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Alexia Fast: Sandy



  • Jack Reacher : What I mean is, the cheapest woman tends to be the one you pay for.

    Sandy : [stands up, angrily]  I am *not* a hooker!

    Jack Reacher : Well, a hooker would get the joke.

    Jeb : [enters with his four buddies]  What's this?

    Sandy : He called me a whore.

    Jeb : Is that true?

    Jack Reacher : Well, nobody said whore. She inferred hooker, but I meant slut.

    Punk : Hey. That's our sister.

    Jack Reacher : Is she a good kisser?

    Jeb : Hey. Outside.

    Jack Reacher : Pay your check first.

    Jeb : I'll pay later.

    Jack Reacher : You won't be able to.

    Jeb : You think?

    Jack Reacher : All the time. You should try it.

    Jeb : It's a great joke, but I'm gonna beat your ass. Do you want to do that here or outside?

    Jack Reacher : Outside.

    [gets up] 

    Jeb : Stay here, Sandy.

    Sandy : I don't mind the sight of blood.

    Jack Reacher : [walks by Sandy]  When it means you're not pregnant, anyway.

  • Sandy : [sits down at Reacher's table]  Mind if I share your table?

    [Jack gives a nod] 

    Sandy : I'm Sandy.

    Jack Reacher : So was I. Last week. On a beach, in Florida.

    Sandy : What's your name?

    Jack Reacher : Jimmie Reese.

    Sandy : You don't look like a Jimmie.

    Jack Reacher : What do I look like?

    Sandy : I don't know. But not a Jimmie. So you're new in town?

    Jack Reacher : Usually.

    Sandy : It's kind of loud in here. Do you wanna, maybe, go someplace quieter? I have a car.

    Jack Reacher : You're old enough to drive?

    Sandy : I'm old enough to do a lot of things.

    Jack Reacher : I'm on a budget, Sandy.

    Sandy : [perplexed]  What?

    Jack Reacher : I can't afford you.

    Sandy : I'm not a hooker.

    Jack Reacher : Oh, then I *really* can't afford you.

  • Sandy : [Sandy, Jeb and four other guys all surround Reacher outside a bar] 

    [to Reacher] 

    Sandy : You still think you're funny now, creep?

    Jeb : Shut your mouth, Sandy! No one is talking to you!

    Jack Reacher : It's your last chance to walk away.

    Jeb : [chuckles]  Are you kidding? It's five against one.

    Jack Reacher : [shakes his head]  It's *three* against one.

    Jeb : [perplexed]  *How* do you figure?

    Jack Reacher : Well, once I take out the leader, which is you, I'll have to contend with one or two enthusiastic wingmen. The last two guys, they always run.

    Jeb : Oh, you, uh, you've done this before?

    Jack Reacher : [reluctantly nods]  It's getting late.

    [Jeb moves in] 

    Jack Reacher : Remember, you wanted this.

    [Jeb smiles and swings at Reacher, who ducks and elbows Jeb in the forehead, who falls to the ground] 

    Jack Reacher : It's okay.

    [helps Jeb up] 

    Jack Reacher : Get up.

    [kicks Jeb in the groin from behind, Jeb groans and Reacher pushes him aside with his foot. The other four move in closer] 

    Jack Reacher : Okay, let me know who's who. Let's get this done.

    [Reacher easily takes down the other four, with him holding the last guy's foot under his arm. Two of the guys get up and both stare at Reacher with fear] 

    Jack Reacher : Really?

    [kicks the last guy in the chest, who screams as he falls to the ground. The two guys run away as the cops come. Sandy runs away as well] 

    Cop : [points his gun at Reacher]  On the ground.

    Jack Reacher : That's a pretty impressive response time, fellas.

    Cop : Do it!

    [Reacher reluctantly gets down on the ground, next to a groaning Jeb] 

    Cop : Hands behind your back.

    Jack Reacher : [to Jeb]  Who hired you?

  • Sandy : Am I in trouble?

    Jack Reacher : Not if you lend me your car.

    Sandy : I don't have a car.

    Jack Reacher : Well, sure you do. It's outside. I'm guessing you're the Camaro. That whimsy little pickup has Gary written all over it. Keys?

    Sandy : I can't. It's Jeb's car!

    Jack Reacher : Well, won't he be surprised when I drive it home for him.

    Sandy : Who are you, mister? Really?

    Jack Reacher : [Sandy gives him a key]  I'm just a guy who wants to be left alone.

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