"Drawn Together" A Very Special Drawn Together After School Special (TV Episode 2006) Poster


Wooldoor Sockbat: [the housemates are role-playing, Wooldoor speaks to Xandir] "Now, you be the gay's dad".

Xandir: "Oh, O.K".

[deeper voice]

Xandir: "I love football!"

[slaps Toot, who is Xandir's mother]

Xandir: .

Wooldoor Sockbat: [points to Captain Hero] "And you be the gay".

Captain Hero: [as Xandir's father] "I ain't gonna be no homo!".

Wooldoor Sockbat: "Fine, you be Xandir's mum".

Captain Hero: [as Xandir's mother in a higher voice] "Alright, I'm asking for this!"

[slaps himself]

Captain Hero: .

Toot Braunstein: [Angrily] "Then who the hell am I?".

Wooldoor Sockbat: "You're the homo".

Toot Braunstein: [wistfully] "Can I be the dad?".

Wooldoor Sockbat: "Fine, you be Stan".

Xandir: [confused] "Then who the hell am I?".

Toot Braunstein: [angrily, as Xandir's father] "The queer!"

[punches Captain Hero, who is Xandir's mother]

Toot Braunstein: .

Wooldoor Sockbat: [disappointed] "I wanted to be the queer!".

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Captain Hero: I told you not to huff airplane glue when you were pregnant.

Toot Braunstein: At least airplane glue knows how to make me feel good, Zima dick!

Captain Hero: Zima helps me relax!

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