The Wolfman (2010) Poster


Nicholas Day: Colonel Montford


  • Colonel Montford : [Sir John shoots a statue next to Colonel Montford causing him to fall off his horse]  My eyes... Damn you, Talbot!

    Sir John Talbot : I'm sorry, Colonel. I meant to shoot you. Sadly, I'm not quite the marksman I used to be... I must be getting old.

  • Colonel Montford : What if it wasn't a beast at all, but a cunning murderer? Someone who bore a grudge against one of these men. To misdirect the authorities, he kills the men, and then he tears up the bodies to make it look like a wild beast was responsible?

    Constable Nye : Ridiculous! Who would go to such lengths?

    Kirk : What about that gypsy dancing bear? It could have done it.

    Colonel Montford : That mangy thing? Kill three men? I doubt it.

    Reverend Fisk : I saw the bodies with my own eyes. Unnatural wounds. Most unnatural. Made by a fell creature I'd say.

    Kirk : Damn gypsies wandering the countryside bringing their woe and deviltry with them. They show up and two weeks later *this* happens! My guess is Ben Talbot went to their camp to have it off with a gypsy whore. The bear gets hold of him, and they dump what's left of him in the ditch!

    MacQueen : Got nothing to do with the gypsies.

    [Everyone turns to look at MacQueen] 

    MacQueen : Twenty-five years ago now, me Pa found. Quinn Noddy and all his flock. Brains and guts and God-knows-what lying all over the moor for a quarter mile. And, Quinn, the look on his face. Like he'd been eaten alive. Whatever did it was big, had claws, and didn't mind a load of buckshot. After that me Pa went home and melted down me Ma's wedding spoons and cast silver bullets on 'em. Wouldn't leave the house on a full moon from then on.

    Kirk : [after a short pause]  I still say that bear's to blame.

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