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utter crap
thomaswords13 January 2007
This is a real dark day for the old Cartoon Network. Not only do they begin to make non-animated fare for their sinking ship of a network, but it's terrible animated fare aimed at the lowest common denominator audience of shut ins and agoraphobic, obese pre-teens. Everything in this movie is so "turned up to 11" that nothing makes an impression.

One thing that did stand out was the terrible soundtrack. The music that accompanies scene changes is exactly like the music that follows the kids around on every Disney and Nick show. It's obvious that the CN is trying to catch up to them and make their own terrible garbage packages for kids.

They're the new Fox network. They cancel anything with a hope of being successful, and they greenlight stuff like this. Alternately, the Adult Swim line up apparently greenlights anything that blows in the door. It's obvious that they don't know what works in the post Aqua Teen tastescape, and they're content to flail around looking for it for as long as they need.
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Hard to tell what's worse: Plot or Acting
myqueopath13 January 2007
Painfully atrocious. Reminiscent of a middle school play with flash animations. I stopped watching the first time. But I was profoundly conflicted. I really wanted to see the animated characters but I couldn't endure the unbearably awkward line deliveries.

What I feel is the worst part, you have Cartoon Network plugging the movie like it's the best thing since Roger Rabbit but they don't put the money and time necessary to make the film halfway watchable. This coming from a channel that claims to be the best place for cartoons. In all, the film is a serious let down and contrary to the expectations one would have of of major, multi-million dollar network devoted to animation.

I would, however, like to see more of just Golly and the gang. The film was a horrible misuse of the talented voice cast. I can't believe that was Ellen Greene. The animation was decent for CN's standards but more fitting for a fully animated setting rather than haphazardly layered on top of a real world setting. The plot doomed the movie from the beginning but the characters were affable enough to merit some more development, in a more suitable setting.
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This is the single worst thing Cartoon Network has ever made
David Brailsford22 January 2016
Not going to do a full review of this movie but going to cover the basics of why this movie is horrible. One this was around the time CN was experimenting with adding live programming to the mix... this movie was a prime example of why this was bad... movie like batman are forgivable cause batman has a cartoon counterpart... this movie strives to be in the tradition of cartoon live action hybrids... but felt more like an attempt to create a satire of the concept of humor. The plot is ludicrous, boy get hit by a train needs brain surgery has pseudo-Walt Disney's brain put in his head and starts seeing things. Not ghosts like the kid in the 6th sense, but toons, not funny ones either... but barely funny dollar store mascot looking toons. Of course then the movie continues going on trying to make a story with things like a green girl, bad guys trying to get the brain back and boring to the point of absurdity action scenes... the movie feels like CN was trying to force it down viewers throats not really giving any place to offer feedback at the time... probably because they had out of jimmy's head planned... after this the Gary Coleman show and its TV movie feel like masterpieces.
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Severely Retarded and Unentertaining
matrix2920 December 2006
The short info on the movie is that it has an adopted alien sister (whom is about the only sane character in the movie), a boring kid star, a mentally feeble father figure, an utterly clueless astronaut mother, and a girlfriend who provides exposition (explanation dialog).

The summary of the plot (this movie is agonizingly bad to watch) involves the pot-fueled writers (whom wouldn't know a decent joke if it was jumping upon their windpipes) who decided that a young boy getting a "brain transplant" (while still retaining his entire memories, personality, and intelligence) would somehow magically get the ability to see the animated memories of the original owner of the brain. As you can understand, much like any person whom has the intellect greater than a goldfish, this plot is SEVERELY RETARDED.

At any rate, the child of the former animation studio is now grown, and the unentertaining character of Sonny just hams up his every appearance in his attempts to kill off the even more boring "brain transplant" boy. The whole thing just drags on like getting a tooth drilled at the dentist. GAH! Even 60 minutes of this is AGONIZING. The alien adopted sister is about the only worthwhile character of the whole movie. I am really wishing all of the characters, aside from the alien sister, die painfully.

The director of this movie is utterly incompetent as there is nothing compelling to continue watching it. The editor of the movie has no idea what is going on as the pacing of the "action" and "comedy" are not timed out at all to any emotional effect. The musical bits which are supposed to score out the emotional moments, the dramatic bits, the depressing scenes, and the comedy just appears to be randomly thrown in for no effect at all. The actors (not including the alien sister) seem to be putting no serious effort in reacting to the antics of Sonny (whom is putting some energy into his scenes, but lacking proper musical scoring has no emotional impact to the viewer and thusly results in a boring waste of movement). The photography is well lit and the camera-work is competent. The audio is clean for the most part, but edited utterly worthlessly.

If I were running the studio that slapped this bit of trash together, I'd fire the film editor, not rehire the non-reactive actors, slap the unfunny writers a few times then fire the unfunny writers, and fire the audio editor (if that is the person responsible for not knowing when to score in the emotional musical bits properly and using way too much noisy "dead air noise" to fill in the blank dialog spots). The audio has a the constant sound of a fan running in the background whenever the audio drops to a quiet spot. The only saving grace of this movie is not having the disturbing JonBenet Ramsey clone of Dakota Fanning (shivers at the thought of that creepy little girl) in it. So if you want to torture your children, buy this movie on DVD. Only the most rotten of children deserve to endure a horrible boring movie like this.
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shadowguy1222 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Oh my God... This movie is the worst.@_@ I remember it two years ago, 2006, and how I watched it twice because they were doing some prize money giveaway and I wanted the damn cash! But when I called nothing happened. It just sent me to some weird machine thing that had nothing to do with this Re-Animated thing. So that whole prize money thing was probably just a hoax.:\

Well, I thought the film was VERY awkward throughout. I tried to get around the whole so-unrealistic-to-the-point-of-being-retarded thing, but I really couldn't. It's not even absurd stuff. It's just effing stupid.

Acting: Ass.

Writing: Ass.

Dramatic Moments: Wtf?

Music: Didn't hear any to be honest. I can't say.

Everything Else: No.

They made this into a TV show and replaced the Asian kid and his sister with some African kid and his sister. I guess the Asian got beat up in school after being in this garbage and didn't feel like sticking around.

I'm not feeling much like writing. Blahblahblah... But I'll tell you that I strongly recommend flaying anyone remotely involved with this movie.:\
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Yoshi666626 January 2007
Though I have the program they edited this movie on, this movie was absolutely terrible. The acting was clueless, I didn't even know when they were making a joke or when they were really acting. The director seriously needs to wake up and see what was happening. I mean, the family was odd, and the whole plot was just a waste of two hours. If you want to watch some good movies, watch HBO. Dominic Janes did a pretty swell job at some points, but the rest of the cast I can't even describe. I mean, who in the world would be in the hospital in a costume and preparing surgery on a boy. The effect of how Dominic flew in the air when the train hit him was clearly fake, even with the lines not there.

Thus, do not watch this film they say on Cartoon Network as the best movie ever. The cast will quite disappoint you.
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Two things: Very. Bad!!!
Copper205 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was horrible! I did not enjoy the voices at all! They ripped off Mickey and Bugs Bunny and all of those characters we enjoyed when we were younger. First of all, the movie was boring with no violence and stupid anvils. Listen, anvils were better used when we were younger. Today, they're not funny for this movie. Second, the movie seemed to last forever and was screwed up at the end. Third, the kid, a star? Why a star? He isn't a star! He's a jerk! He has no life and does not feel funny! The music was horrific and was very uncomfortable for watching. I can't stand the music because the musicians were terrible. I don't know what the heck they were thinking, but they better do better with the show or I won't be watching the channel any longer. Now don't waste 2 hours of your life with this junk!
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Poorly casted movie made "on the cheap."
Papagatero9 December 2006
What happens when you combine low-budget vector animation with amateur actors? Certainly nothing comparable to "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?". That's not to say that my problems with this movie are that it doesn't measure up to a very good movie like "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", no, it would be quite unfair to knock it just because it's no where near as good. There are plenty of OTHER problems with this "movie" to fault it on. So, the "... Roger Rabbit" comparisons stop here... for now.

The first, and most obvious problem with this movie, is the casting. Obviously they had a small budget to work with. That's the only thing that can explain why they'd choose a cast full of actors that rate mediocre, at best. These actors are almost as "good" as actors you'd expect to see on a kids' sitcom on Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel. Even the voice actors are bad, and that's amazing. Amazing because Cartoon Network normally employs some of the best voice actors in the country to work on their animated shows. So yes, the acting is bad. Quite bad. Only pre-teens could watch the movie without noticing this fault, and even so, it's insulting to make entertainment for kids and expect them to be ignorant of all its faults. The casting was terrible.

Then there's the extremely racially ignorant casting choice of selecting Eunice Cho and Micah Karns to play the role of Japanese kids whose family surname is "Yoshida." News flash: Asian ethnicities are not interchangeable. These kids don't have an ounce of Japanese heritage, and should not be cast to play Japanese characters; they don't look Japanese, not a bit. The decision to cast them borders on racism by reinforcing the stereotype that "all Asians look the same." In fact, these kids are so far from looking Japanese that you'd have to be brain dead or downright ignorant to ever mistake either of them for one. On the other hand, their grandparents ARE played by Japanese actors, and speak Japanese in their scenes. That only worsens the perceived racial stereotype here, as it paints a clear picture of what race the family is supposed to be while the kids are clearly of vastly different heritage. You really would have to be ignorant to not see the difference between them. Or a child. Great, let's help reinforce the stereotype by subjecting children to actors of mixed Asian races and telling them that they're supposed to be related somehow.

As for the animation, the other half of the "acting" in this movie, to most it will appear fairly decent. To big fans of animation, it's noticeably low-budget. They used a vector graphics animating program, i.e. Flash, for all of the animation. So, it looks very "tweeny," quite flat, often like paper cut-outs. While it's decent animation, it's still stiff and flat animation, and the characters don't move as fluidly as cartoons you'd see in a Disney film.

The plot of the movie was built around the rumor that Walt Disney's brain was put into cryogenic storage, so "Milt Appleday" represents Walt Disney and the cartoons and theme park are meant to be parodies of Disney's work. However, these Flash animated cartoons are no where near as lively as traditional cartoons like those made by Disney (or at least Walt Disney's Disney). It stands out when the characters almost "float" around, look completely superficial, when they aren't shaded to fit into the scene, when they seem like they were just slapped into the frame with little attempt to really assimilate them into the scene. I know I said I wouldn't make any more comparisons to "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?", but just watch that film and see how much more believable the animated characters are in that movie. They really do fit into the scenes shot in the real world. That's why at least one comparison must be made, as "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" was one of the best films to put animated characters into the real world with real actors. The characters in "Reanimated" stick out like sore thumbs in the real world. Sore, tween-animated Flash thumbs. That style of animation is great when it's applied to a great stylized cartoon like "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends." But, it's a bit disappointing in its application in "Reanimated," where they stand in as parodical representations of Walt Disney's cartoons.

Overall, the movie is just barely "watchable" for younger audiences, but anyone in the teens and up will have a hard time stomaching the acting. Given the large amount of advertising and hype they've put into this movie, you'd think they'd have given it a decent budget to hire decent actors and bump the animation up from cost-effective "tweeny" computer animation to something traditionally fully-animated. There's really no excuse for the bounty of low-budget choices in the production of "Reanimated," this is Cartoon Network, a pretty big powerhouse in cable entertainment. For them to pump out and hype up such a mediocre piece of work is almost insulting to their viewers.
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I don't agree!
ldorics10 December 2006
I can't agree with anybody on this. I think this movie is pretty good. Sure, it has some tacky jokes, strange slapstick and inexperienced actors. But it is good. It's immoral and doesn't have much value but it is a MADE FOR TV MOVIE!! Who can blame 'em.

It has a very interesting storyline. It draws you in. It reminds you of those old, tacky, cheap, limited-animation cartoons. Re-animated is a good movie. I recommend it. And I will be there when it comes out on DVD. See it for yourself it is very good. We all waited months for it to air.I think it is great. Buy Re-animated (If it comes out). What else is there to say, it's a movie that makes you want to dance.

It is an immoral movie that makes you forget your troubles. It's funny, it's romantic it's whatever you want it to be. It also marks the reappearance of Pee Wee Herman. It's a nice, funny movie. That's why I give it 7/10 stars. Buy Re-animated. You'll be glad you did. It will be a cult classic in a few years, you'll see. Like uh, what's it called? Watership Down yes that's it. It was highly criticized and even drew controversy, but now it's a cult classic. So, go see Re-animated, it will remind you of Watership Down.
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This is a very good movie.
Jonas_fan119 December 2006
You should definitely see this movie! This is a very appropriate for all age groups. You are never too young or too old to see this movie. The acting is great and you act like you are in the movie. You definitely get into it! There is a lot of suspense and a lot of questions that you could and almost definitely will think or ask. The actors and actresses act like they are really in the situations that they are in in the movie. Once you see this movie you will want to see it over and over again. It never gets boring. I have seen this movie all the times it has been shown and it always seens like it is the first time you are seeing it. I most definitely recommend that you see this amazing movie!
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My god....
Tronman7315 March 2009
Cartoon Network is dead. They were a quality cartoon channel when I was younger, often one I preferred watching. But this...this really cut the nuts off my childhood. It's about a kid who's a big pushover, unpopular, and not a jock in a middle school who's secretly in love with this girl who doesn't notice him at all. So, aside from the the cliché's, this is the same freaking setup as the other past 100 cartoons. So he goes to Gollyworld, some sort of Disney parody, and gets hit by a train, and thus he has to get a brain transplant. Y'know, if someone were to get hit by a train, they'd be dead. So he has his brain replaced with some sort of Walt Disney-esquire man, but manages to keep his personality gland to cover up a plot hole (very poorly). Now, I think free will is in the frontal lobe and personality is in the brain stem. I know, "Why so serious, it's a cartoon-like show?". Well if thats the way they made it, then it should have been a freaking cartoon! Anyway, when he wakes up and realizes that he can see cartoons that drive him crazy the entire movie. Now, back to the logic, when he wakes up, he remembers his parents. In the brain, neurons control memory, so if his lost his brain but kept his "personality gland" that means he can't remember anything.

Now, I won't go into this to much, but the only good part is when Jimmy turns into a cartoon to rescue his girlfriend. The animation was solid, but it only lasted for 20 seconds. But, beyond that, the acting was atrocious, the characters were under developed, and the film was trying to hard to be funny, and failing at it. Don't see this. You will be happy you didn't.
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What the **** were they thinking? Just name it Re-Tarded instead!
Phykyloman4 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
When you were a kid, you'd just don't knew that much, and then you growing up you know more and more... and this show takes you back to the the 3-year old kid again. Well you don't know anything about this show, or film. Because you don't want to know anything about it, but it's so laughably abysmal you just can't stop watching it.

Story: The most films needs to have a story to follow, well this one is non-existent. The story is about the most idiotic kid ever existed, he is on the amusement park called "Golly World" (rips of Disney World), were he accidental be HIT BY A TRAIN??? YEA!!! and he's taken to the hospital where he needs a brain-transplant to survive. The brain is taken from the person Milt Appleday(weird), who created the most Disney like characters ever, and yes created "Golly World". These characters are the VERY annoying, also the absolutely lame jokes that always pop up are very annoying.

Characters: As I said above, these characters are annoying, idiotic and rips-off next to every character in the cartoon history(as well mostly Disney characters). Well Jimmy is a pathetic character and as Dominic Janes acting extremely bad. And he's wannabe cool I am the most freaking' awesome brat ego friend Craig is a big joke. Jimmy's father is the school-rector, I think he have trade brain with Jimmy, because he's the dumbest actor and character I've ever seen. Jimmy's mother is an astronaut??? On a mission she found a MARTIAN??? Where later be Jimmy's sister??? And well the villain is Sonny Appleday (the son of Milt Appleday), and the awkward part is that HE LIVES IN THE SAME ******* HOUSE! And trying to steal the brain so he can see these disturbing cartoons by himself???

Animation: Please, this is one of the shows lamest points, the animation is clumsy and blends with the live-action scenes. As no disappointment the animation and badly wannabe good animation is a diggy joke.

Overall: Well after writing every little letter, I hope you have my attention. Please stay far away from both the series and this movie. Please "Out of Jimmy's head" get out of our heads!
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Thought it was OK when I was a little kid. But now...
vsimon1159 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I see now that it's really bad.

This movie (along with its TV spin-off) was a foreshadowing of Cartoon Network's demise. The network really jumped the shark here with this piece of sh*t!

If I had a few words to describe this movie, it had to be stupid, awkward, and immature.

Acting: Middle school play level bad.

Writing: Awkward and clumsily unstable. (I've seen Michael Bay movies with more decent writing!)

Animation: It's basically like a middle schooler's Adobe Flash animation project

Soundtrack: Lame.

And don't get me started with the characters. The only sane people had to be Jimmy and his "sister" Yancy. (She's a f**king alien. Because that's normal, right?)

Jimmy's dad is an hyperactive man-child, Craig is an unlikable and annoying jerk ass that tries to hard in trying to fit in with the popular kids, Robin may be bland at first, but she gets kinda creepy when her obsession with the cartoons is revealed, Sonny is a failure of a villain, the popular kids were unlikeable in a way, but I really didn't care about them anyway, and the cartoon characters were just blatant ripoffs of Disney.

Bottom line, unless if you want to give yourself a lowered IQ, stay away from this movie.
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Not as bad as it looks...
lcadiza20 December 2006
Okay, this movie SERIOUSLY isn't as bad as everyone is saying. Yes, you need to be very imaginative and able to tolerate some dry humor, but it isn't horrible. MOST of the acting is very good, at least for a kids' movie. And, it definitely is original. A Cartoon Network Original, to be exact. People keep saying a drugged-up ADHD kid wrote this or something, but that's the fun of it! You don't know what to expect. The boy's (Jimmy) parents are slightly clueless, and sort of one-dimensional, but that's fun as well. His sister being an alien is quite strange, but again, it's called 'humor' people! I have to admit, I actually liked this movie!
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Bad friends are worse than good fans. If your best friend is treating you badly, your fans who are less close are better friends if they treat you well.
adampkalb5 June 2018
There was tons of potential for live action Cartoon Network, but it failed. Re-Animated has a lot of problems to talk about, and I'm not sure where to begin. Considering Tim McKeon and Adam Pava usually write cartoons, I can see why they wrote the live action act like a cartoon, but they made the characters act like they were from different programs. Jimmy's father and Sonny Appleday, for example, act too wacky to be from the same show as Jimmy, Jimmy's mother and Yancy. Re-Animated on principle is an insulting homage to Walt Disney, with his edible paint-eating and suggestions that he saw his cartoon creations through schizophrenia.

The other biggest problem with this film is that Craig is a horrible friend to Jimmy and pushes him around. No good friendship would have someone pushing over a pushover. I know Re-Animated was going for a message that your true friends, whom you know each other for who you really are, are more important than your fans, but when your only friend has done nothing but push you around and tries to make you look bad when you had a hospital-level emergency and accuses you of ditching them for that, it nullifies that moral of the story. I would forgive this film's writers for that if they had Craig go through the same character development as Jimmy and had him learn to be a better friend as well, but (sigh) that never happens.

Shame on this film for thinking that animation isn't profitable. The Emoji Movie also sucked and ripped off other great modern animated films, but that still had more respect for the medium of animation because at least it knew animation was profitable, when Re-Animated doesn't. If you want to see a good version of Re-Animated, go watch The Toycracker. I'm not interested enough in the series Out of Jimmy's Head to talk about how better or worse that is, but considering how terrible Craig acted in Re-Animated, I'm glad Out of Jimmy's Head got a replacement Craig and Robin since their original actors probably also hated their characters too much.
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marmartota29 January 2018
It is sad because this movie is who framed roger rabbit done wrong.... and they could do better than this!
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I enjoyed it
DCfan14 January 2018
Honestly, I don't think this movie is bad what so ever. I saw this movie when I was about 10 with a few of my cousins and we all laughed at this movie. The animation plus live action was good. The problem is that majority of the reviews are likely hood coming from adults and grown ups. Just whinnying about a kids movie.
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luigismexy10 January 2018
I cant even watch the poorly made title for this movie without pouring my eyes with bleach.
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Let me guess, Cartoon Network didn't learn from Big Bag when it comes to live-action shows?
Daniel Dell15 July 2017
It's hard to believe that Renegade Animation, the studio that produced Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi (one of my ALL TIME favorite Cartoon Network shows), went on to produce THIS atrocity!! A movie about a kid who gets hit by a train at a Disneyworld knock-off, and was revived with a brain transplant??!! This feels like a Nickelodeon or Disney Channel original movie on crack. It's not funny (though it is unintentionally sometimes), it's really cringe-worthy, it's edited horrible, and it's way too random. Nothing about this movie makes sense. This acts so much like a cartoon. Hell, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide had a REASON to be a live-action Nickelodeon sitcom that acts like a cartoon. It seems is though that Cartoon Network DID NOT learn from Big Bag, when it comes to live-action. This was produced in the Jim Samples era, but the series was produced in the Stuart Snyder era. This is crazy!! In every possible meaning of the word!! NOTHING ABOUT THIS MOVIE MAKES ANY SENSE!!! IT IS PURE BULLSPIT!!!! Also, this movie was given special thanks to Craig McCracken and Sam Register. FOR WHAT??!! THEY DIDN'T WANT THIS THING TO HAPPEN!!!! Cartoon Network wanted to make Drop Dead Fred with a twist of Cool World, they made this. This movie sucks.
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It's supposed to be stupid...
cdexter9912 January 2007
I can't believe how many people voted down on this movie. The more I watch it, the more it makes me laugh. Think of it as a live action cartoon. Unbelievible things happening to unbelievable characters. Take Matt Knudson's role as Sonny Appleday. A cross between Snidely Whiplash and the classic comic book villain out to destroy the hero. The dialog between him and Jimmy's sister Yancy is just hilarious! He totally steals the show!! You have to watch this movie with an open mind, just looking to laugh. If you didn't like it the first time, give it another chance. You'll notice things that will make you laugh that you may have missed before.

Bottom line is that it's a stupid comedy that doesn't pretend to be anything else and it works.
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Jimmys Trip To Gollyworld
drakefan54027 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
All readers: This may spoil watching the movie if you have not already seen it. Please take this in consideration.

Re-Animated is a great movie! I think everyone should see it. It's appropriate for all ages and is a funny movie. It has some animation and some life like parts also. There is a boy who goes on a field trip to Gollyworld. He ventures around the park and ends up below the penguin area. A man was mining money there an saw the boys, Jimmy, wondering around. Jimmy got chased by the man, Sunny, that was actually the founders son. Jimmy got hit by a train and went to the Gollyworld Hospital.He got a brain transplant. That transplanted brain was actually the Gollyworld founders.. Now Jimmy could see cartoons. These Gollyworld cartoons joined him in everyday life. Sunny moves into Jimmys house. Jimmys dad works at his school, his mom is an astronaut, and his sister is a adopted alien. Sunny wants to steal Jimmys brain. Jimmy bursts into one of Sunnys confrences and the people realize that he has the founders, Milt Appledays, brain. Jimmy becomes the presidents of the studios. Sunny comes up with all kinds of plans to steal Jimmys brain. Jimmy ends up winning the fight for his brain. This is a great movie!
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Were you REALLY expecting Citizen Kane?
HexInfinity14 March 2007
Cartoon Network is a network for cartoons. Cartoon humor is different than other styles of humor. The slapstick nature and simplistic jokes are best when you expect them (it also doesn't hurt if you have a sense of humor.) As long as you do, this movie is an entertaining experience.

While other reviewers expect all their movies to provide deep impact and insight into their lives, I do not. This movie will not make you question the nature of life and death, or the nature of family ties. It will make you laugh at some guy saying "Attention, citizens of Partyland!" in front of his grandparents, at a penguin saying "Zing!," and some guy burping from the sunroof of a limo.

So, to summarize: Watch something else if you want to watch something else. If you want to watch an entertaining cartoon/real world mash up, with all the sensibility of a classic Saturday morning cartoon, watch this movie.
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Quirky, Demented and Misunderstood
Carl the Coffee Cup29 March 2010
"Re-Animated" has been unfairly criticized for three reasons.

The first reason has to do with the station that aired the movie more than the movie itself. Cartoon Network was making the transition from animation to live-action, and this film was clearly the beginning of the end. Many took their justified frustrations with the station out on this movie, viewing it as a symbol of the switch. The second reason many unfairly attack the film is because Cartoon Network launched a TV series based on the movie titled "Out of Jimmy's Head" shortly after its release. This series was, admittedly, quite terrible and did damage to the reputation of the original movie.

And the third reason? Well, "Re-Animated" is full of strange, offbeat humor and that's always bound to alienate people. Certainly, many of the elements people complain about on these reviews were put in intentionally by the filmmakers. The whole thing is a joke, people! We all know that it looks fake when Jimmy gets hit by the train. It's SUPPOSED to. And of course no one would perform brain surgery in a giant cartoon character costume. THAT'S the joke. If you can't follow that much, then God forbid you should ever watch "Yellow Submarine".

The animation, too, has been criticized for looking like it was just pasted on the screen instead of meticulously integrated into the live-action surroundings (a la Roger Rabbit). Well, yes, the characters do look tacked on, but – again – that's the point. They don't really exist in our world; they exist in Jimmy's brain. Why should they blend in with the backgrounds?

It really is a shame this film has been so mindlessly panned, because there is a lot to love about it. Dominic Janes is perfect in the role of Jimmy, a kid who always gets taken advantage of (a schoolmate even tells him to hold a snake for him and he can't say no). Golly Gopher (voiced by Paul "Pee-Wee Herman" Reubens) is, in personality, a cross between Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck – a blend that works surprisingly well. And there's a hilarious chemistry between the incompetent villain Sonny and Jimmy's adopted alien sister Yancy… hey, I told you this movie was offbeat.

I also love the digs at Disney (here referred to as Milt Appleday Studios). Turning the myth that Walt Disney was frozen into an FBI secret was a brilliant idea, and perhaps the funniest moment of the whole movie occurs when Golly Gopher finds out what horrible things his parent company has been doing to his image in the past fifty years. I also love how Golly and Dolly Gopher insist they look completely different (the only difference is the bow), a creepy audio-animatronics version of Milt Appleday proclaims that he is the greatest man who ever lived, a wisecracking penguin makes a joke about how empty Gollyworld Paris is and all of the characters generally act like the studio has been in the toilet ever since Milt Appleday died. I assume most of this satire went of the audience's heads, although it's pretty hard to miss.

I have never written a review on this site before, and I don't really intend on continuing, but when I saw how misrepresented this movie was I had to say something. If you have a fondness for the insane and nonsensical, mixed in with a healthy dose of sarcasm, you could do no better than "Re-Animated". That is all.
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Don't listen to these small minded fools!!
ilovere-animated20 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Re-Animated should be put up on a pedestal of excellence and should go down in the ages as the funniest movie known to mankind!! Where else can you have a sugar fiend dad, astronaut mom, green alien sister, evil mastermind, and the boy genius Dominic Janes all under the same roof?!?! Nowhere I tell you, nowhere … All you narrow-minded movie snobs shouldn't disregard this movie with such discontent and anger. I challenge you to all watch it again. I can't believe you turned up your noses at a movie with such heart wrenching scenes such as the boy genius being struck down by the theme park tram in the prime of his life, only to be saved by a myriad of giant animal mascots who all happen to be certified doctors!!!! Or when the evil mastermind narrowly misses crushing the boy genius with his falling anvil...gripping stuff I say, GRIPPING! This kind of live action/ animated work hasn't been duplicated since the hay days of Who Framed Roger Rabbit! And anyone who says else wise should take a short walk off a long cliff for their sacrilegious comments to such a fine piece of cinema... On that note I am going to go have myself a bowl of sugar cubs and sugar.

That is all
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Not that bad
RobertMaloneJr7 November 2007
When i first about this movie in the summer of 2006 on cartoon Friday's i was thinking Huh? a live action movie....then on December 6, 2006 i watched the movie and i was gonna turned the channel on the first 10mins but then i was like hey this might be a good movie so i was justing watching it then when it was finally over i was i..loved that movie and i couldn't wait to watch it again so i just kept watching it over and over D:....but now here in 2007 they made a series witch is OK ehhhhh it just isn't the same as the movie because jimmy doesn't get picked on since he has friends and robin and Craig aren't Asian anymore =/ but heck the movie and the show is great if you like the show and movie agree with me :D......and by the way people...stop dissing on this movie cause i know y'all loved it :P
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