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I give the whole Green Wing series a 10!
mailman-193 June 2006
I live in America, and we rarely get to see Green Wing on BBC America. I watch and record all episodes that come on. I even watch them over and over! I am so much of a fan, that practically all my passwords or email address say GreenWing! Now I don't know if they get to see more episodes in the U.K., but we only get to see the first season here. But still, it is my favorite show. My favorite character is Sue White. That is why I am on this site to see what else she plays on. She is a quirky character, and a great actress. I really enjoy her interaction with all of the other characters. My favorite episode is Caroline's Housewarming Party. I like the part when Martin asks Sue for clothes and she suddenly has some! Of course he puts them on and says the are "crispy." She says, " Creepin' Jesus, them are supposed to been WASHED!" The way she says it is so funny! But it is more than just Sue White that attracted me to the show. I really like all the characters. I stand by Green Wing and tell off people who say: "it is just o.k."!
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