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Steven Wright
nofences26 August 2006
Of all of Bob's work, for most people this show probably ranks as the least memorable. But for me, this one episode has to be the most memorable guest appearance ever by Steven Wright. In this episode Steven plays a cab driver. Bob, who's character is a cartoonist, is being honored for his work by having a Balloon of his main character, a dog, in the Macey's Thanksgiving day parade. The scene is he is hosting a pre-parade party with his closest friends. During this party the balloon is accidentally released. Bob and his friends are now in a frantic chase to retrieve the wayward balloon. They climb into a cab driven by Steve's character, Noah. Going totally from memory, This is how I remember the dialog; Bob: "Driver! Follow that balloon!" Noah: (in true Steven Wright Form. slowly turning his head and staring)"Alright"(pauses, looks thru the windshield, then slowly looks up)"fasten your seat belts."(pauses again, looks back at Bob)"I'm going try something."(pause) "I saw it in a cartoon once... But I think I can do it." It was hilarious! I would love to be able to see that bit again sometime. It's priceless!
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