fabulous and rich. Lohans character reminds me of people I know who have gone thru similar situations, in a word it's just real. I was very blown away by Linsey Lohan's acting. She has stepped beyond her traditional "bratty" role. This role needed good character acting. And she pulled thru.

The only warning is that this is not a movie that her traditional fan base would enjoy. As I said earlier this movie deals with some troubling situations. Keep the kids home.
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Amazing Movie, But Far More Serious than Previews Would Lead You to Believe
naluhai14 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I was blown away by this movie. It was intense, moving, and remarkably well acted.

This is NOT the movie I expected from its previews, though. It is funny, there are comical moments with Lindsay Lohan's California character coming to Idaho--but what this movie is really about is the impact her stepfather's incest has on Rachel's life and relationships.

Anyone who has ever dealt with this or a similar issue in real life will find this movie to be remarkably true. Yes, the ending is somewhat Hollywood happier than real life my be--but not in the way you might expect, and not without an understanding of many of the difficult underlying realities.

Lindsay Lohan's performance in this movie blew me away. I left the theater today thinking Oscar for her. I like Lindsay Lohan, but I don't remember thinking before this that she deserved an Academy Award.

Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman also bring powerful performances to this movie. And Lindsay--wow--thank you for an amazing, courageous performance. Yes, the character of Rachel is cute and sexy and spunky and rebellious, but Lindsay also makes her real, and shows the powerful connection between the interweaving of her character's personality and her struggle to cope with an impossible problem.

There is one moment, about halfway through the movie, when there is a moving confrontation between Jane Fonda's character and Lindsay Lohan's. The entire success of this movie hinges on Lindsay's performance in that moment. If she hadn't hit it perfectly, the movie would not work.

She was perfect. And it was all, simply, just in the look in her eyes.

This is an amazing movie, worth seeing more than once and deserving of far more serious consideration than it is currently getting. But it is not the movie you think you will see after watching the previews.
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