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Very dark and strange
MartinHafer17 May 2008
Glen the zombie is the subject of this film but unlike other zombies you may have seen, Glen has personality and depth and this film is his attempt to convince the public of this. Instead of the traditional one-dimensional monster, Glen is caring and just wants acceptance. He jokes, plays sports and has many of the same goals and aspirations as the rest of us. The only difference is, he's dead! This is a cute little short film that is a mockumentary--a film that LOOKS and SOUNDS like a documentary but is a spoof. Instead of yet another zombie film, it's a cute and original film that kept my interest. I was especially impressed because I frankly think the entire zombie genre is way over-done--with too many unoriginal and derivative films. After all, what thinking person would want to watch zombie films again and again?! Teens may love the films, but it doesn't take any talent or originality to make many of the undead films--but this one is fresh (although is "fresh" the best word to describe a zombie film?!).

Good acting and a fresh script help this one to hit a bullseye. See it and have a laugh.
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