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3 Feb. 2007
Adam has moved in with Jennifer and on top of that, they're engaged. No wedding date has been planned, and no ring has been given yet. Married couple Audrey and Jeff are invited to an art opening and she wants to invite Adam and Jennifer. Audrey says that they don't have any couple friends and Jennifer is like a little sister to her. In addition she wants Jeff to set a good example to them. When they meet, Adam says they compromise, but Jeff says that when they "compromise" Audrey gets her way and this is how things will be with them. Jeff decides to sell Audrey's ...
12 Feb. 2007
The Birthday Deal
Jeff's birthday is coming up and he's less than thrilled that he will have a party. Even though is doesn't want it he'll have one because Audrey wants to do it. In addition it will make her happy, he'll get his birthday deal. Adam wants to know what it is, but Jeff refuses to tell him. Audrey decides to throw a party that she wants, since Jeff doesn't really care what kind of party it is, so she decides to throw one with a Cuban theme. Adam decides that he wants a birthday deal; Jennifer agrees and she would like to have one as well and that nothing will be off limits...
19 Feb. 2007
Young and the Restless
Audrey bets Jeff that he can't get a phone number from a younger girl, and gives him a night without his wedding ring to try it.
26 Feb. 2007
Game On
Adam buys a new video-game which he and Russell can't stop playing. Jennifer discusses with Adam about him spending a lot on stuff for himself now that they are a couple. Audrey gets a promotion but when she tells Jeff he doesn't seem excited about it because the Knicks lost. Jeff invites her to a Knicks game in the VIP section to make things right.
5 Mar. 2007
Russell accidentally runs into an older woman from his past named Constance. He then tries to impress her with his physical gifts.
12 Mar. 2007
Hard Day's Night
Jeff isn't sure how to explain to Audrey his "excitement" while Jennifer was giving him a massage.
19 Mar. 2007
Jeff's Wooby
Audrey is throwing out a collection of Jeff's t-shirts from his hight school and college days. Jeff objects since they represent memories of important events in his life. Audrey gathers up all of Jeff's t-shirts and has a quilt made out of them. Jeff initially objects to it, but then discovers he likes it, but now all he does is reminisce about the good times he had. Jennifer convinces Adam to get his things out of storage and after looking through his things, she thinks that he has a thing for Polynesian girls. Audrey tells her not to worry about it because he's with...

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