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Ralph Fiennes: Harry



  • Natalie : [Harry gets angry and is destroying the phone, his wife approach him, saying:]  Harry. Harry! It's a inanimate fucking object!

    Harry : [to wife]  You're an inanimate fuckin' object!

  • Harry : [to Yuri]  An Uzi? I'm not from South Central Los fucking Angeles. I didn't come here to shoot twenty black ten year olds in a drive-by. I want a normal gun for a normal person.

  • Harry : [about Ray]  So he's having a really nice time?

    Ken : Well, I'm having a really nice time. I'm not sure it's really his cup of tea.

    Harry : [after a long pause]  What?

    Ken : You know, I'm not sure it's really his thing.

    Harry : What do you mean it's not really his thing? What's that supposed to mean? It's not really his thing. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

    Ken : Nothing, Harry.

    Harry : It's a fairytale town, isn't it? How's a fairytale town not somebody's fucking thing?How can all those canals and bridges and cobbled streets and those churches, all that beautiful fucking fairytale stuff, how can that not be somebody's fucking thing, eh?

    Ken : What I think I meant to say was...

    Harry : [Interrupts]  Is the swans still there?

    Ken : Yeah, there's swans...

    Harry : How can fucking swans not fucking be somebody's fucking thing, eh? How can that be?

  • Ray : Harry, I've got an idea.

    Harry : What?

    Ray : My room faces out the canal, right? I'm going to go back to me room, jump into the canal, see if I can swim to the other side and escape.

    Harry : All right.

    Ray : If you go outside around the corner, you can shoot at me from there and try to get me. That way we'll leave this lady and her baby out of the whole entire thing.

    Harry : You completely promise to jump into the canal? I don't want to run out there, come back in ten minutes, and find you fucking hiding in a cupboard.

    Ray : I completely promise, Harry. I'm not going to risk having another little kid dying on me.

    Harry : So, hang on - I go outside and I go which way? Right or left?

    Ray : [upset]  You go right, don't you? You can see it from the doorway! It's a big fucking canal!

    Harry : All right. Jesus. I only just got here, haven't I? Okay, on the count of one, two, three, go. Okay?

    Ray : Okay.

    [long pause] 

    Ray : What? Who says it?

    Harry : Well you say it.

    Marie : You people are crazy.

  • Ken : Harry, let's face it. And I'm not being funny. I mean no disrespect, but you're a cunt. You're a cunt now, and you've always been a cunt. And the only thing that's going to change is that you're going to be an even bigger cunt. Maybe have some more cunt kids.

    Harry : [furious]  Leave my kids fucking out of it! What have they done? You fucking retract that bit about my cunt fucking kids!

    Ken : I retract that bit about your cunt fucking kids.

    Harry : Insult my fucking kids? That's going overboard, mate!

    Ken : I retracted it, didn't I?

  • Harry : Number One, why aren't you in when I fucking told you to be in? Number Two, why doesn't this hotel have phones with fucking voicemail and not have to leave messages with the fucking receptionist? Number Three, you better fucking be in tomorrow night when I fucking call again or there'll be fucking hell to pay. I'm fucking telling you - Harry.

  • Eirik : I was trying to rob him. And he took my gun from me. And the gun was full of blanks. And he shot a blank into my eye. And now I cannot see from this eye ever again, the doctors say.

    Harry : Well to be honest it sounds like it's all your fault.

    Eirik : What?

    Harry : I mean basically if you're robbing a man and you're only carrying blanks and you allow your gun to be taken off you and you allow yourself to be shot in the eye with a blank which I assume that the person has to get quite close to you then, yeah really it's all your fault for being such a poof, so why don't you stop wingeing and cheer the fuck up.

    Yuri : Eirek - I really wouldn't respond.

    Eirik : I thought you wanted the guy dead?

    Harry : I do want the guy dead, I want him fucking crucified but it don't change the fact that he stitched you up like a blind little gay boy, does it?

  • Harry : You've got to stick to your principles.

  • Harry : I'm sorry for calling you an inanimate object. I was upset.

  • Harry : Not only have you refused to kill the boy, you even stopped the boy from killing himself, which would've solved my problem, which would've solved your problem, which sounds like it would've solved the boy's problem.

    Ken : It wouldn't have solved his problem.

    Harry : Ken, if I had killed a little kid, accidentally or otherwise, I wouldn't have thought twice. I'd killed myself on the fucking spot. On the fucking spot. I would've stuck the gun in me mouth. On the fucking spot!

  • Marie : [to Ray and Harry]  Why don't you both put your guns down, and go home?

    Harry : Don't be stupid. This is the shootout.

  • Yuri : I also have some dim-dims. You use this word, dim-dims? The bullets that make the head explode?

    Harry : Dum-dums. Yeah.

    Yuri : Would you like some of these dim-dims?

    Harry : I know I shouldn't... but I will.

    [takes whole case of dum-dums] 

  • Ticket Seller : The tower is closed this evening.

    Ken : No way, it's supposed to be open until seven.

    Ticket Seller : The tower is usually open until seven, yesterday an American had a heart attack at the tower, today the tower is closed.

    Harry : [Harry hands ticket seller 100 Euros]  Here cranky, here's a hundred for you. Were only gonna be twenty minutes.

    Ticket Seller : [crumples the money and throws it at Harry's head] 

    [tapping on Harry's forehead] 

    Ticket Seller : The tower... is closed... this evening! Understand? English man!

    [Ken walks up the tower while Harry proceeds to beat the ticket seller] 

  • Harry : I'm glad he likes it there. I'm glad we were able to give him something, something good and happy. Because he wasn't such a bad kid, was he?

    Ken : Huh?

    Harry : He wasn't a bad kid, was he?

  • Ken : [about Ray]  Harry, he's definitely gone.

    Harry : You realize there are no bowling alleys in Bruges.

    Ken : I realize that, Harry. The boy wanted to have a look anyway.

    Harry : What are they going to have? A medieval fucking bowling alley?

  • Ken : [Harry shoots Ken in the leg]  Fucking cunt!

    Harry : Like I'm not going to do nothing to you just because you're standing about like Robert fucking Powell.

    Ken : Like who?

    Harry : Like Robert fucking Powell out of Jesus of fucking Nazareth.

  • Harry : [to Ken]  Did I ask you to be his psychiatrist? No. I asked you to fucking kill him.

  • Harry : [when he meets Eirik, the poof skinhead, with the eye-patch]  "Aye-Aye!"

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