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not spectacular, but certainly funny
climbingupthewalls23 October 2007
I cannot say that this is a well constructed film. The plot isn't even that impressive, at all. But what can't be denied is that this film is funny. I don't know about hilarious, but i certainly laughed a lot in it. And I was not the only one in the whole theater doing so. So, while some people are writing massive articles slamming this film, remember, it is not meant to be an epic masterpiece or spectacular film. It is meant to be stupid and funny, and it certainly was that. It certainly suffered from lazy script writing, but no one was trying for an Oscar here. This is a pretty funny film, and the laughs in it cannot be denied. To close this argument we only need the name of one character. Ipod.

N.B. this film should not be compared to Dodgeball, they are not in the same league
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Another sad spoof
keiichi7320 October 2007
I lay the blame for The Comebacks on anyone who enjoyed Date Movie and Epic Movie. You people encouraged the Fox studio to keep on churning out desperate parody films, and now we're faced with what just may be the laziest and most desperate one of them all. The Comebacks barely qualifies as a parody. Heck, it barely qualifies as a movie. This is a comedy in theory, but not in execution. No one, not even the people involved with this mess, could have possibly fooled themselves into thinking they were making a funny movie. Director Tom Brady (The Hot Chick) has made something truly wretched here.

The plot, if you can even call it that, centers on a man named Lambeau Fields (David Koechner). Right when I heard his name within the first couple seconds of the film, I knew I was in for a long movie. Funny names are seldom funny, and become even less funny the more you hear them. Lambeau is one of the worst coaches in the world, but he's been given another chance by his best friend, Freddie Wiseman (Carl Weathers), to coach a ragtag high school football team called The Comebacks. Lambeau must not only lead the team to victory, but also teach them the ways of inspirational sports movie clichés. He expects his kids to have poor grades and problems with alcohol, and ridicules them when they don't. When it looks like the team has a chance to play at the big championship Toilet Bowl game (Did 10-year-olds write this script?), Lambeau is shocked to discover that Freddie is the coach of the big rival team that his team will be playing against. Turns out Freddie only encouraged Lambeau to take the coaching job, because he wanted The Comebacks to lose.

The Comebacks is a movie so forced and pathetic, I almost had a hard time believing what I was watching. Spoof movies have recently turned into a game of "spot the movie reference", and this continues the tradition. It tries to squeeze in as many references to other sports movies as it can, but it either does absolutely nothing with them, expecting us to just point at the screen and laugh out of familiarity, or it attempts to be funny and falls flat on its face. Some of the films referenced include Field of Dreams, Bend it Like Beckham, Rocky Balboa, Friday Night Lights, Stick It, Radio, Miracle, Remember the Titans, Gridiron Gang, Invincible, and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. But wait, wasn't Dodgeball already a parody of inspirational sports movies? So, in other words, we're watching a parody of a parody of inspirational sports movies. If that makes any sense to you, you're just the audience this movie is looking for. Some of these films are referenced in the plot, and some (like the Rocky one) are just thrown in for no reason, because the filmmakers wanted to try to reference as many films as possible. There are some that the movie even feels the need to explain to us in its dialogue, just in case we've missed the obvious reference. You know a movie is in trouble when it has to spell out its own jokes to us.

The worst thing is that the screenplay by TV veterans and first time screen writers, Ed Yeager and Joey Gutierrez, doesn't even know the first and most important rule of parody - You have to play it straight. The actors have to pretend they're not in on the joke. The reason why the classic Zucker Brothers movies like Airplane, Top Secret, and The Naked Gun are remembered so fondly is because they cast serious actors like Leslie Nielsen (yes, he was a serious actor before he turned to comedy) and Robert Stack, and then threw them into ridiculous situations. What made it funny is that they acted like they weren't in a comedy, and kept a stone face to the weirdness around them. Those films wouldn't have worked if they played their roles broadly. The Comebacks proves this, as all the actors are forced to play their roles so goofy, it's like they're screaming at us to laugh. David Koechner keeps on flailing his arms, bulging his eyes, and screaming at the top of his lungs to the point he looks like someone who knows he's trapped in a dead-end comedy, and just tries too hard to pretend he's having a good time. The movie also doesn't understand the art of celebrity cameos (also an important factor when it comes to parody films). What kind of cameos do we get in The Comebacks? Andy Dick and Dennis Rodman.

By the time the movie throws in an out of nowhere and extremely pointless cast musical number to Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" for absolutely no reason whatsoever, I was just about ready to walk out the theater door. I was the only person at my screening, and the thought of this movie going on its pathetic way to a completely empty house kind of appealed to me. I did sit through the rest of The Comebacks, and I was not rewarded for my efforts. The sad thing is, Fox is not yet done killing the spoof genre. They have a parody of 300 coming out next year called Meet the Spartans. I'd say it can't be much worse than this, but I've seen the trailer, and I wouldn't want to get your hopes up.
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Absolute Classic
djgold_19994 September 2008
Tom Hank's BIG beyond weak.......but this movie isn't.

I'd like for someone to explain to me, what's so horrible about this movie? It's a perfect cast. Hilarious movie. Has enormous amount of replay value. Oh I forgot, Tom Hanks, isn't in it.

Movies are to entertain an audience so, people don't turn into weak minded drug addicts or into alcoholics. If something can put a smile on my face and make me laugh, most likely it'll make me "primative", because the movie, didn't make much money or have big name stars in it.

Someone with no funny bone in their body or who doesn't like women, wouldn't like this movie. It's a "feel good" movie, when you want to "break something", but have a positive mind to cut this on your DVD player.

Pure Classic, enough said.
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Lighten up, people
Movie-Timer20 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Went for eleven straight years without a drink. What happened? Turned twelve.

While it's not the most ingenious piece of comedy ever contrived, it doesn't deserve the thrashing it's gotten on IMDb. If the prudes could get off their high horses long enough, they'd see that this movie is funny! Perhaps it's an acquired taste, but vulgar humour can be hilarious if you allow it to be. But we are a fickle and very led society, sometimes unable to enjoy things for what they are - the key word there is enjoy. At some point I hope the pickles come out of the butts and people remember how to laugh again because with the number of negative reviews by uptight individuals, it seems our forgot-about-fun society has a long way to go.
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Not all bad
safinahmed19 February 2008
This movie is a nonsense/spoof comedy, in the lines of The Airplane or Naked Gun, but it doesn't even come close to this two, because it lacks originality and a little more intelligent jokes, rather then just throwing you with the same old easy jokes.

You can figure out some references to other movies, from the top of my head I identified Dodgeball and Rocky, so you can have some fun with that, trying to find out what movies are spoofed.

The movie also offers you an occasional laugh, but nothing that can cause you injuries, thus nothing really funny.

I liked the character IPod in some ways (even though some of the jokes with him are standard comedy 101).

I think this movie (and like most of nonsense/spoof comedy) depends on the mood you are in, so if you think you will laugh to any joke watch this movie. If you are in a serious mood forget about this (re)watch The Airplane instead, it will definitely make you laugh
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Comeback to Dignity!
Def_Man20 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Spoof films have come so far since Mel Brooks in 'The Producers' (1968) said "Don't be stupid, be a smartie. Come and join the nazi party". It brought us delightful films, such as 'Young Frankenstein', 'Airplane!', and even 'Naked Gun'. But the good die young. Luckily, the genre managed to make it all the way up to the end of the 90's. And then... the Wayan's Brothers unleashed the apocalypse: 'Scary Movie'. Suddenly the word spoof was an innuendo for crude sex jokes. Most movies claiming to be spoofs since then have followed suit, including 'Scary Movie 2', 'Date Movie' and the film to kill the genre 'Epic Movie'. Sure, there have been some reliefs. There was 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Hot Fuzz'. Will Ferell has become a vehicle spoofing close to every sport imaginable. Also, the Wayans Brothers quit the 'Scary Movies' and they have been made by the dependable Zucker Brothers. While these films have held some value in the rescue, the genre is tragically doomed to be films only loved by prepubescent males who just discovered what an erection is. People who haven't explored the term 'spoof' and cut and paste movies together for a quick laugh. No heart, no brain, just cheap glue. Sadly, 'The Comebacks' has been added to the list. Dave Koechner (Who starred in 'Anchorman' alongside Ferrell) leads a teams of underdogs to win against a coach (Carl Weathers of 'Happy Gilmore' fame) who got him back into coaching. Koechner has shown promise as a supporting actor, but as a lead in this film, he just sounds scripted. He sounds too much like he's doing a cold read passionately. Also, the jokes about being a washed up coach, who through the course of the movie encourages the team to fail in school and later runs from the police in his underwear, have been done before. Yes, this is a spoof film. But let us remember that even spoofs can have quality. Give the characters dignity and a sort of sophisticated view on modern society. Also, the reliance on stereotypes is not going to get us any more laughs (who knew one movie with jive-talking people could lead to gangster stereotypes (not really, but you see)). While I will admit to laugh at least a few times... it wasn't on par. The football team within itself had a lot of stereotypes, including a Mexican, a cocky jock, a fat guy, the scrawny nerd, and the mentally handicapped aid. Even the only female on the team got reduced to stereotypical female humor, being mostly scantily clad and giving off innuendos. In fact, her character, as well as most of the others, never developed. It's a sad state of affairs for this movie. If only it wasn't so reliant on stupid sex jokes, it could've made something for itself. In fact, this movie will probably be the butt of jokes alongside 'Epic Movie' for time to come. Koechner really deserved better. The script in general was poorly conceived, even naming the championship 'The Toilet Bowl'. So yes. spoof movies are dying. There is a movie called 'Meet the Spartans' (be ahead of the trend, boycott now!) coming out that includes a spoof on Britney Spears' breakdown. So let those kids keep getting erections... but people grow up and lose them. We need sustenance. One day, they will learn to stop spoofing spoofs and restore them. Hopefully, one of the heroes will be 'Get Smart', made by the master Mel Brooks, coming out next year.

Rating: 2 out of 5 (Stars)
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Another black eye for the spoof genre
MartianOctocretr530 August 2008
The spoof genre, which has lacked creativity and humor for some time already, gets spat upon yet again by hacks with no talent. No point, no fun, no originality; just a few cheap bucks for the film makers.

It takes more than just referencing some recent movies and giving characters double-meaning names to be satire; to make people laugh. Any clod can pick up a cam-corder, and have some bad-acting buddies in cheap costumes imitate somebody. Since the genre being targeted this time is inspirational sports movies, there are a few lame references thrown out to movies of that type: the jokes are so weak the characters actually have to emphasize the references in various ways, to get you to laugh hysterically. It doesn't work.

That's not comedy. However, the same old worn out sophomoric "jokes" ripped off from a middle school washroom (done even more blandly than usual) are all here. If that's not enough, there's a running "gag" of a bus running somebody over. So funny, right? Also, one pathetically poor scene does more product placement than Michael Bay; again with the same unfunny results. A musical bit flops miserably. Pity Carl Weathers, once Apollo Creed in the Rocky series, now stuck with roles in swill like this.

Lousy beyond words. Watching a snail run the marathon would be less tedious than watching this film is. Probably a lot funnier, too.
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The Worst Film I've Seen in a Decade
MackQb24 October 2007
We arrived at the theater too late to see Rendition, which was our intention, and 'The Comebacks' was the only film that hadn't already started. I had an inkling of how bad a film it was after reading the short blurb at the ticket counter. The theater was empty when we arrived and only two other people entered before the film started.

The screenwriters and director threw every imaginable sports cliché at the audience without creating a single laugh, not one during the entire movie. Think of all the football movies that have been made and the millions of dollars schools and fans spend each year on football and you realize how ripe it is to be parodied or lampooned. If you add Texas to the mix,you ought to come up with the sports version of 'Little Miss Sunshine', not a big yawn.

The first film that came to mind as we exited the theater was 'Can't Stop the Music' By comparison, this was 'Can't stop the Music' without Bruce Jenner, Valerie Perrine, or the Village People.

If the film had a single grace note, it was seeing Matthew Lawrence grown up.
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not the worst....
bri_newyork201013 January 2008
for someone to come out and say this is the worst movie is blind or haven't watched Epic Movie or Date Movie...and are prone to that hip hop garbage they have to throw into these movies to sell a ticket...its repetitive and boring and makes no sense...just because it doesn't do that...people take steamy dungs all over this...this movie was pretty good...and your lack of knowing a good spoof movie would smack you in the face if it please read what you write before posting obviously do not know what you are talking sure you will be first in line to see meet the spartans as it should be called Epic Movie 2...totally and completely ridiculous, you get no stars from me considering your lack of knowing a good spoof movie....try watching Top Secret, Hysterical, Airplane and Airplane 2 then join the league until then keep the comments to a minimal please as you have no idea what you are talking about
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Entertaining For One Time Usage
titolee068 February 2008
As you know, movies such as Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet The Spartans, etc. are coming out and doing well in the box office for like a week and then they fall off the grid. Why? Well the answer is simple...the movie is freaking retarded. I mean come on, a movie based on spoofs from another movie would sound like it might produce a few laughs, but I think many agree that we laughed at first and then never watched them again. They could just never click because the writers are probably some drunk college kids who said one night after taking a massive hit from their bong, "DUDE!! I GOT IT!! LETS, LIKE, MAKE A MOVIE...OFF ANOTHER MOVIE!!!" and then voilà, we have crap on the screen yet again.

This movie is no different. Except for the fact that when I laughed, my laugher's were meaningful. I laughed for a least 30 seconds and not just a quick giggle. This movie did pretty well on its spoofs but at many times it was just so unrealistic that it really downed the potential this movie may have had. Some of the timing didn't match, and you know I could go on forever but I'll just stop and say if you really have nothing else better to do, then maybe just give this a watch and laugh a little and then move on with your life. A rental may suffice but don't buy it.
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Not a complete disaster! Can be enjoyable if you are in the right mood!
chrichtonsworld26 October 2007
It was only a matter of time that a spoof would be made of sports movies! And there are plenty of movies to be spotted which are made fun off. But the biggest problem I had was the fact that it stays with recognizing movies. The director and writers of "The Comebacks" somehow forget to get creative. While I must admit that I laughed at certain scenes,"The Comebacks" could have been so much funnier. The actors forget to deliver their lines seriously and have a straight face throughout the movie. A spoof demands this and that is the main reason why silly jokes work in movies like this. Because of the failure of the cast to do so the jokes never hit their mark. Some scenes take forever and normally in spoofs that doesn't have to be a problem. Take "Naked Gun" for instance. Their is always something happening on screen. In "The Comebacks" they didn't even bother to let stuff happening in the background. Only a couple of factors make this movie worth watching! It still is fun to spot the movies that are made fun off. And Jermaine Williams as Ipod. His parody on Cuba Gooding Jr. as Radio was hilarious! He seemed to be the only one in the cast to get the idea of what a spoof is about. Not entirely bad!
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Funny can't triumph over stupid
dylanbud27 October 2007
Like my headline says, Comebacks was a funny movie. Everything was perfect from a funny persons perspective.It was usually crude humor, using a sex reference for almost everything and anything. If you have seen Epic Movie, you know what I am talking about. Still, you can easily be entertained by this movie. There are no big screen actors, but i also wouldn't think anyone making box office classics to do a parody movie. Its basically just a mash of all your favorite sports movies put together, but stupid and funny. This movie is basically aimed at teens and younger adults, because quite frankly I think they are the only ones who would find the humor even funny. If you are looking for a good laugh, The Comebacks is the movie for you.
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niceguy_198121 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
When I first saw the previews for this movie on TV I thought that this could be a funny movie. I was wrong. All though I am not totally against movies that make fun of others. Some are actually funny such as the first scary movie. This was one of many that have been made as of late that are not. The humor in this film was anything but funny and was rather dull.

I feel the one of the biggest problems is that they poked fun at to many movies such as Varsity Blues, Friday Night Lights, Stick it, etc. And if you are anything like me you try to pick out each movie instead of paying attention to whats going on in this one. Even the adult humor in this movie was dry. Do yourself a favor and save you money and time and rent don't rent this movie
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Jason Voorhees should have been the coach.
freakfire-124 March 2008
Sometimes, things should just not be made. And while the set-up seemed good enough, it proceeds to only make the audience gasp in horror. But the problem is, its not another Saw film. Its just so bad you wish you were receiving punishment from Jason Voorhees.

I lost track of how many sports movies and spoofs it incorporated into the film. And generally, it flopped in its attempts. True, telling his team they should fail every subject to be true players was somewhat funny at first, but that grew tiring to watch. That and the joke about "Radio" and "IPod".

Overall, I can't stand to watch this film again. Even Trantasia is worth more than this. "D-"
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The Comebacks Is Worthless Crap
onomatopoeia1123 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The Comebacks is a spoof on inspirational sports movies, and let me just tell you-it is not a good one. Tom Brady (the director) probably found it hilarious that referencing sports films (from Gridiron Gang, Invincible and even Miracle! to The Longest Yard and Dodgeball-yes Dodgeball!) and tossing in a couple of sex jokes, would be the funniest thing since Airplane! Well, he was wrong. They did such a slipshod job, you'd thought it was written in a week. I have found it that if a director loves the genre, the movie will be good. Obviously, Brady does not love the genre he is spoofing. This movie is a rancid piece of garbage not worth viewing, so don't see it!
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Silly, but funny
Enchorde7 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Recap: Coach Fields is the worst coach in history, having lost in all sports imaginable. Now, through a friend, he gets a final opportunity with a small college football team, The Comebacks. A truly miserable team, can they come around with their new miserable coach?

Comments: A movie spoofing as many sport movies and sports or sport related events as it possibly can. So, many, if not all, jokes are cheap and sometimes embarrassingly low. But that doesn't mean that they aren't funny. Or that it should be looked down upon by default. To write a good parody is actually quite difficult and often needs the story to balance on a thin edge.

The Comebacks is by far not the best parody movie, but is was surprisingly good, and in my opinion much better than the current rating of 3.6. Sure, the movie fell of that thin ledge at times, mostly to too low and cheap jokes or points just made on sex. But mostly it was just wacky, crazy jokes on other movies. To fully appreciate that you need to have seen most of that movies, you need an open mind and the right mind set. It is silly, but silly doesn't need to mean bad if you haven't decided that it is beforehand.

I enjoyed it. Sure, I'm sick home from work and quite bored, but for those times movies like The Comebacks are perfect. It is not for a date or maybe even not for an evening with friends. This is a movie when you tired and need to kill some time. That it does splendidly.

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This is what I personally think.
flamethrower7220 November 2007
OK. When I saw the trailer, I though it would be so stupid. But when I saw it, I was wrong. About the first 40-45 minutes was pretty good, but after that, it just got old and not too funny. The acting was OK. It was a somewhat good cast and your average spoof movie. Some parts they tried to make you laugh, and it didn't. Another downfall was the movie was sort of predictable. To me in my personal opinion, this is one of the better spoof movies I have ever seen. I don't see why everybody keeps bombing this movie. Most of you just rated it a 1/10 because when you saw the trailer, you thought it would be stupid and gave it a bad rating without even seeing it. So to me, I would wait for the DVD to come out and just buy the DVD. This movie is actually good if you go to see it. So overall, I give "the comebacks" a 5/10.
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So-So Effort
worldofjohnboy20 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I walked into the theater expecting to see a spoof about sports films. I walked out with what I had expected, no shock or amazement of how good it was, nor was I overly disappointed with the film.

I am a fan of the Spoof/Slapstick films... my favorites: Naked Gun Series, Top Secret, Scary Movie Series, Not Another Teen Movie. This movie falls in somewhere just below these films, but above Epic Movie and Date Movie (I didn't laugh at those movies.) This was a hearty effort from all of the actors, however, no one really stood out for me in the film. The closet breakout was that part Matthew Lawrence played, though he didn't have many funny parts/lines, he did the most with what he was given. Another con regarding this film would be that it was too plotty at times. I can remember a few scenes that not only did I not laugh at, but seemed to drag on a bit.

I did find myself nearly in tears at a few points of the film, most notably the "Aseel Tare" (or ACL Tear if you are Coach Lambeau) scene where you were anticipating his career-ending injury. I don't know if it was that funny, really, but it struck a nerve with me and I laughed my butt off.

Overall, I would give this about 5 of 10 stars... it will entertain you for most of the length of the film and have you laughing in stitches at times as well.

I would not take any children that haven't had the "birds and bees" talk though... I am surprised that it was given PG-13, but I guess times have changed. Parents be warned: There are sexual references and such that had a couple of kids behind me asking "what is that" or "that's gross" comments.
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Just really bad
MatthewLong2310 May 2009
There was nothing remotely funny about this movie. It makes fun of various sports movies and clichés but nothing about it is remotely funny. Most of the movies they parody doesn't even fit in with the film and are really only their so they can be in it. Non The main actor was well cast in it but that's really the only good thing about this film. Also the various cameos in it were kind of cool to see but i have no idea why they would waste their time being in this piece of garbage. Thank goodness I only spent $4 on it as this is not something worth spending money on. ONly watch if you have absolutely nothing to do or just want to waste an hour and 30 minutes.
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Sorry but this is a funny Movie
PotholesInMyLawn24 October 2007
Look let's agree that people find stuff funny that other people don't. It's kinda like Mayo... you either like it or you don't.

That said... this was a great movie. It was pretty smart if you really look at what was going on. It played on all of the movies of the past.

It's rare for a funny movie to have something truly funny going on in every scene. This film has that.

It was fast moving and light.

David Koechner was classic. He is such a talent. If you liked him as Champ in Anchorman you will like him in this. He was funny and not over the top. The guy is funny!

If you want to see a film that will make you LOL, this is a good one.

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Better than the Friedberg/Seltzer spoofs, but still lacking a lot.
TOMNEL16 September 2008
With so many horrible spoof movies, this is sadly a breath of fresh air to the genre. Compared to classics like Airplane or the Naked Gun, this is awful, but compared to recent spoof movies like Meet the Spartans and Disaster Movie, this is very clever and original. Don't get me wrong, though, this was not a good movie in any way. I laughed a few times, and there are a few inspired gags, but any pop culture reference falls flat on it's face, as does most jokes in the movie.

Lambeau Fields (David Koechner) was a bad coach in the past, but now he's brought back to teach college football, and this time he'll do a good job. His wife (Melora Hardin) is feeling distant from him and his daughter is dating a football big shot to spite her father. Spoofs of various recent movies come into play, as do a lot of sight gags and nonstop stupidity.

The best parts of the movie are the gags not relying on reference to recent movies. Spoofs of Radio, Rocky, Dodgeball, Friday Night Lights, Invincible and many other sports movies are not funny in the least. It's mainly the smaller gags that get a few laughs, like a bizarre crotch scratching scene, or a chewing tobacco spitting joke. These little throwaway giggles cannot carry the movie, and by the end, it's hard to watch. The last 20 minutes are grueling to sit through.

The characters are surprisingly developed for a sports spoof movie, however, I'm sure the characters were built on clichés from the genre. Nonetheless, they're not too bad. David Koechner can pull lead actor in a movie off. Too bad they gave him so much crummy material to work with. Matthew Lawerence has fine comedic timing in a not always so comedic role as a ballet dancing football player with a cross dressing father. Carl Weathers rounds off the cast, once again playing in a sub-par sports movie (Not the Rocky movies...Happy Gilmore!) Overall, this is a goofy comedy. At times, it's funny, but more often than not, it's just very annoying and predictable.

My rating: * 1/2 out of ****. 90 mins. PG-13 for language, sexual humor and drug humor.
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Worst Movie I've Ever Seen
thesman229 November 2007
This is the worst movie I have ever seen. If I wasn't watching it for free, I would have never finished it. The creators of this film should be ashamed of themselves. It seems like this is supposed to be a film in the vein of Scary Movie and Date Movie (a terrible movie, but 10x better than this one), but failed miserably. The only jokes in this movie seem to be based on slapstick. A guy falls down, someone gets hit by a bus, etc. None of the ideas are clever, basically the worst premise for a movie ever. The plot (or lack thereof) is completely retarded. The plot seems to center around the coach and his family, however there are so many other things going on in the movie it is completely ridiculous. Terrible, terrible movie.
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Im sorry... me.
andrewboudreau98 December 2008
Im sorry to myself, you know why. I feel pained from the viewing of this movie. I went to the theater with some friends to see this movie, and still did not give it the satisfaction of watching it in entirety ( i left with about 20 minutes left... hoping to god it might make me at least comfortable for a moment. ) most movies now, even this bad ones... when i watch them, there may be a small part in the movie where I feel some joy at times because of maybe a quirky joke or a good line... this movie on the other hand made me feel uncomfortable and mad at myself the whole time, especially since i wasted money on it. It was poorly written, poorly directed, poorly shot, and definitely poorly acted...

please, for the good of humanity, do not see this movie, even if your some guy who wants to say he has seen like every movie ever... just don't...
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This movie was pathetic.
slayer_of_the_jugga_phuk29 November 2008
Do all spoof films require pure stupidity and a lack of ANY sort of intelligence whatsoever to the humour? Is there even just a single genuinely FUNNY parody film anymore? All I see are zero-quality films that look like a couple stoned high school students got bored one day with a video camera. These movies are not funny, they're not clever, they're not entertaining, they're just useless in every conceivable way.

The Comebacks was a movie that tried to hide its hideous level of trash by not calling itself "Sports Movie". It's the same thing, though. There are a few different writers for these films, the Wayans did some, Freidberg and Seltzer did some others, and I'm sure there's another pair. I can't even tell the difference in direction or humour to be honest, it all seems like the same people wrote and directed them. I can't tell if the Comebacks was done by the people who did Scary Movie or the guys who did Epic Movie, or someone else, it's just the same jokes from all the others.

If you have ANY shred of taste or value for humour, don't see this movie. If you have self-worth, don't bother seeing it. If you have ANY respect for film making, don't even consider watching it. Don't see it in any broke down, derelict theatre that may still carry it, don't rent it, don't order it on Netflix or Pay-Per-View, don't Redbox it, and don't even watch it for free on OD. Avoid it like the plague.

The only conceivable reasons I can see to watch this film are as follows.

A. Masochism. If you like torturing yourself, there's very few better ways. B. Seeing a prime example of why to avoid ANYTHING that says "Fox Atomic". C. You're being paid considerably high amounts of cash.

I really would not watch the entire thing if someone offered me $100 to do it. It's just mindless, mental collapsing torment.

You might as well watch Zohan.
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better than most the comedies this year.
chocolateslushy20 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
this movie was no Oscar winning flick, but it did have very funny parts. Frank Caliendo has a very funny bit in it as John Madden. There are some just drop dead unfunny parts in the movies like the ones you saw in the trailers, but there is also some surprisingly funny and clever jokes in this movie. Don't be discouraged by the trailers on TV this movie is not what you'd expect..... it's not another Epic Movie, its the kind of humor you might find in a Will Ferrel movie or a Mike Myers movie. So, if you don't have any plans one night in the next few weeks give this movie a chance, if it isn't up to your co medical standards i can ensure you that you will at least be entertained.

I give this movie 7 out of 10 for actually being funny regardless of the simplistic plot or its occasional dump humor.
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