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Exactly what I expected
Hockey-Girl-199520 July 2013
R.I.P.D. is exactly what it looks like. The plot was not mind-blowing but it was good enough to hold my attention, the acting was not Oscar worthy but they did a very good job in their respective roles and it wasn't the funniest thing I've ever seen but I did laugh. I would almost categorize this as an action before a comedy, it's got quite a bit going on!

I liked the second half of the movie more than the first, though that's not to say the first half was bad. It just felt a little repetitive and right about the time I began to feel like it was going to go in circles, it kept moving and saved itself. The second half steps it up in both action and comedy and the climactic ending was great.

Overall I enjoyed R.I.P.D. It was just a fun movie that you don't need to think about!
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Good summer entertainment
Rage-Kage18 August 2013
When I first saw the trailer for R.I.P.D. there were 2 things that made me wanna see it. 1. I love Ryan Reynolds Jeff Bridges and Kevin Bacon. 2. It just looked really entertaining. Thats not to say of course that this movie is without it's flaws.

You do get a feeling like in a way you have already seen this movie before and thats because in some ways it's a lot like Men in Black. that does somewhat pull you out of the movie at times but it really is not that big a problem. In my opinion the pros in this movie far out weigh the cons. It is a fun movie with interesting and likable characters. A cool idea that is fairly well writtin and just an overall fun movie to watch.

Thats really all I have to say about R.I.P.D. I don't really understand all of the hate thats it has gotten it really does not deserve all of that. Have people forgotten how to just have fun sometimes? I give R.I.P.D. a 7.5/10
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Somewhat Generic and predictable, but I still enjoyed it.
runner-1519 July 2013
The movie basically follows the three act formula, and although the crusty veteran and out of element rookie has been done before I enjoyed Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds on the screen together. There is plenty action and a fair amount of comedy. there were some plot holes and the ending left a few unanswered questions. Even with these flaws my wife and I both feel like there are many worse ways to spend a few bucks on a hot afternoon. This is not a blockbuster or a classic movie, I would classify it as a good popcorn flick. Contrary to many other opinions here we both recommend this as a watchable movie, as long as your expectations are reasonable.
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Far better than the critics claim
BloodyLance3 August 2013
Yes, it's formulaic in some areas. As a writer, I could see several of the plot elements more or less from the beginning. But this movie isn't intended to be complex, or at an "Avenger" level in terms of characterization. It's just plain good summer fun, with an interesting cast and a lot of laughs. Jeff Bridges is priceless, and he & Ryan Reynolds work well together. Ryan, with his trademark choirboy looks and deadpan delivery, is definitely watchable. Mary Louise Parker, with a scarily perky character who gets to chew the scenery with a load of offbeat lines, is wonderful as the Proctor.

Some reviewers seem to insist on portraying the film as a poor man's ripoff of Men In Black, or Ghostbusters. It's neither. It's just a fun, wisecracking film based on a well known genre comic from independent publisher Dark Horse. Go, have some popcorn, laugh a lot, and enjoy the summer.
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Not nearly as bad as a lot of people like to say it is.
Hellmant24 July 2013
'R.I.P.D.': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

One of the summer's biggest expensive casualties is this Dark Horse comic adaptation starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges as two police officers in the after life fighting undead ghouls. It was directed by Robert Schwentke (who also directed the action films 'RED' and 'FLIGHPLAN') and written by Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi and David Dobkin. Peter M. Lenkov created the comic book it's based on and also executive produced the film. The film also co-stars Kevin Bacon, Mary-Louise Parker, Stephanie Szostak, Marisa Miller and James Hong. Oddly both Reynolds and Parker had two big films opening the same weekend (Reynolds also can be heard in the animated family film 'TURBO' and Parker reprised her role in the sequel to Schwentke's 'RED'). All three films bombed and Reynolds now has a pretty big reputation for constantly delivering box office misfires. That doesn't mean they're bad films though and I actually enjoyed 'R.I.P.D.' to a certain degree (definitely not an especially good movie though).

The film opens with a Boston cop named Nick Walker (Reynolds), having a dispute with his partner, Bobby Hayes (Bacon), over whether or not to turn in gold they found at a recent drug bust. Walker is shot and killed by Hayes during a shootout and is recruited by the R.I.P.D. (Rest In Peace Department) in the afterlife. The R.I.P.D. specializes in catching 'deados', which are souls who have refused to leave the land of the living. Walker is teamed with an old U.S. Marshal from the Old West, named Roy Pulsipher (Bridges), while he attempts to track down his old partner and clear his reputation with the love of his life, Julia Walker (Szostak).

The biggest complaint I've heard about the trailer for the film is how much it resembles the film 'MEN IN BLACK' and I have to say, after seeing the film as well, that it very much resembles a 'MEN IN BLACK' movie. It's of course not nearly as good as that campy sci-fi classic but it is better than it's first sequel (arguably 'MEN IN BLACK 3' as well). The fact is the movie is not nearly as bad as a lot of people like to say it is. It's a lot of fun, funny at times and the visuals are spectacular. It had a budget of approximately $130 million and as a purely visual treat it paid off; as far as the special effects go, plus the women are all super hot (Szostak and Miller are breathtaking in the flick). Watching Reynolds and Bridges together (as an odd couple duo) is a treat as well and it's funny to see Reynolds being mostly the straight man while Bridges mostly hams it up (Bacon is also once again a great despicable villain). Not a great film by any means but not a bad one either.

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What did you expect?!
loyal-on122 July 2013
Seen this 5 days ago and I loved it! Don't really understand what the hate is about or whats the deal with the critics and the awful 25 rating on metascore. The movie does what its supposed to,it entertains,its fun,its not heavy,just plain summertime fun. And all the comparisons with MIB?! They ONLY replaced the alien angle with the deados angle,and its not agent K and J,but its ONLY 2 dead guys,and one of them is a Wild West lawman. This has nothing to do with MIB,plus its a better movie than the last two sequels of MIB. And people say they took the rookie/veteran mismatch from MIB,although it was already done in a million different movies before MIB. I know i've mentioned MIB quiet a few times in this review,but all for you to see that it is nothing like it. Go see it and you won't regret it. Jeff Bridges is hilarious and Ryan Reynolds is cool as always. Its fast,its fun,the special effects are great. Do yourself a favor,buy a lot of popcorn,sit back and enjoy the ride!
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Not even close to as bad as the reviews made it seem, watch it & make up your own mind. Funny & entertaining. I liked it. I say B.
cosmo_tiger27 October 2013
"You gonna sit there and mope or do you want to help me stop the, you know, an apocalypse?" After things go very very wrong while out on a bust Boston PD officer Nick (Reynolds) is killed but before he heads to his judgement he is swept into an office and offered a new job. He is now a member of the R.I.P.D. and along with his new partner Roy (Bridges) they set out to capture the Dead-O's that roam free. When Nick finds a connection between the Dead-O's and his death things turn personal. I have to start off by saying that I wasn't really expecting this to be good at all. I'm not sure why but when I say the preview I immediately expected another Men In Black and didn't think it was needed. While I won't say this wasn't Men In Black like, it was much better then I expected and did laugh and was entertained most of the way through. This is very much geared toward a young teen crowd but I still found it funny. I do have to say though that without Reynolds and Bridges this may have been unwatchable. I did like it and am glad I saw it but this isn't something I'd watch again, but keep in mind I expected this to be as bad as all the reviews it got. A combination of Men In Black with a dash of Howard The Duck thrown in. Watchable but really only once. Overall, not even close to as bad as the reviews made it seem, watch it and make up your own mind. I give it a B.
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An effective spoof of the Men-In-Black genre.
PWNYCNY1 August 2013
Foghorn Leghorn comes alive in the person of Roy in this hilarious spoof of the Men in Black series. After reading a slew of reviews that trashed this movie, I decided to watch the movie and judge for myself. Apparently, what I watched significantly differed from what these other reviewers had seen. This movie is obviously a spoof on the Men-In-Black movies, with Jeff Bridges reprieving his Rooster Cogburn role, this time in a character named Roy, with highly amusing results. Indeed at times Bridges performance is hilarious as he and his sidekick Nick bicker and exchange taunts and insults when not destroying "Deadies" who have escaped back to earth. Although Ryan Reynolds co-stars, Bridges dominates the movie. His performance is so strong that he overshadows every other cast member in the movie. Although some of the special effects are cheesy and most of the story is hokey and contrived, such as the love interest between Nick and his wife which really stretches literary license to the limit, the movie nevertheless is engaging and keeps the audience's attention. This is the case because despite his gruffness, Roy is an engaging character. Mary Louise Parker and Kevin Bacon perform wonderfully in supporting roles, with Parker demonstrating a talent for dead-pan humor and Bacon playing a bad guy with much effectiveness. Furthermore, the movie ends on an upbeat note, with the two main characters having resolved the interpersonal issues that had initially strained their relationship. Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds work well together; also, Bridges sings two songs, revealing an excellent singing voice. If one is expecting a sci-fi classic, you will be disappointed. But if one is expecting a well-crafted comedy that will keep you entertained, then you will be gratified.
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RIPD review
Al_The_Strange19 July 2013
From the trailer, I had high hopes this film would deliver a smashing spectacle with great humor and a unique premise. Alas, this turned out to be one of those cases where the trailer is better than the movie itself.

To be fair, the film has its moments. The comedy never made me laugh outright, but there are amusing lines and situations throughout. Some of the most amusing moments emerge from the interplay between the characters, and the clever gag in which everybody sees them as different people. As far as the action goes, there is quite a bit of mass destruction and plenty of shoot-outs and fights. However, it is very manic, over-the-top, and strangely cartoony. The overall tone felt really uneven; the movie was fairly serious at times, deadpan in others, and overblown the rest of the time. I was never bored, but I was never fully engaged or invested in things.

It is a shame, because the film has some unique ideas here and there. The overall premise of an undead police department is pretty neat, they use a lot of cool weapons, and they have some really quirky rules and ideas. It's a weird world where Indian food causes the villainous "dead-o's" to "pop" into gaudy monsters (if you remember the beginning of Van Helsing, with Mr. Hyde...pretty much all the monsters look like that, perhaps cross-bred with the zombies from I Am Legend). Everybody perceives the two main characters as a hot blonde chick and an old Chinese dude. Sounds fun, right? For whatever reason, it all comes off as a superfluous effort to build comedy from being weird; it worked so well for the Men In Black films, but it all falls rather flat in RIPD.

The story overall is pretty fast and compact. It does a fine enough job of introducing the characters, slapping them together, and crafting some dynamic chemistry between them. However, the plot is pretty standard fare, and it never takes the time to truly invest the audience in the world it portrays. It shows just enough to make the plot work, but it never explains much, never builds on the things it briefly touches on, and never really makes us care.

The film uses a lot of stylish camera moves, fast-zooms, and slow-motion effects, which you could either see as being really cool or really dumb. Editing is okay in general. Acting is a mixed bag: Ryan Reynolds is strangely flat and emotionless throughout, save for the few love scenes, while Jeff Bridges steals the show repeatedly, in a role that almost seems to parody his role from True Grit. Kevin Bacon is pretty much himself, and I loved watching Mary-Louise Parker. Writing is not that great. This production uses okay sets, props, and costumes. Special effects look cool, but are on the cheap side. Music is hip and fun.

In the end, I couldn't help but to think of other films and how much better they are than RIPD. For stories that involve parallels between worlds of the living and worlds of the dead, I couldn't help but to think that the Bleach anime was a better story, and the Dead Like Me TV series was funnier. For that same concept with the perfect blend of action and comedy, the two Hellboy movies are effectively perfect. For comic-book-inspired stories about enforcers tackling the supernatural without the general public knowing, the three Men In Black movies succeed in everything RIPD tried to do, but failed. And even with the climax, with the dead threatening to rise up and end the world, I couldn't help but to remember how much better Ghostbusters was in this field. RIPD even has a brief staircase gag that reminded me of GB. All of those come recommended, but RIPD, not so much.

Given its poor box office reception, I think it's safe to say that RIPD will Rest in Piece, buried alongside such equally marginal pictures as Jonah Hex and Priest.

3/5 (Entertainment: Average | Story: Marginal | Film: Average)
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A fun movie. Better than I expected
FCivish19 July 2013
I saw he trailers and wondered if the movie would be as funny, or if they had shown all the "good stuff" in the trailer. Well, I'm happy to report that the trailers captured much of the essence of the movie, but the movie itself has much more.

I don't know what some of the critics expect. Shakespeare? Hey, this is a comic book movie. It is a fantasy. It is not real and not meant to be real. But it IS also fun. It is quite possible that this movie will lose money, but that is simply because of bad positioning, overwhelming competition, and failure to deliver adequate advertising. But none of those things detract from the movie itself.

I went to the movie with some trepidation, but found it to be funny and entertaining. It was consistent with its premise and it certainly had enough action, and even (gasp) character development. There is nothing really deep about this movie, okay? But it is good summer entertainment and definitely worth seeing.
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Silly but Entertaining M.I.B. and Blade Runner Rip-off
claudio_carvalho15 November 2013
In Boston, the dirty cop Nick (Ryan Reynolds) hides gold that he has stolen from drug-dealers with his partner Hayes (Kevin Bacon) in the backyard of his house. However, on the next morning, Nick tells Hayes that he will deliver the evidence to the police since he loves his wife Julia (Stephanie Szostak) and he could not face her acting that way. Nick and Hayes are assigned to a raid against a dangerous gang and unexpectedly Hayes kills Nick.

Nick is drawn by a tunnel and based on his previous experience in the police department, he is assigned in the afterlife by the Proctor (Mary-Louise Parker) to join the Rest in Peace Department that protects the living world from the undead and work with the old- fashioned agent Roy (Jeff Bridges). Roy and Nick accidentally find that Hayes in plotting a scheme to revert the sense of the tunnel to the afterlife and bring the Apocalypse to Earth.

"R.I.P.D." is a silly but entertaining M.I.B. and Blade Runner rip-off combined with the clichés of a rookie cop that is assigned to work with a veteran one. Why Hayes had split the gold with Nick if he intended to use in his scheme is one of the many holes in the plot that alternates funny with silly and annoying moments. However, "R.I.P.D." is an entertaining popcorn in the end. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "R.I.P.D. - Agentes do Além" ("R.I.P.D. - Agents from Beyond")
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Fun and Enjoyable movie!!
djdumaire26 October 2013
I find R.I.P.D. a fun and laughable movie to watch. I'm not saying it goes without its flaws throughout but the good outweighs the bad. The movie has its up and downs. There is the sad parts, the thrilling parts and the just outrageous parts that make you laugh.

I think this is a movie I am going to buy and watch again. So I rate it 8.3/10!

SO WATCH AND ENJOY!!!! Don't try to think of the bad reviews that make the movie seem horrible. Just watch because its a funny movie! If you like Ryan Reynolds then its a must. Jeff Bridges plays a good western character in this movie (as seen in the previews) and Ryan plays a Boston cop (as seen in previews).
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The "M.I.B." we never asked for.
Eh. Listen, if you've seen any of the Men In Black movies, then there's no need to see this, because it's basically THE SAME DAMN MOVIE. Swap Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones out for Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, swap aliens for ghosts/undeads, update the CGI a bit, replace a few letters from the title, and you have R.I.P.D. It's as close to a blatant rip-off as you can get without naming this "M.I.B. 4". "But D, Men in Black is such a great movie, wouldn't that make this one good, even if it's just a copy?" No, and here's why: the execution. You can have the New England Patriots' entire playbook, but it don't mean a thing if you don't have Tom Brady running the plays. (Being a Giants fan, I gave myself a little chuckle with that analogy...lol) Ryan Reynolds is witty enough, but he's not Will Smith. Jeff Bridges is great, but this script isn't strong enough, and even he starts to lose his appeal towards the end. Oh, by the way, did you know Kevin Bacon is in this? Neither did I! Why is that? Have we reached a point in our world where we officially hate this guy to the point where we avoid telling you that he's in the film? I thought he was on a comeback since his show on FOX was doing well...strange. For what it's worth, he plays a solid villain, but he can only do so much with this script. Graphics are nice, but 3D is largely unnecessary. The action is OK, but even the guns feel like a M.I.B. rip-off. There really aren't any strong points to talk about with this movie...nothing that justifies shelling out hard-earned $$$, especially when Pacific Rim is still out there. R.I.P.D. scores a 2 out of 5 on The BDBOS. Don't waste your time.
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A Good Mix of Previous Material along with its own originality
Dark Horse Comics isn't one of the most publicized comic book companies around but they are just as significant as Marvel and DC. Starting all the way back to 1992, Dark Horse has produced their own adaptations to movie industry of their own popular comics. Unfortunately, most of their films did not gain the recognition they deserved because most of them weren't supported enough. Plus, most weren't bad to begin with. On that note, it's important to understand that this movie isn't just a copy of Ghost Busters (1984) and Men In Black (1997); it's mix along with its own unique traits.

The reason why people relate this film to those two movies because it's about a duo, one is newbie and the other, a wisecracking veteran who work together on a paranormal force to take down ghost like creatures. But there's more to that. To get into this division known as the "Rest In Piece Department", you have to die; which is exactly how our main character Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds) finds out about this place. What's interesting just about this concept is that the R.I.P.D. exists along side Heaven and Hell. Even if they aren't mentioned directly, it is shown that this particular division is able to have a say on who can join and who can't. Interesting and cool at the same time because it's a third way out if one isn't sure if you're making it to Heaven.

Now it's time to elaborate on the actual antagonists. The "ghosts" that the R.I.P.D. fight are "ghost like" in the sense that they are killed in a ghost like fashion. But honestly, they're more like zombies called Deados, which gives it a unique spin. In Men In Black (1997), Agent K & J used various techniques to unmask aliens in disguise. That's done here is as well but in a goofier fashion using Q&A cards and, another interesting clue is that the Deados cause things to decay around them. That's also awesome; a cool giveaway.

Back to characters, partnering up with Walker (Reynolds) is Roy played by the charismatic Jeff Bridges. Both these two actors share some good on screen chemistry. Reynolds was the weaker half but he still played his character fairly well, however, he did embody the comic character more accurately as well as Bridges. Another one of a kind thing about these characters is how they're disguised as other people. Bridges as model Marisa Miller and Reynolds as James Hong - from the outside, it is one funny looking couple. Don't forget that you also can't die falling off buildings or getting hit by falling cars. Yeah, that's pretty awesome, it's like the writers incorporated a little bit "indestructible" into the equation; sounds kind of like The Mask (1994)...another Dark Horse property.

But that's not all, Kevin Bacon plays Hayes, Nick Walker's human partner. Actually it's been two years since Bacon has been in a movie, so it's nice to see him again. Also Proctor played by Mary-Louise Parker was done well too, her performance was possibly the most deadpan and it worked. Even more interesting is that she carries a small relationship with Roy. The special effects should be appreciated as well. One of the better-looking aspects of the film are the vortexes. They carry a beauty to them that make it irresistible to look away; maybe because it reminds me of Disney's The Black Hole (1979), I don't know.

One other part that was different about the special effects was the stop motion frames, where everything froze. That was different too, to just walk around and see everything as it was when you died was eerie. The direction was also well executed. Robert Schwentke, who directed the first RED (2010) film is at the helm and his ability to keep the audiences attention is done in the correct manner. Plus his shots move fluently, which makes it an easygoing viewing experience. I do have to pick a little with the writing though. A significant part of the plot relies on an ancient artifact, which to me is used way too often. There could've been something a little more interesting to use.

The music composed by Christophe Beck wasn't bad either. Most of the time, the tracks were light and goofy and even had a twang in it for the character of Roy. There was even one scene where Bridges is at a stare down and music is being played where it sounds like a mix between Daft Punk's Tron: Legacy (2010) score and Ennio Morricone's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1961). What was even more effective were the softer moments, Beck knew how to evoke the right emotions there. My only pick with him is that his score is a little too light, as in its not as present as should have been in the film. There was also a main theme which is important for a franchise to have. So honestly, to say that this movie doesn't have good quality may be judging it too quickly.

Dark Horse Comics may not be as massive as DC or Marvel but they still produce very entertaining films. The characters are funny, the special effects are unique which allows it stand by itself even if it does take parts of other films before it.
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Better than expected - decide for yourself!
magickchicken5 August 2013
I actually wasn't that excited about watching this movie after seeing the trailer. The CGI looked like crap and I was not so into the western theme. However, it was a lot funnier than I'd expected. Jeff Bridges was classic, and the interplay between the two guys was great. I also liked the story, and didn't find the plot to be too over the top. I didn't even know that Kevin Bacon was going to be in it, but he does a great villain and that was an added bonus! I think that fans of westerns would love the movie, but fans of Ryan Reynolds who enjoy scenes of him shirtless or romancing the heroine will be disappointed after the first five minutes. It's a great matinée movie that will bring a smile to your face and maybe even make you think twice about appreciating your life, if you're inclined to think about it that deeply.
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Just to watch as a Trailer
zenicit19 July 2013
Man, I gotta seriously say about this, Even if you have time and really don't have anything to do, please don't waste the time by watching this movie.

A trailer is worth a watch but nothing is better to do with that movie.

Some parts from Van Helsing, some from MIB, some concepts from MUMMY. Oops that's enough for the movie.

Screenplay writer would have never read his script again, which has brought the movie to a dead pace.

CG was good. But didn't had any effect for the movie

Once again, I'm wasting my time in writing up about the movie. Enough of this
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" You mean to tell me, I'm dead and that's what I Look like? "
thinker169116 November 2013
This fun flick is based on the David Dobkin story and was Playfully directed by Richard Schwentke. It relates the tale of a good cop gone bad and a Bad cop gone worse. While speeding to apprehend a very villainous outlaw, two Police officers (Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Bacon) who have split a share of a Golden loot, are now about to nab a suspect when one partner murders the other. The dead cop journeys into the afterlife where he meets the Proctor (Mary Louise Parkner) or supervisor who informs him he is dead and introduces him to his New Partner (Jeff Bridges), a Lawman from the old west. Accepting he is dead, Nick has to become acquainted with his new Avatar (James Hong) and Roy's Avatar (Marisa Miller) while they search for wanted criminals. Accepting his new role in the afterlife, Nick searches to understand why his partner betrayed him, why he was killed and what has become of his wife. As a result, the movie takes the audience for a fantastic, spooky, fun filled ride throughout the city, chasing monster-like creatures. There is much high flying adventure, hilarity and comic mayhem. It is wonderful to see Kevin Bacon and James Hong work in unusual roles. Any audience is sure to be pleased with the final result as it is sure to be a Classic, in the same manner as Men in Black was in the first installment. Easily recommended. ****
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Great idea, poor execution
carriath2-490-54906618 July 2013
As promised in the trailers the plot follows your standard apocalypse dead coming back to life theme. And the mechanic of a P.D. made up of the recently deceased who appear as other characters to the living provides a solid "hook" to work around.

The Bad news, they failed to deliver. The film gets lost in the action and special effects, and the potential comedy doesn't get the focus it deserves. I would give this 3 stars out of 5, and agonize over whether to take one of those away on principle for getting my hopes up.

Worth 1 viewing, bring tissues if you are an action fan or liked Ghost-busters, because you'll walk away saying "I wish they had given up on making it serious."
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Found it entertaining and amusing
talcol-128 July 2013
I took my two younger teens and all three of us enjoyed the movie. Granted we're not going to run out and buy the CD nor curse the Academy when it receives no nominations, but it was a fun light comedy with some humorous lines and it never lulled. It was a good get-out-of-house with the boys movies and I think those that wrote dissertation-sized reviews panning it might have been expecting a little more than was offered. If you have limited movie watching funds then you might want to save you money for one of the bigger films but it was fine for a last minute decision to catch a movie at the local theater. Jeff Bridges character was funny and he did a good job with delivery. It may have borrowed a little from some other movies but no more than many others and it was an amusing premise. If you're not looking for rocket science but rather a cute movie with some good laughs, I would recommend it.
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Almost loved it
evkier20 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I liked the scenes where time stopped and the dead character witnessed reality without time. Also, the entire theater was laughing when Bridges character spoke about his personal witness of his own death. They patterned his character after his Wild Bill role. I truly enjoyed it, made me laugh out loud many times and the entire theater did as well. Yes, it is similar to MIB, but I got more laughs out of this than ANY of the MIB series. It was funny to see a man hit on Jeff Bridges and his reply to it. I will surely watch this again on DVD. Great movie...a 7 out of 10 at least. And the ending is great as well. A much more intelligent movie than MIB.
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rachealmacbb23 October 2013
I watch films for entertainment,and this gives it in spades. from start to finish it is one of the best i have seen in a long time. I will be buying this as Christmas presents this year.

why people down rate it is beyond me,seen people uprate a bad film,but the opposite shows an ignorance for a quality movie.

Only spotted one flaw,a cab door still being there after being ripped off. films these days are so slap shot and drol,its a pleasure to finally see one that simply wants to entertain.

hoping this becomes a television series,as it would stand head and shoulders above the rubbish on television these days.

the acting fits perfectly with the tongue in cheek attitude of all involved,and some truly hilarious moments. the special effects were especially good,not too much suspension of disbelief,and just the right amount of destruction and mayhem..lol

watch it,you wont be disappointed
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Great movie!
JazzPrime2 September 2013
Do NOT listen to the idiots that say this movie was bad, Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges were freaking epic in this movie. great action, good CGI, interesting story, well written, AND James Hong! enough said.

I see nothing wrong with Reynolds in any of his movies, and I'm really sick of hearing bad reviews saying he sucks.

James Hong was in it... automatically awesome.

Jeff Bridges is epic in anything, and did a great job in this film.

what I didn't like? Nothing, I loved the movie.

I give it 8 out of 10 stars, and I went to see it twice! The only reason its not 10 out of 10 is because I feel there are more epic movies such as Man of Steel, and The Amazing Spider-Man.
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It's Unapologetically Horrible
Callum_Hofler22 December 2013
R.I.P.D is a film directed by Robert Schwentke, starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, both capable actors. It centres around Reynolds, his character a cop, who has recently been killed, and is recruited by the R.I.P.D, the Rest In Peace Department. He is introduced to a law enforcement agency which exists between Judgement and life, that's sole purpose is to find and detain dead people who have managed to stay on Earth.

R.I.P.D is certainly one of the worst films of the year. From acting to visual effects, to the screenplay, it's pretty damn bad! I certainly didn't expect anything outstanding, but it did stun me with how bad it really was.

Despite the fact that Reynolds is written to be our main protagonist, Jeff Bridges carries this film. Despite the insanely bad comedic writing, he manages to make a couple of the lackluster jokes work, which adds bucket loads to the film. He's entertaining, as usual, and adds a little fun to the mix. Ryan Reynolds pulls in a decent performance, which I didn't particularly hate, unlike a lot of his other performances. The rest of the ensemble, including Kevin Bacon and Mary-Louise Parker, give absolutely atrocious performances! 90% of the cast felt to me like it was completely miscast.

The visual effects are incredibly poor! This film is certainly spoofing Men In Black, and with an extra $40 million in the budget, you'd expect some better visual effects than the film made in 1997. Well, your expectations are certainly not met! There seems to be no effort put towards the visuals, and it hurts the film heaps. All the monsters and fights looked completely laughable, and it really ruined a good portion of the final act for me.

The pacing of the film was another huge problem for me. I felt like we brush over the introduction of this whole new world far too quickly, and a lot of character development is lost with it. From this stage, the whole big plot is unraveled in a ridiculous amount of time, and the whole situation and conclusion is wrapped up with after a mere few days of Reynold's character being on the job. This awkward, quick pacing made attempted emotional moments feel very forced and rushed over, so you don't feel anything for these characters going through this tough transitional period. It's just really bad work from both the director, and the screenwriters.

R.I.P.D is certainly one of the worst films of the year. It's a film that the more you think about, the more you hate! Whilst Jeff Bridges tries so desperately hard to make this film light and fun, he can't overcome the poor writing and clichés that lie within. If you want some ambient noise at a party, this film may satisfy, but otherwise, it should be avoided at all costs.

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LOL,,,What a Waste of 93 Minutes.
retailnoob198030 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie sucks. Avoid it like the plague. Ryan Reynolds what the heck dude, You can act better than this.

Jeff Bridges was alright, for the horrible material he had to work with.

Kevin Bacon played an alright bad guy, but was uninteresting, just like the silly plot.

Lessons Learned:(Hopefully)

M.I.B doesn't work well for the afterlife. Hollywood, please stop making junk films like this.

Thanks for reading.
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DOA: Woeful mashup of MEN IN BLACK meets GHOST BUSTERS attempt at a new sci-fi/comedy franchise; Truly one of the worst films of the year.
george.schmidt27 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
R.I.P.D. (2013) * Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds, Kevin Bacon, Mary-Louise Parker, Stephanie Szostak, James Hong, Marisa Miller, Robert Knepper, Mike O'Malley. DOA - Woeful mashup of MEN IN BLACK meets GHOST BUSTERS attempt at a new sci-fi/comedy franchise based on a comic book by Peter M. Lenkov about an elite supernatural crime fighting force (Rest In Peace Department, get it?) with recently killed-in-the-line-of-fire cop Reynolds teamed up with Old West peace officer Bridges (channeling his Rooster Cogburn with a mouthful of gravel; seriously he's barely comprehensible and I love Bridges but whoa; really bad choice here to go with that) to, what else, save the world from nefarious 'dead-os' (evil dead). Yeah I know. The hackneyed screenplay by Phil Haym Matt Manfredi & David Dobkin delivers no laughs, character development or entertainment and the D-grade level CGI is dreadfully cheesy (do we really need TWO obese 'dead-os'? The monstrosities here are just monstrously tediously terrible). Robert Schwentke is responsible for the reprehensible 'direction'. Truly one of the worst films of the year.
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