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As Timeless as Infinity: A Short Worthy of Feature-Length Expansion.
sauce197721 April 2006
I once visited the grave of Rod Serling in Interlaken, between Cayuga and Seneca Lakes in New York.

While standing over his grave in Lakeview Cemetery, I thought about his anthology series, "The Twilight Zone." It's my favorite series, and I always wished that Rod would still be around to produce more shows.

After watching "Entity: Nine," I believe I've found my wish.

This short film felt very much like it could fit into the vein of Rod Serling's best episodes from that series. The twists incorporated into the "Twilight Zone" episodes are quite similar in construction to that of "Entity: Nine."

Matthew Glave plays Alex Wayland, a scientist who faces sudden unemployment, if government manipulation proves successful to stop his work on robotic clones. Questions surrounding cloning, technology, and the government are brought forth under the surface of this well-polished work.

The writer and director, Brad Kean, delivered an action-packed short which kept the plot as simple as possible. He managed it without letting the film grow out of control, and the film also had a nice double-twist ending. That it was accomplished in a student film makes this short all the more impressive.

After watching this with others, they asked if there was to be a sequel or expansion based on this short. I wonder the same, since the style of the film left an open ending which would be pleasing to be viewed in a feature-length work.

People who enjoyed this film might enjoy a look back to the "Twilight Zone" anthology. In particular, works from Charles Beaumont, Richard Matheson, and Rod Serling himself are similar to that of this writer and director.

This one's a keeper in my DVD collection.
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The beginning of good things yet to come
fruitpunch7621 April 2006
Brad Kean created an action packed short film that ranks high with many films of today. The special effects in this film are high quality. Those that were computer generated are very realistic looking.

The actors chosen for the project did a remarkable job portraying the plot, and the emotion of the characters. My hopes is that this short could be the beginning of something bigger, as it leaves room for making a full-length film with the background of how the robots came to be, and the transition of them being intended for good, but now used for evil.

We will definitely be seeing more of Brad Kean in film. Great start!
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fun and entertaining
saul_t_saq20 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Saw this along with a few other good USC shorts.

A simple story, it's a great take on classic action adventure and science fiction themes. Well executed, fun to watch, and full of feature quality stunts and effects. Entity Nine is a short made in the style of Michael Bay or James Cameron with the same flair for humor and craft. The director stays true to the genre while doing a great job of keeping the audience involved, there is even a tiny little twist for your viewing pleasure.

It's good to see something like this coming out of film school to off-set all the "getting over my grandparent's death" movies.
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Not very good
jeff-9938 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is a bad short film. It is completely derivative of better science-fiction films of the past, particularly Minority Report and Blade Runner. The comparison to Rod Serling is laughable. Rod Serling was interested in the human condition. This film is interested in seeing how close they can imitate other, better filmmakers. It is totally a case of style over substance. Just as a comparison, see the film Primer. It's a fascinating, complex, Twilight Zone-ish sci-fi feature film. It probably cost less to make than this 16-minute short. The filmmakers did not make a horrible film, but they should not be under any illusions that what they did is art in any way, shape, or form.
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