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loved it
mattjiva17 February 2012
I can be critical too, and I almost feel like apologizing for writing this, in consideration of the *four* other scathing reviews!

Anyway, I want to congratulate Jeff and Simon on an engrossing episode of Criminal Minds that was out of the ordinary for the show.

FBI vs CIA- c'mon, isn't that of interest?

-- I would like to add that many of the rips against this episode by the other commentators could be said about most episodes of this series.. my point is, in this case, I saw what caught my interest and that was most entertaining. Thanks for an excellent show guys!

Note- I saw the show about 4 1/2 years after it came out.. in 2/2012
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What's going on...
moysant5 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the worst episodes because the script is trite and the leaps of logic large. I'd taped this and even replaying it I couldn't figure out what was going on in some scenes because the actors muttered too quickly. It was something about a CIA agent that Gideon had done a psychological review of being murdered and a family he was trying to hide from foreign interests disappearing. His murder is an inside job and the BAU team has to identify which CIA agent in the guy's team is the bad guy. Amazingly, even though they are working inside the CIA building they aren't bugged. Worse, two unbelievable scenes should've been scrapped altogether: Elle tries to strong arm a female CIA agent by nastily asking if she was sexually assaulted on a recent case, and when the agent doesn't respond Elle shouts at her. So much for the exceptional mental cool Gideon tells the team the CIA agents have at the beginning of the show. Elle's character just isn't consistent from one show to the next. The second unlikely scene is when another agent is shown a note Gideon wrote (we don't know what it says at that point) and told by Hotchner to consider his next words carefully (he's being offered a deal). Later, when we find out what the note said, this conversation (and the agent's response) doesn't make sense. If the note said what it said what was THAT scene all about? All over the shop to be honest.
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Too Predictable
ccthemovieman-111 February 2007
After their best field agent is tortured and killed, since only that certain department in the CIA anti-terrorist unit knew about his whereabouts, it's apparent there is a mole in the group. The head of that unit calls in old friend, Gideon of the BAU, to help find out who is that mole. A Saudi woman and her two kids lives are in danger if the mole isn't found because the Arab women's husband - a bad guy - is out to kill her. So, the BAU team has two assignments: find the missing woman and her kids (whom the murdered agent was hiding and didn't divulge) and figure out who is the traitor.

Gideon and his group narrow the search quickly down to four people, so we see each of them profiled. Members of the BAU are assigned to follow and interrogate each of the suspects.

There are some twists and turns to keep the viewer off balance, but if you know this TV program and the PC bias it always has, it's not hard to figure out the traitor. I was hoping I was wrong, but the writers were predictable.
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Solid episode...despite really disliking Elle
TheLittleSongbird19 September 2016
Season 1 of 'Criminal Minds' has seen some great episodes ("The Fox", "Riding the Lightning", "The Fisher King Part 1", "Extreme Aggressor" and "Compulsion" for examples).

This said, the episodes between "The Fox" and "Riding the Lightning" are hit and miss with "What Fresh Hell" being the best, though the weakest episode and the only real misfire is "Machismo". "Secrets and Lies" is a good, solid episode without being one of the season's better episodes. My general indifference towards Elle turned to dislike here, always have found her cold and annoying and this is her at her coldest, most annoying and bitchiest.

Most of the acting is very good indeed, with commanding Mandy Patinkin and truly delightful Kirsten Vangsness stealing the show, but Lola Glaudini's personality-less and overacted Elle and a one-note Lisa Vidal are exceptions. The part with the note doesn't quite make sense.

On the other hand, the episode looks great as usual, and the music suits the tone well and never distracts if not quite enhancing. The script is tautly structured and tense, while also allowing room for some great humorous moments with Garcia which blend remarkably well.

Story-wise, "Secrets and Lies" is edge-of-your-seat stuff with some nice twists and turns and a shocking reveal, after several episodes of the first season where the unsubs have been too obvious. Garcia has some of her funniest moments ever here too, especially the parts about Princess Diana and Prince William's number. Direction is solid.

In conclusion, a good episode if not immune to flaws. Not the best of the season, but not the worst, somewhere around top middle. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Full of plot holes and Lisa Vidal can't act but still entertaining
dennismay4 May 2006
What were they thinking in casting Lisa Vidal. Her acting is so limited. She had one expression on her face the entire episode: evil, conniving, underhanded.

But fortunately, in spite of her the episode was still somehow enjoyable.

Another minus was the script. I know they were trying to do a "24-like" episode, but really, did they also have to copy the plot holes. The most absurd thing in the episode was that they are scrambling to save the informant woman, but somehow, nobody thinks it weird to keep the three suspects in the front lines, giving them the perfect chance to kill her.

How absurd! hopefully, the plot holes will disappear next episode.
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ShelbyTMItchell3 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
CIA ask the FBI BAU to investigate a possible mole. As the former team will cooperate with the latter team. Despite both of them not liking one another very much it seems from the get go.

Despite Gideon working with one of them in the past. As a mother and her two kids are kidnapped. As someone in the CIA may be selling out the agency.

As the BAU has to profile them one by one. While the arrogance of the CIA, (as we have seen this with the FBI and other federal agencies being arrogant with local/state law enforcement as well but that's another story), really getting on the BAU's nerves.

One of the CIA agent's has her head fatally broken in half. As not only is there a mole but a killer among the agency.

Will the BAU find the killer/mole and save the mother and her two kids? Nail biting to say the least.
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TheVramster15 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
what was with all the references to 24? first of all, it all took place in CTU, which was invented by 24. second of all, all the talk of a mole and stuff made me think 24 right away. the episode overall wasn't bad. why did the mole keep talking about his career- he clearly cared more about money then his career. criminal minds should have a crossover with another show officially once. i wonder how Gideon would react to the guys from CSI: New York and whats with Elle? screaming at a CIA agent about being kidnapped? shes usually so reassuring and comforting. that was the last thing i expected from her. I also noticed that this episode aired on the 24th of the month. coincidence?
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