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Episode 16 "Grammargate" the last 2-parter
kevinolzak6 June 2010
This was the second 2-part episode (after the series premiere), and the first to be broadcast on the USA Network after NBC yanked it off the air. Bradley reveals that he has unwittingly married his mother's best friend, General Gertie Warner, known to her comrades as 'Old Iron Butt' (Bradley: "I wind up in Maryland with a hangover, a wedding ring, and a syrup sampler from Murray's Chapel of Love and Waffles! A Long Island Iced Tea has no tea in it!"). Theodore (aka Congressman Van Horne) has spent six years in Congress yet has never made a speech, meaning that nobody knows who he is, especially Speaker of the House Thomas Foley (Caitlyn: "you're lost in Congress, you never give any speeches, you're not on any committees, you've never even bounced a check!"). Pierce gets into trouble when he gets caught hacking into the school computer to change one of his grades from 'F' to 'C,' signing a letter of confession (Margaret: "whatever were you failing?" Theodore: "his computer class!"). When both Bill and Theodore are sympathetic to the boy,Margaret and Caitlyn decide to right the wrong by breaking into the school to steal the incriminating evidence against Pierce. This finally aired on NBC during the summer of 1993; oddly, they left viewers in the dark by neglecting to show the conclusion (at least those who failed to catch it intact the previous January on USA).
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