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Absolutely Hysterical
jonok029 June 2007
I just saw the first screening ever of Hot Rod at the Los Angeles Film Festival.

As a fan of The Lonely Island, I went into this movie with high expectations. I can happily say that not only were they met but they were exceeded. This is by far the funniest, strangest and most ingenious comedy of the summer. The movie has some of the most random gags ever seen on film. This film is not for everyone: it has no stars and the comedy is very strange. But give it a chance and you will not regret it. The directing and editing of the film is both stylish and fast paced. Andy Samberg is hilarious as always but the supporting cast truly shines, particularly Bill Hader, Will Arnett and Ian McShane. Also look for an INSANELY hilarious cameo from director Akiva Shaffer. If you love the SNL digital shorts this movie is for you. Hot Rod is destined to be a cult comedy classic.
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Give it a shot.
outlawstar144 August 2007
Few movies in recent cinematic memory have fit into the category of "Love it or Hate it" as well as this one. Its humor is so varied, oftentimes so random, that you either find it hysterical, or you think it's stupid. Me? I'm going with the former... I think this movie's completely hilarious.

It possesses a goofy, charming quality, and has a lot of moments that left me laughing while asking my wife, "what the hell the was that?" It seems to echo a Family Guy style of humor in that regard. I personally found the characters all pretty likable...the kind of characters you enjoy watching. There was an obvious (and effective) effort to give each character a real personality, quirks and all.

In the end, I suggest you keep an open mind, sit back and enjoy the utter ridiculousness this movie affords you...and I'll bet you find yourself laughing, even if it's in spite of yourself.
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listen to this mother...we all loved this movie!
boneheads17 August 2007
Our family consists of a fiftyish dad, a fortyish mom and two teenaged daughters. We all saw this movie during a sneak preview just before it opened, and I (the mom) laughed so hard I could barely breathe sometimes. I had to stop laughing so I could hear what I was missing. One of my daughters said it was a cross between Napoleon Dynamite and Talladega Nights...maybe. It was completely improbable, I mean, who's going to be doing stunts on a moped? But it was so sweet. The characters never over reached who they were or tried too hard. It never felt forced, like so many movies like this do. The best part was when Rod went to his "Quiet Place". I saw one summary that said it would have been better with Will Ferrell...I've enjoyed everything Will Ferrell has done lately, but Andy Samberg was perfect for this movie. The ending was pretty predictable, but it was like taking a knew where you'd end up, but it was so much fun along the way. We definitely loved this movie and recommend it to all our friends (and you!)
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A Triumph Over American Comedy Trends
colin-mcarthur5 November 2007
I watched Hot Rod for the same reasons i've watched any of the generic American comedies that Hollywood seems to churn out. Because i had nothing better to do, i didn't want to have to think and i expected to be very mildly amused. I was very pleasantly surprised when Hot Rod turned out to have a bit of heart. This movie seems to occupy a middle point between the fairly predictable but fun Blades of Glory and the rather more charming and oddball Napoleon Dynamite. Most recent American comedies seem to function like early Tom Cruise films : Take a vocation and run with it. Blades of Glory had the fairly ridiculous world of figure skating to draw from, and i guess you can't really go wrong with a grown man in lycra on ice skates, but it's humour relied heavily on that. Hot Rod is a film about a (pretty terrible) young stuntman who's objective is to raise enough money to save his dying step-dad by means of a life saving operation. His underlying reason for doing so, however, is because he wants to earn his respect by beating him in a fight. This little quirk and more are what make Hot Rod a little more satisfying than other films in its genre, and, despite some rather obvious jokes and a criminally underused Will Arnett, it's well worth watching.
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Funny? Hell Yeah.
thekiltedhammer25 July 2007
My wife and I saw a screening of Hot Rod. From some the comments posted here I thought we were going to be bored. Nothing could have been further from the truth. This film was really funny! So funny, that I'm wondering if the people who say they hated it actually saw the same film. No, its not fine art, its a summer comedy, and it delivers plenty of laughs. I am middle-aged guy whose not into early Adam Sandler, or Napoleon Dynamite type comedies, and this movie had me laughing hard. Sure, not at every single joke, but at most of them. If you are into absurdest humor, or enjoyed movies like Hot Fuzz, or Super Troopers, you'll find plenty to enjoy. P.S. My wife liked it too.
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The Jerk meets Billy Madison
brandnewthursday36 August 2007
Andy Samberg is the hero of the internet age. Through SNL digital videos such as Lazy Sunday and Dick in a Box, he has managed to coral a fanbase, score an emmy nod and land his own starring role in a movie. Being that sly, witty and subtle comedy is taking over the box office(The 40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked Up, etc)it's safe to say that plain old silly farce is having a hard time reaching the same audience.

Steve Martin made The Jerk a hit, with his genius way of creating a character who was so naive and stupid yet easy to relate to. Samberg is trying to recreate that same character type, but it seems as though audiences aren't having it. Be that as it may, he does it successfully and with such a delightful awkwardness that it may put Martin to shame(no offense Steve).

Although Hot Rod starts off a bit slow, with those watching feeling that it may not come out of its slump, it progresses into a laugh out loud comedy that will have you literally howling. For instance, in one scene, Samberg takes out his frustrations by, as he puts it, "punch dancing" in the woods. This is followed by one of the longest and funniest falls in cinema history.

Most critics probably feel that the movie is just youtube videos strewn together, yet they aren't taking it for what it is: A blatant farce on 80s under dog stories. There was not one serious moment in this movie. And that is a good thing. Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to laugh their asses off.
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"My name is Rod and I like to Party" - Favourite Movie!
mellymoo197 January 2010
This is by far in my top three best and funniest movies! An absolutely hilarious film guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Andy Samberg (from Saturday Night Live) plays Rod Kimble an aspiring stuntman trying to live up to his dead father's legacy, unfortunately he lacks the necessary aspect: any talent whatsoever. But backed by supportive friends.

Along with Lonely Island best friends Akiva Shaffer as director and Jorma Taccone as his step-brother team up to create this great comedy equals pure awesomeness! And Bill Hader as a friend and fellow team member Dave made me laugh so much too! From the most epic fall down a hill, safe word "WHiskey," Satan for a stepfather, killer dance moves and a Tai-Chi move guaranteed to make a grown man crap his pants and not know why. Hot Rod is quite the adventure. I would love to live in a town like that.

And after this movie you probably won't be able to look at stunting or mopeds the same way again.

Be sure to rent or buy this movie and the extras are pretty awesome.

"Life is pain - we've got to scrape the joy from it every chance we get."
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Great movie to watch and not think too much once its over
satydg8 December 2007
Its been a while that i have come across a comedy movie as light hearted as this one.I think this movie caters to all genres of audience and the best part is that you don't have to drag the movie storyline home and ponder over it.Its got a feel-good attitude to it and has got a simple storyline. I recommend this movie to one and all.. A great release of 2007 !!! The directors done a good job and so have the actors.. haven't heard of them before but if its their debut, then well done ! The soundtrack is a mix of techno and 80s music which again adds a brilliant touch to the movie and they are very situational, which does not happen in most of the comedy movies..
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Random for the win!!
ruabadfish2216 July 2007
I saw a free screening of this in CT. I wasn't sure what to expect at first... but I laughed a lot more in this movie then any comedy to come out in a long time. Expect a bunch of randomness that will make you laugh out loud. The movie is definitely a movie for a certain type of viewer..IE: People who enjoy a "silly/stupid" genre of comedies. A very SNL-derived movie. Laughs are frequent,everyone at the cinemas was laughing. A good performance, a Hilarious Andy Samberg and cast, and the beautiful Isla Fisher is always nice to watch. Be prepared to leave the theater knowing your friends will be quoting this movie for a while. I highly recommend this movie to other viewers.
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Can't wait for August 3rd!
leaning_tripod10 July 2007
This film screened in Minneapolis last night (at which they also distributed free T-shirts, pins and fake mustaches) and I have not laughed this hard in a very long time. I laughed so hard it made my stomach hurt, and that hasn't happened to me in a movie in years.

It reminded me very much of Will Ferrell's "Anchorman" and "Talladega Nights," but even moreso it seems like a throwback to the kind of movies Adam Sandler used to make. There's a lot of "Billy Madison"-inspired randomness and absurdity that just cracked me up, and the stunts look truly dangerous.

I will not say anymore about this film except I can't wait to see it again when it opens August 3rd and I think Andy Samberg could explode after this film. Not literally, let's hope.
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Epic level crazy.
srmacpherson18 August 2020
The level of ridiculousness in this movie is epic. All the goofiest stuff and none of the "trying to make a palatable story," nonsense.
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You do you, Hot Rod. I think you're hilarious
joelwatchesmovies22 July 2020
Yeah, I get it, comedy can be subjective, but with the way this film in particular is so endlessly creative and colourful and full of child-like wonder and fun in its quest for the laugh (which maybe could've been put on brief pause in Rod's rock bottoms), I feel particularly called to shield it from from any big ol' meanies who don't like it. You do you, Hot Rod. Keep ringin' those bells, jumpin' those ramps, coolin' those beans, singin' those songs, and kickin' that ass. You're funny AF.
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Guys - I almost peed my pants
jcarson-5220923 April 2020
I honestly didn't expect much from this movie. I had never heard of it and was just scrolling through Netflix looking for a movie to watch with my kids. Boy am I glad we found this one! Great cast, great music, and super funny. There is one part where he goes to his quiet place that I lost it. There is a drug reference but it is quick and my kids didn't know what it was. Highly Recommend if you want some mindless fun and physical comedy giggles!
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Top ten fave movies...
blubeachbumm8 August 2007
I'm a ginormous Will Ferrell fan... and the fact that this wasn't advertised as much as a normal Ferrell movie would have been; I had no clue what it was about. Will Ferrell was intended for the main character's part (Rod Kimble) but he then only decided to be executive producer. My friend and I went to watch SuperBad which wasn't even in the theater yet... so we decided to watch Hot Rod. It exceeded my expectations!! I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my cheeks... It was awesome!! Great fun, comedy filled, stunt movie. I LOVED IT! If I had to promote this movie in a pair of oil-slacked auto repair jumpers... I would!
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Landmark Achievement in American Cinema
j-burke-26 August 2007
If you're looking for THE ground-breaking cinematic achievement this summer, look no further than this hidden gem. This movie is chalk full of cool beans! It is destined to have a long life as a cult-classic. Sissy Spacek plays an extremely strong woman with unending patience and the emotional strength of Hercules. Don't be surprised if she garners a lot of support come Oscar time.

Our hero is surrounded by a devoted team of friends that double as his stunt crew. In the spirit of Evel Knievel, each stunt is meticulously worked on until perfected. The characters are well developed and the writers and directors go to great lengths to demonstrate the difficulty in being raised by a step-father and winning his respect, especially when your younger, half-brother is of his blood line. The dramatic tension at times got so thick, I constricted into the fetal position and caught fleeting glimpses between my fingers covering my face.

When discussion of great directors comes up, the names like Scorcese, Coppola, and Spielberg are bandied about. Well, it is time add the name Akiva Shaffer to the pantheon of Hollywood Heavyweights. The plot twists keep you guessing, until an ending that I just didn't see coming.

Let me be the first to congratulate Andy Samberg for his ascension to SuperStardom. He is officially a MegaStar.

Honestly, this movie is Napolean dynamite on steroids. My eight-year-old son, my wife, and I loved it. And, I'm not as think as you dumb I am.
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Greatest Movie Ever!
cameronhamiltonactor15 December 2018
I have nothing more to other than this is the greatest movie ever created in all the history of movies. That is all
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Weirdly Wonderful!
cali_kid19 July 2007
Seriously this is the funniest movie I have seen since "Wedding Crashers." The trailers do not do this film fact, although I am a huge Andy Samberg fan, I did not want to see this movie because the trailers looked utterly ridiculous. But I was proved wrong. This movie is wonderfully random, witty and just an all-around entertaining movie. If you're a fan of Samberg's website with SNL writers, Jorma and Akiva you will totally appreciate the crazy humor.

It has great memorable lines that I'm sure people will be quoting for years to come and laughs non-stop. This is a movie for people with an off-kilter sense of humor. A lot of people in the theater in which I saw the advanced screening made frequent "This is too weird!" yes, the movie is weird. I'd compare to "Arrested Development" or maybe even "Happy Gilmore" to the extreme. I'd say a lot of people won't get the random humor. But if you like strange things, then you'll love this film for sure!
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Funniest movie in a long time
SophieKowalski23 July 2007
I saw Hot Rod a while ago at a screening and I have to say it is the most funny movie ever. This is the way comedy should be. Free, Silly and Funny. The jokes are just fresh and the actors are great. Andy Samberg is great as the leading man but the supporting cast (Bill Hader, Ian Mcshan, Chris Parnell, Jorma Taconne and Will Arnett) also really stand out. Besides from the jokes the action is enjoyable too. I heard people comparing it to Napolion Dinamite but I can't see that. It has his own vibe and is not really comparable with any movie. The style is a bit more rawer than the usual comedy and that makes it original. I highly recommend to go see it if you want a good laugh! If you are a Lonely Island fan you will not be disappointed. It has the same silliness. Nothing but Love for this movie!
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Let's jump this jump
ZPrincessUnicorn10 April 2019
This movie was coooool beans. Hot Rod is the next Douglas Bubbletrousers!
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Comedy Classic!
cartsghammond30 July 2018
I have watched this movie over a dozen times now and i can't get enough of it. sure the jokes can be silly at times but this movie will keep you in non-stop laughter! The lonely islands Akiva Schaffer directs while Jorma Taccone and Andy Samberg star, this dream trio completely perfects the movie. Bill Hader and Danny Mcbride are also excellent, sometimes pulling off the most ridiculous jokes. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone with a sense of humor. 10/10
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Cool Beans
Joshbond7 August 2007
I went to go see this for $4.20 with my brother, sister and cousin. This has got to be one of the most underrated comedies ever. This film was so funny didn't know where to stop with the comedy. Which made it the perfect film to see in groups with your friends. Some of the comedy in it didn't make too much sense but i didn't think anybody in the theater got the joke..Yet everyone was laughing.. This film also had a GREAT soundtrack! Epic and funny songs in the most perfect atmospheres.. The whole film was about a crappy wanna-be stuntman who wants to raise 50 grand for his dying step dad just so he can nail him in the face! the film was everything it needed to be, and other than The Simpsons Movie i thought it was the best comedy of the summer!
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Brainless is the last word to describe the lonely island guys
cfitz-33 August 2007
I've come across many people like the previous reviewer in my time - calling things dumb, brainless, witless, etc. It is because of people like that that beautiful comedies like STELLA were cancelled and others (AESOMETOWN) never even aired. And yet, somehow this comedic style persists. I believe that it is because the humor or not, in fact, brainless, but takes wit to another level by making fun of clichés and reminding us all that at one point in all of our lives, before we were conditioned to laugh only at black & white jokes or reasons why dates never work out, poop was funny! I mean, come on, its disgusting! I think that if certain people were to pull the stick out of their.. behinds, and come off of their high horses, they may find a certain beauty in simplistic humor that makes us think twice about everything else we laugh at. In short, chill out and stop being so lame.

-The New Generation of Comedy
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Dumb fun with rousing performances...
shaneo63227 November 2007
Shaun Munro's Reviews (

Hot Rod, quite simply, is one of the strangest, most offbeat comedies to come our way since Napoleon Dynamite (a film which, I hasten to add, I wasn't terribly fond of upon first viewing). Filled with irreverent gags, and so-called "random" interludes of "humour", Hot Rod is a curiosity of a comedy.

It becomes clear early on that much of the laughs to be sought in Hot Rod are physical, beginning with an impressive, and surprisingly funny (considering how often it was shown in trailers) instance where our protagonist fails a stunt and pays for it in rather brutal spades.

Whilst I did end up ultimately enjoying Hot Rod somewhat, I must admit that I was incredibly apprehensive that this would just end up as another offbeat screwball comedy that, were you to show even a pinch of contempt for it, you would be lambasted for "not getting it" (see: Napoleon Dynamite). Hot Rod didn't grip me right away - whilst the humour was notably different from most of the romps you'll see this year, it really didn't seem to work to begin with. It was almost as though they were trying too hard to deliver a different, edgy brand of laughs. Perhaps this was just the warming up stage for me, as there were parts of this film later on that had me laughing heartily.

The basic premise of Hot Rod is that Rod Kimble (Samberg) is an amateur stuntman, and is suddenly informed that his abusive step-father Frank (McShane) is in dire need of an extortionately expensive heart-transplant. Whilst Kimble and Frank have contempt for one another, Kimble is determined to beat Frank in a fight some day (so as to finally be deemed "a man"), and so wants to ensure that Frank doesn't die (although surely fighting a man who's had a heart-transplant can't be too healthy either). As such, Kimble hatches a plan to perform a jump over 15 buses in an attempt to raise money for the heart transplant.

Continuing from that point, we have Ian McShane, who by far brings the strongest performance to the table as the bitter, acerbic and down right thoroughly dislikeable step-dad. His first line - "never sneak up on a man who's been in a chemical fire" pretty much says all you need to know about him - he's an aggressive madman of the highest order. This character really wouldn't work if it wasn't for the great chemistry between McShane and Samberg - McShane plays a great tease whilst Samberg, conversely, makes a convincing frustrated chump.

From here, we also meet the predictable love interest, in Denise (Fisher). As with McShane, Samberg gels quite well with her, and it makes the emotional cripple that Samberg plays all the more convincing. One notable instance of this is when he tells Denise that she looks pretty, and when she says "What?", he nervously returns "You look shitty!", much to my laughter. This was a man I could sympathise with.

Soon enough, Will Arnett shows up as Denise's rich, egotistical boyfriend. His character is one giant cliché, but Arnett has fun with the role, and next to McShane, provides the most enjoyable performance of the film. His character is one you can love to hate, and they gave Arnett some of the best lines of the film, such as, after running over a raccoon, proclaiming "the raccoon wouldn't have stopped for us", before laughing heartily. This isn't his best work (that honour would be bestowed to Mitch Hurwitz' brilliant Arrested Development), but it's still a good turn.

The rest of Hot Rod is essentially a dense collection of wild set pieces, from impromptu dance numbers and money-making montages, to faux poignant interludes, to a curious Asian man appearing virtually out of nowhere. More often than not, they all end with our protagonist being injured in some way, be it falling down an extremely long hill, flying through some sort of building, or being hit by a car. I felt that the dance number came a little too early in the film to really inspire much of anything, but the ridiculously violent ending to this and other skits were surprisingly funny. I still attest that physical humour (particularly that which is in this film) is a lower form of wit, but with a film like Hot Rod, I took my victories where I could find them, and these just happened to be the continual violent torture of our protagonist. It is worth noting, though, that these moments get very, very close to becoming tiresome by the film's end, and by the time the "cool beans" montage comes around (by which the characters utter these two words over and over until they lose all meaning), I was close to holding my head in my hands. Furthermore, gag-wise, an entire exchange regarding the pronunciation of "wh" seemed to have been poached from a Family Guy episode, much to my dismay.

There is the occasional injection of superficial emotion into the film, where our protagonist experiences a number of ups and downs, and ultimately begins to doubt himself. This almost appears to be a turning point in the film, and just as the viewer may be able to feel something for this character, he's hit by a van. I'm not complaining about it, mind, just noting that the instances of emotion are generally just padding for the comedy.

Everything eventually sets up nicely for the finale, and we have further ups and downs, and ultimately the film ends exactly as you'd expect. Yes, Hot Rod is very predictable, but that didn't stop it being an entertaining ride, with some great performances from Arnett and McShane, and some hit and miss humour, but when it hit, it hit hard. It won't be the best comedy you'll see this year, but it's dumb fun and I'm sure that's what the creators were going for.
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"Cool Beans"
seattlefive3 August 2007
I was so ready to hate this film. I sat in on an advance preview a couple of weeks ago and must confess I laughed my ass off. Sure the film borrows some of its humor from some other sources but all in all sold as a package what this film offers is a fun and unique film with its own unique humor strategy.

There are so many SNL movies pumped out with very little to offer. This offers a preposterous plot and some scenes and one liners that will be replayed on the school grounds for years to come.

All in all a great film to take the kids to. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I predict great things for Andy Samberg!
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Jump over
Prismark106 June 2018
Hot Rod is a daft but enjoyable film. Keep your expectations low, have a good time with the stupid stunts and the middle of the road soft rock soundtrack.

Rod Kimble (Andy Samberg) wants to be like his late father a stuntman who worked with Evel Knievel. However his stepfather Frank (Ian McShane) thinks he is a loser and not really a man. They usually spar where Rod gets the hell beaten out of him, but it is all in good fun. Rod just wants his stepfather's approval.

When Frank needs life saving heart surgery, Rod and his friends decide to raise the money by performing a dangerous stunt.

Hot Rod is a goofy movie, not too funny but its heart is in the right place.
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