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Aimed for a specific audience
Dakotaen27 March 2009
When I first read a review of this movie, I wasn't sure I'd even bother watching it. But, since I'm a major fan of Seann William Scott, I just had to. And I'm happy I did! There's no doubt that the humor is aimed for a specific audience, and if you're looking for mature jokes, at least decent acting and/or a great storyline, you may as well go find another movie, 'cause you won't get any of those things here.

However, if you, like myself, enjoy stupid jokes, immaturity on a high level, and acting that doesn't need to be great, as long as it's funny, you've got a winner right here. From little girls who apparently use the internet too much, to china men laughing their balls off, over to Indonesian table tennis players who don't speak a lick of English, this flick just kicks you in the nuts at every turn, and that in a good way, I might add.

Whenever I rate a movie, I don't look at individual acting, sets, lighting, directing or any other kind of technical pestilence. I aim directly at entertainment value on a personal level. And this movie entertained me all the way through, hence I give it an 8 out of 10. I advise everyone with a deep-in-the-dirt sense of humor to watch this, and hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Thanks to the makers.
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He's Got Balls
MacAindrais21 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story (2009) **

From Dodgeball to ping pong to basketball and even ice skating, sports have been the basis for wacky oddball comedies as of late, some better and funnier than others. This one doesn't star Will Ferrel or Vince Vaughan. Instead, it's Sean William Scott. He's been been funny before, so O.K., not a bad start.

The film's script apparently also won an award, I'm told. I'm not really sure how. There's nothing new or unexpected. It's the usual routine: a group of misfits gets an unruly new coach who turns them around and leads them to glory.

Sean William Scott plays tennis hasbeen/never-was Gary. He went on the Mexican semi-pro tour after a few incidents in college, before settling down in Nebraska, because it's as good as anywhere really. Plus the real estate is cheap (referring to a banged up motor home). He became an engineer - the custodial branch. One day he gets the itch an runs out on the tennis court while the high school team is practicing. The coach (Randy Quaid) recruits him as his assistant. Gary, for some reason, is enamored with the coach, but then he dies. Because he's not a teacher, the school can't make him the head coach, at least officially. The new head coach (or co-assistant coach) has no experience with tennis, or any other sport he says. In order to honor the late coach, Gary is determined to coach the tennis team to a state championship.

The cast includes lots of the usual oddballs: the gifted tennis player who reminds Gary of himself; wimpy kids afraid of getting hit with the ball; the sexy foreign language teacher as the subject of the protagonist's desires. There's also the late coach's teenage daughter, who interestingly, but oddly, has the hots for Gary before becoming the love interest of the teams star player. Gary even recruits the weird foreign kid - a pro ping pong player from the Philippines. He's never played tennis before, but his hand/eye coordination must be amazing, as Gary points out.

Balls Out actually does manage to be occasionally endearing with its goofy characters. And Sean William Scott really can play a dirty greaser very well - thanks most probably to his ability to grow a mean fumanchu. He seems so greasy it's almost offputting at times, but funny at others. When the late coach's daughter plants one on him, for a minute it seems plausible that he'll actually go through with it. That scene does lead to the film's mandatory act of turmoil and challenge. Of course, it's overcome though.

I had a fair share of laughs, but only a few roarers. The exchange student is comical in how quickly he himself becomes almost Gary's partner in crime after moving into the motor home with him. In the end, Balls Out just isn't consistently funny enough, and too many of the big jokes fall flat. The film will likely be released amid the January slew of films that studios would rather forget they made. I can't see the movie making a big box office splash, but it might do alright depending on what weekend it lands.
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great choice for a boys night in (with a couple of beers)
cinefile19682 January 2009
OK, so this isn't exactly the next deer hunter. but i was hugely entertained by this flick. out of nowhere a night in turned into a night of complete hilarity.

if you're in the mood for something with depth, this isn't exactly the film for you. But for the light hearted comedy this film provides, it definitely deserves to show up as a blip on the viewers radar! Surprisingly i found a few fairly brilliant lines in this films and if you look past the slightly weak direction you will find an immenecely entertaining performance from sean william and a brilliantly entertaining film.
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Great comedy
Manyx X20 December 2008
I enjoyed this movie very much and i think that this is a classic Sean William Scot movie. I admit that some bits of the movie have been done before and there are a lot of clichés in it. The movie really could have used some new jokes.... I really wasn't expecting more than what i have seen in the last comedies of Sean William Scot and in some way it met my expectation. Also i think that Sean William Scot didn't perform at his best and sometimes the acting wasn't that great. For people who are looking for something more than a funny movie i advice them to look somewhere else.

I rate it 7/10 because it could have been better.
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Review: Odd Name, Funny Movie
schweikera2 January 2009
Well firstly I will say that when I heard about the name change for this movie, I didn't like the title "Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story." I thought it was much better as "Gary The Tennis Coach." I was further disappointed by the trailer which gave me the impression that it was a really stupid comedy that looked like a waste of money to see. However, I decided to see it anyway and I'm glad I did.

Don't judge this movie by the title or the trailer. Although slow in some parts, it offers many many laughs. Seann William Scott's odd character repeatedly had me laughing at several points. This was supported by Randy Quaid's brief character and the rest of the tennis team and several other funny supporting characters. I particularly enjoyed Seann William Scott's scenes with Brando Eaton, who played Mike Jenson, the tennis team captain. If you are on the fence about this movie, I would recommend watching it, as I was on the fence too. Some people may agree with me and some may not and I will admit that it was slow in certain points, but when there was humor present it was funny. I give it an overall rating of 7/10 "Decent."
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National Lampoon plays ball
p-stepien2 December 2009
Gary (Sean William Scott) is a failed tennis player, who did some semi-pro circuits in Mexico before getting thrown out. Penniless with his dreams in tatters in ends up in a small Nebraska town, where he decides to drop tennis and focus on different goals. Like being a school janitor. Fate has a funny way of punching you in the balls and push comes to shove when Gary ends up training the school's loser tennis team.

Sean William Scott is an immensely talented comedian with so many areas he could explore with his comedic feel. Unfortunately most of his career paths involve eating turds, defecating and/or barfing. This movie is no exception to the rule with fart jokes coupled with some midget humour being the norm and slightly more congenial jokes coming sparse, if at all. That said some of the especially absurd humour really made me laugh.

The movie really doesn't build too well and tends to bore a bit with no real story building apart from the stereotypical losers turning into winners. All in all this is Sean William Scott running the show and if you have disliked all the stuff he has done in the past just pass on this movie. For the rest - nothing special, but if you have a couple of beers, spare time and no great expectations why not...
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C_Spiner1319 December 2008
Just saw this yesterday and man, I gotta say I want 90 minutes of my life back. I mean everything was horrible about the movie, none of the jokes made sense to the scene, the plot was moving every which way, and very crude jokes that don't make any sense. And I like crude jokes! I generally like watching stupid comedies every so often, but the only laugh I got out of this was how horrible it was made. The acting was SOOO bad in this movie it was laughable. If you keep wondering why the movie hasn't come out yet, it's because it should never see the light of day. I actually feel dumber from watching this movie. Where do I sign up to get my 90 minutes back?
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Not all that funny, misses the mark
Floated228 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Being a fan of Seann William Scott, I decided to check this film out to see if many of the positive user reviews were accurate, but after watching this film I disagree on many accounts. I think Scott (Gay Houseman) does a decent job as the lead but the film lacks good humour and a decent script. It's basically about a former tennis star whom gets transfered to become a janitor then ultimately ends up coaching a senior tennis team to victory. It's another one of those underdog sports films, and having seen many of them, this film is pretty much no different. (as in predictable). It first starts with the team being a horrible team- never winning anything then once Houseman comes along, he trains them and in the end, the team wins the ultimate trophy.

I really didn't find the humour all that funny at all. It was more crude humour with a lot of F-words muttered by Houseman about everything other word, and I think the jokes fell a little flat. Some of the jokes include a little girl cursing a lot (one instance at the very end when a player is down, and she uses it as motivation), continuity jokes with a foreign Filipino student acting strange, an Asian grandpa laughing moronically, a few instances with midgets, and a lot of other gags and jokes involving the dialogue.

For this film, I also found that there were many subplots involving Gary Houseman. (Him liking the Spanish teacher, involving himself with the Coach's daughter, the foreign student gags, training the star player on the team- though this becomes the main plot to the end). Seann William Scott was in about every scene of this film so he had to carry the load but was let down by bad directing and a bad script. The film was just too predictable and clichéd. It also went a little deep with a religious type line from Gary towards the final 20 mins of the film. He was speaking to Mike (one of his players), and he says "If God didn't exist, you would invent him" (at 1:10:40). From that moment this film shifts a little from crude humour and becomes more sports oriented. He works on training Mike to win the trophy for the school.

This film is probably best for fans of SWS, fans of tennis, or those that like this crude type of humour. I tried liking the films humour but I just didn't find it funny. I think that Seann William Scott was a little desperate for cash at the time, or was doing this for a favour for the director (same director who made Dude, Where's my Car?). This film is basically a tennis version of "Eastbound and Down", with Danny McBride. Both have a lot of similarities, similar type humour, both lead characters act alike except Houseman seems to be more sincere and care more about his players than himself- was less selfish.

All in all, this film wasn't that great, it was somewhat entertaining and could have been better. But I can see why this didn't get a theatrical release. Anyway judge for yourself!
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Has It's Moments
rockdalecop2 August 2009
All I can say is this movie has it's moments. It kinda reminds me of Me Myself and Irene. The main character is an out of this world figure that stands out in a crowd big time. Most of the humor is very vulgar. But funny non the less. This movie is good to kill time to say the least. Not recommended for younger audiences though. The scene with the young girl talking to her dad is funny as hell. And so is the scene involving the strap on!.I think it's old Farelly brothers humor. Randy Quaid is funny as always here. When you see it, make sure you have plenty of cold beer. I'm not sure what the director has done previously, but I think he will do good things.
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Gross Out Comedy That Is Just Gross
burgo66618 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie tries hard to cash in on gross humour delivered with gusto by the leads Sean Will Scott and Randy Quaid, two of Hollywood's finest proponents of the art form. But what tries to be irreverent and so politically incorrect just turns into a film that is just gross. The writers really have to be blamed here because I thought all the performers did their best with a very a bad script.

Some of the scenes like the ones involving the 8 year old girl were actually exploitation. How censorship boards would let those pass is beyond me. It isn't funny to hear an 8 year old little girl (who looks 6) say such crude things. And the dog scene where the little girl claims to be dry humped while wiping a suspicious gooey substance from her face was revolting and they should be ashamed of themselves for even coming up with such filth.

Next, no matter what you say, Tennis isn't funny. It never will be funny and to use that as a premise for the sporting aspect of this film was a mistake. A lot of the elements of this film have been done a million times before and much much better than this piece of tripe. Sean William Scott had a promising career, that has stalled obviously as why else would he make a movie like this?

Don't see it unless you are a self masochist.
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Just not that funny...
wafflesniper1 January 2009
I was simply just not entertained by this 'comedy.' That is most likely due to the fact that the director hasn't been able to maintain his directorial status with any series for more than 2 episodes. The only original and funny comedy he's directed is 'Dude, Where's my Car?.' The movie itself is long and drawn-out. Sean William Scott seems to try too hard. I think that he does much better with supporting roles.

I'll give the movie a little credit in saying that a few parts were actually kind of funny. But with all the other great comedies produced this year, 'Balls Out' falls very short of living up to any standard.

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A coach to die for!
namashi_129 May 2009
Balls Out, What? That was my first reaction after hearing this flicks name.... I was like really, thats the name! When I played the film, I didn't go inn watching it with gargantuan expectations, and due to that smart decision, I enjoyed 'Balls Out: Gary The Tennis Coach'.

Balls Out: Gary The Tennis Coach is truly a hilarious film, in all respects. The film is pure escapist cinema, pure entertaining cinema, and at its best to a Very-Large extend. Witty script, coupled hilarious moments, along-with a bravura performance by Sean William Scott & some superb cinematography. I enjoyed myself to the fullest and I would love to watch this comical sometime again in future.

Performance wise: Balls Out: Gary The Tennis Coach could've fallen flat minus Sean William Scott. American Pie series, Dude Wheres My Car and now Balls Out. Scott delivers a bravura performance. He's perfect in each and every shot and he's the biggest asset of this venture. Sean William Scott rocks! All the other actors are perfect, but Scott carries the film on his shoulders.

on the whole 'Balls Out: Gary The Tennis Coach' is funny stuff. Watch this one, if you wanna laugh till you collapse.
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Seann William Scott Saves This Movie From Bouncing Out of Bounds
super-jooo3 January 2009
When I first approached this movie, I thought from most of the reviews and comment that it was going to be horrible. The truth was that the script and dialog was absolutely horrible. I felt like I was being dragged through a bunch of kindergarten jokes. The story was unbelievable and either not satirical enough or too satirical. Most of the comedy was not like anything I had seen before, like Napoleon Dynamite meets The Office. It's like the writer was waiting for me to laugh, but I never did.

On the rare occasions that I did laugh, it was caused by Seann William Scott's acting or Danny Leiner amazing way of saving this film. Perfect timing on some of the sequences and just the right angles resulted in a some what funnier film than that would have just been the script. Seann William Scott's awkward and unusual play at Gary makes for an interesting look, yet sometimes I wondered if even Scott knew what Gary was going to do next.

Overall, I enjoyed this film besides the overkill of homophobia humor. I thought it was a new take on Tennis, and made me laugh at certain points. It was great to see Danny Leiner direct a comedy that didn't include two guys and a car. I don't recommend it, unless you have some free time or are a fan of Seann William Scott, but it wasn't the worst of them all.
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If You've Ever Played HS Tennis........
stringer2618 April 2011
I first found this movie on one of the pay channels and didn't know it existed. It had gone straight to video. That's probably due to the limited appeal the title would have to most people, but to anyone who's ever played the game, this film is hysterical. The tennis parts are dead-on accurate, the jokes are off the wall, and the actors soon grow on you. I've watched this film at least 10 times, and it gets funnier with every viewing. I've never viewed a film that many times. This film was written by two tennis players. At least somebody put it on the line to make a niche film that at least insiders would find hysterical. This would be a great film for a HS coach to show his team before the season started, at the possible risk of his job. It'd be worth it.
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Swing and a miss for Scott
it is I8 January 2009
After reading some of the (positive) comments on IMDb I decided to watch this movie as a past time activity. I have to say it wasn't a success.

Maybe it's me, but I didn't find this move entertaining at all. I thought/hoped it would be a bit like Sean William Scotts other goofy movies, guaranteeing at least a couple of laughs, but it didn't. The characters in this movie don't have any depth, any good dialog or any connection to each other. Events seem to be random, and the plot is nearly absent.

I gave this movie a 3/10 because I have seen worse movies, but I still recommend you don't waste your time on this fruitless, unfunny 'comedy'. I certainly hope Sean's next comedy won't turn out like this one, because that would be a shame.
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What's wrong Seann William Scott?
jts040520 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Seann William Scott is usually hilarious. He was laugh out loud funny in the first two American Pies and the 2008 comedy Role Models. This was actually a major setback for him in general. On the extras for the Pineapple Express DVD, it had several previews with this being one of them. I checked out the preview and then the following week at Blockbuster I rented it just for kicks. This was really horrible. Randy Quaid was the only funny part of this movie and he died like 20 minutes into it. Then the rest of the movie was just an all out strange experience of seeing him form his suck squad Tennis team into champions. The script was very poor and very unfunny. So I know he has probably been asked this already about this movie but, What's wrong Seann William Scott?

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Seann William Scott needs a comedy partner
SnoopyStyle14 July 2014
Gary Houseman (Seann William Scott) is obsessed with tennis ever since his childhood with his domineering father and jerk brother. After a failed career in Mexico, he ends up in Nebraska as a high school janitor. Tennis coach Lew Tuttle (Randy Quaid) takes on Gary as the assistant coach. Mike Jensen (Brando Eaton) is the only good player in a team of misfits. Then coach Tuttle drops dead.

It's a whole lot of quirky reminiscent of other Danny Leiner movies. Unlike 'Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle' or 'Dude, Where's My Car?', this time it's a solo effort for SWS. Sadly, this movie misses the bromantic chemistry. Eventually the singular SWS loses steam and the jokes sound hollow. The obvious solution is to make either Mike or Jenny more of a sidekick. But neither Brando Eaton nor Emilee Wallace are energetic enough and their characters are lackluster. This needs to be more than an one man show.
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gutter films have a place in the zeitgeist
ewingfox20 December 2008
I have to agree with most comments about this movie but i must mention that films like the lampoon series, animal house, and even "dude where's my car" provide a no-brainer way to escape our world. I'm not always looking for a "motorcyle diaries" experience. sometimes, i just want to laugh at a dumb joke and forget how bad my investment portfolio is doing! People sometimes take themselves way too seriously, and expect everyone else to do so to... and I quote van wilder "don't take life so seriously, you'll never get out of it alive" Actors like Scott are willing to be the idiots, and show us their a**es, and know that most often, we are laughing at them and not with them. The guy is also in his early movie career... look at how far sandler, Will smith, Daemon and afleck have come (think reindeer games)

perhaps Scott will turn into the next Bogart, or perhaps he'll always be "the jerk" (think the first half of Martin's career, although I am not putting Scott at martin's level) but I don't think the world will suffer one way or the other, so lighten up everyone, we sure as h*ll need it right now, even if we all think we could do a better job of it!
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What can you do with a script that has no story?
Nick Damian27 March 2009're a producer or director and somebody give you a script - and it has no story...

What do you do? You try to prolong the story with whatever you can...throw in a stripper in a totally boring scene.

Try to make a love story where there is none.

Try some really bad sex jokes and have them turn out wrong.

Yeah - you can do a whole bunch of stuff and it still won't turn out right.

With a lame sport like tennis, it's not really something that can excite people...and with a movie based on a sport that nobody really cares about and a character based on a person that nobody really cares about - well you have a movie that nobody really cares about.

That's all I can write and still be honest.

It's just plain boring and drags on too long...
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kai ringler13 July 2013
Randy Quaid, and Sean William Scott what a pairing they need to be in more movies together,, they just play so well off of each other.. there are so many laughs in this movie, i'm lucky I wasn't at the theater because I would have snorted my soda and choked on my popcorn. the story is pretty straight forward, the Tennis Coach, Randy Quaid, needs an assistant and Stiffler is chosen to help, in part because he used to play tennis,, he helps out the coach, and eventually inherits the team when the coach has a heart attack,, next up is the state finals for the tennis championship, he has to teach a bunch of losers how to play good tennis,, and learn how to compete as a team... very funny movie with a lot of serious adult humor, no child under 16 should see this,, for crude sexual innuendo.
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It's well worth watching if -
Tony19 November 2017
You just want some silly, stupid fun. It's not a giggle per minute but there are some outrageously funny moments with plenty of smiles between. My star would be the principals daughter, only 2 spots but the first alone got me hooked. It's rude and crude, but comedy has always been so, it's just out loud now as opposed to innuendo. Not great, but no waste of time.
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If you don't expect much, it's funny
Fred Schaefer23 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
BALLS OUT: GARY THE TENNIS COACH; that title pretty much gives away the level of humor in this film. It's an attempt by the director of DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR and HAROLD AND KUMAR GO TO WHITE CASTLE to repeat those earlier successes with very mixed results. The star of this effort, Sean William Scott has been funny in a lot of movies, the American PIE series and ROLE MODELS would top the list, but his washed up tennis pro, Gary Houseman, is no Stifler. I found this movie to be more like THE CABLE GUY, in that it's a comedy built around a main character who is more than a little off. Gary, the pro turned janitor turned high school tennis coach, is creepy, mean, obnoxious, and utterly oblivious to how he comes off to other people. Yet this jerk somehow gets the job done by taking a Nebraska High School tennis team made up of misfits and oddballs to the state championship.

If you're a fan of Randy Quaid, (and who isn't),then you might be disappointed, as his role is rather brief. This must have been one his last parts before going round the bend and over the edge. Actor and Youtuber Justin Chon and Brando Eaton play members of the tennis team and have some funny scenes playing off S.W.S.

The humor is consistently crude: lots of drinking, puking, and taking dumps; racist by the standards of the PC crowd: jokes at the expense of Asians. In other words, plenty of good old bad taste, although the foul mouthed little girl might be going a bit far. If you like this kind of stuff, then no problem, but it's been done better; just check out the movies mentioned at the top of this review.

So while it is not HAPPY GILMORE or THE WATER BOY, BALLS OUT does have it's moments and is a good DVD to watch if your standards aren't too high and your funny bone easily tickled.

And somebody get Sean William Scott a good role, the guy can be hilarious with the right material.
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Balls Out kicks balls
brendon11618 June 2011
This movie does exactly what it sets out to do. It is not meant to be some cinematic epiphany or social commentary. It is suppose to be funny and stupid and it is definitely funny. If you liked Stiffler from the American Pie movies, imagine if he coached high school tennis a few years later. That is what this movie is and I loved it. If you want to think, this is not the movie for you. But if you want to be able to just enjoy a movie and turn off your brain for a couple hours, this is a perfect movie. Seann William Scott fans will enjoy this. Randy Quaid plays a good a-hole tennis coach at the beginning. Also not for people who are squeamish or sensitive.
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Another disappointing Seann William Scott film of the "Animal House" mentality.
Len987618 December 2008
I just watched this, another in a series of stereotypical Seann William Scott films. In each succeeding film, he becomes more and more crude and vulgar. In this particular film, he shows his bare butt, while wearing an athletic supporter. I can only assume that, in his next film, he will give us a full-frontal shot of his sexual anatomy.

This guy really has potential, and I wonder when he his going to get serious about acting, instead of horsing around. There are consummate professionals, out there, like Jason Statham and Woody Harrelson. Both are too young to be legends, but they are constantly working hard to become masters of their craft. And, like Sean Penn in "Milk" (2008) and Nicole Kidman in "Australia" (2008), they are already showing the stuff that legends are made of. I only wish that Woody Harrelson could read my review, and take Seann under his wing. Woody is the most versatile, and constantly working, actor I know. Why? Because knows that an actor needs to be versatile, not only to survive in a tough industry but, also, to continually get better and better. Like legends Clint Eastwood and Paul Newman, Woody knows that an actor needs to keep perfecting his craft, while he is having some fun.

I'm just patiently waiting for Seann to get out of the "Animal House" mentality. An actor can only take crudeness, sex and vulgarity just so far, until the audience gets weary of it. I rank this film a 3 out of 10. I'm sorry, Seann, but a scrutinizing movie lover expects a lot more than you seem to be willing to give. Quit acting like a 'low life', Seann. Take yourself up to a higher and less-primitive level.
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The comical relief of Gary
smokescreen795 July 2009
I watched this movie and was truly surprised just how much I liked this. In more recent months I've acquired a really serious mindset. Something which non the less can be amused. And Balls Out Gary is with out a doubt a movie that I can enjoy time and time again without ever finding less enjoying. Its beauty , if I, like other critics have taken the liberty to judge it by their belief of where and how the humor misses its target, is in its sincerity of oddity and aloofness which it doesn't miss at all.

If most of the jokes fail, which some suggest, a question emerges as if that would even be possible, hence; Might it not be a question of being totally misunderstood on how it was meant to be understood? Was it supposed to even be understood in some degree, further than the intent to entertain ? When did movies become such a serious subject, where ones enjoyment could even, beyond my comprehension, be judged by certain regulations and rules on how something has to be delivered and on account of quality and quantity of loud out laughter ? I enjoyed this movie. I din't laugh even once, didn't even find it amusing comical enough to some degree to be able to ask myself if there really wasn't even the slightest sense of amusement.

But I can say this; A relief, without the comical relief , that often is just malicious with a good conscience anyways. A constant curiosity for Garies escapades and personal expression and an actually believable character, resembling a person with social autism, on and off, who has a life long obsession for tennis. His intensity and total disregard for how he could be regarded in an questionable light makes him totally lovable, if you ask me. Like a very successful sociable , yet awkward personality as most would find I'm, succeeds in being a curious and admirable person.

"If god didn't exist, would you create him?" I see myself in Gary.

And as for the punchlines. Everything is believable, in a more foreign sense of humor, that misses it purposely. But also being more based on a more serious note, where the humor i can't find as an additive but a side effect.
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