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(I) (2011)

Kaden Leos: Benicio



  • Driver : [watching a cartoon]  Is he a bad guy?

    Benicio : Yeah.

    Driver : How can you tell?

    Benicio : Because he's a shark.

    Driver : There's no good sharks?

  • Standard : Do you want to hear how mommy and me met?

    Benicio : Yeah.

    Standard : Yeah? Okay. We were at a party. And she was nineteen years old.

    Irene : Seventeen.

    Standard : You weren't seventeen.

    Irene : I was.

    Standard : Wow. So it was illegal.


    Standard : All right. So I illegally walked over to a seventeen year old girl. And I walk up and I say, "Hello, Miss. What is your name?" And she didn't say anything. And then I said, "Well my name is Standard Gabriel." Then what did you say?

    Irene : I said, "Where's the deluxe version?"

  • Driver : What is it you got there? Can I see?

    [Benicio hands Driver a bullet] 

    Driver : One of those men gave you that?

    Benicio : They told me not to lose it.

    Driver : You want me to keep that for you?

  • [playing a staring contest] 

    Driver : You blinked.

    Benicio : What?

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