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Sex & Nudity

  • Lady Magdalene's includes sequences portrayed as being at a legal Nevada brothel, and prostitution in this movie is depicted as a legal employment option for adult women. There are no scenes showing any nudity and no explicit sex scenes. One scene shows a condom and there is discussion in another scene of weekly testing of the brothel's women for sexually transmitted diseases. The women are shown in negligee and skimpy fantasy costumes attempting to seduce male customers, but there is little physical contact. There is a romantic subplot involving the two action leads which does involve physical contact and kissing. There is a visual gag in the end credit sequence which obliquely references Islamic prejudice against gay men..

Violence & Gore

  • Lady Magdalene's includes scenes of hand-to-hand combat, training with real firearms, and the successful use of a handgun by a private citizen against al-Qaeda terrorists. There is dialogue discussing the utility of carrying firearms, and discussion of United Flight 93 in which civilian passengers were the only ones to prevent an al-Qaeda attack on 9/11. There are several violent deaths portrayed in the movie but these deaths are not depicted with onscreen graphic violence.


  • There is no hard profanity used in Lady Magdalene's but there are milder expressions such as "hell," "damn," and "bastard."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • There is no smoking or drug use portrayed in Lady Magdalene's and no drug humor. There are scenes taking place where alcohol is served and several characters are shown drinking alcohol. No intoxication is portrayed.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Lady Magdalene's includes a suspense plot with intense dramatic confrontations and action related to terrorism and terrorist threats. A man is briefly portrayed having a heart attack while in a hot tub. Some characters are portrayed as being extremely anti-Semitic and engaging in anti-Semitic hate speech. There is portrayal of radical Islamic Jihadis in both dramatic and comedic situations. A main plot-line involves a potential nuclear terrorist threat against Hoover Dam.

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