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Ben Kingsley: Snatcher



  • Lord Portley-Rind : [after learning that Snatcher was lying about the boxtrolls and the Trubshaws]  He lied to us and to poor Madame Frou Frou. Snatcher...

    Archibald Snatcher : [Using Madame Frou Frou voice]  We could have been something special, but you have broken our agreement.

    Lord Portley-Rind : Why is he talking like Madame Frou... GASP, Oh my god! I regret so much.

  • Archibald Snatcher : You really think Portly-Rind and his mob will help a nobody like you? In this town, you want, you gotta help yourself. That's what a man does.

    Eggs : You're a liar, when I tell Winnie's father the truth, he'll...

    [Snatcher pushes Eggs to a wall] 

    Archibald Snatcher : HE'LL THANK ME. Because... all your little boxtroll friends... are going to die. TONIGHT!

    Eggs : WHAT?

    Archibald Snatcher : THEY'LL MAKE ME THE MOST RESPECTED MAN IN THIS TOWN! They'll have no choice but to give me a white hat, they'll parade me, They'll take up on their shoulders. And I'm NOT gonna let that be ruined by some little boxtroll sewer rat!

  • Archibald Snatcher : I have been reasonable, and I can be unreasonable.

  • Mr. Pickles : [Noticing that Snatcher is having an allergic reaction to a piece of cheese he just ate. Whispering to Mr. Trout]  Someone's got the cheese fits again.

    Mr. Trout : [to Mr.Gristle]  Oh, quickly, quietly get the leeches.

    Mr. Gristle : [while silently sneaking around Snatcher]  Quietly. Quietly.

    Archibald Snatcher : [Noticing that Trout's leaving the table]  Where's he going?

    Mr. Gristle : Quietly.

    Archibald Snatcher : Is he getting more cheese?

    [Snatcher's lower lip swells up. Making Mr. Pickles and Mr. Trout shocked] 

    Archibald Snatcher : What?

    Mr. Pickles : I think you've had enough for today, boss.

  • Archibald Snatcher : [eats a tiny bit of cheddar, and swallows]  Mmmm!

    Mr. Trout : [surprisingly]  Oh!

    Archibald Snatcher : I say, old chaps, it's quite, um


    Archibald Snatcher : It's, um


    Archibald Snatcher : It's quite, um

    Mr. Trout : [breaking in]  Aromatic? Oaky? With an undertone of a mother's smile on a warm spring day? Hmmm

    [smiling thoughtfully] 

    Archibald Snatcher : Yes! Those things. Etcetera, ectetera, big words, chummy banter.

    [Said as he breaks into an allergic reaction to the cheese] 

  • Archibald Snatcher : [first line, Snatcher to Butler at the front door]  Wake his Lordship. The unspeakable has happened, We must speak of it immediately!

    [struggles with Butler, trying to slam the door on him] 

    Lord Portley-Rind : [Frustrated]  What is is, Snatcher?


    Lord Portley-Rind : Gasp, no.

    Archibald Snatcher : There no doubt, picking their teeth with his adorable baby bones, by now.

    Lord Portley-Rind : Horribly tragedy.

    [in a non-interested tone] 

    Lord Portley-Rind : Lets deal with it in the morning.

    Archibald Snatcher : [while butler aggressively presses the door on Snatcher]  STOP, that's not the worst of it. They'll come after...

    [Butler slams the door in Snatcher's face, and is now talking through the mailslot of the mansion] 

    Archibald Snatcher : our cheeses!

    Lord Portley-Rind : [SCARED]  MY GOUDA?

    Archibald Snatcher : They'll stop at nothing.

    Lord Portley-Rind : Oh you're the town exterminator, I'll pay whatever it takes.

    Archibald Snatcher : Oh I don't want money, I want one of those

    [pointing at Portly Rind's hat] 

    Lord Portley-Rind : A white hat? you? ABSURD!

    Archibald Snatcher : Alright then, by prepare to say bye bye to your brie, cheerio to your cheddar, good bye...

    Lord Portley-Rind : Hey, Have every boxtrolls gone, with proof.

    Archibald Snatcher : For a white hat? I WILL DESTROY EVERY LAST BOXTROLL IN THIS TOWN!

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