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The Myth of the Extended Cut
Michael_Elliott8 March 2016
Deleted Dune (2006)

*** (out of 4)

This featurette runs seventeen minutes with fourteen of those minutes being deleted scenes. The other three minutes are an introduction by Raffaella De Laurentiis as she explains that some people "think" that there's a four hour director's cut by David Lynch that he turned in only to have Dino De Laurentiis take scissors to it and edit it down to the 137 minute film that hit theaters. Throughout the three minutes De Laurentiis explains that there is no such cut and that they had to trim certain scenes in order to make the movie make sense. Strange that most critics didn't think the movie made sense after it was edited down. Either way, I'm sure fans of DUNE will enjoy seeing the deleted footage, although at the same time I'm going to guess that most fans would have preferred to have these scenes back in the film. In all honesty, I was more interested in hearing De Laurentiis talk about Lynch and it's really too bad that they couldn't get the director on here to discuss what he actually did turn in.
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