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This is The Last Episode were Malcom Graduates from High School
Warning: Spoilers
This is said to be the last episode but if you go to the regular thing it doesn't say the year began to year it ended it just has the year it began and ????????? so was it the last episode i mean Reese did make his biggest destruction ever seen.If any one else may have information on this please tell me cause I love the show and would to see it end like it did i mean they need a little more i hated when they got rid of That 70's Show but it ended with a bang. The Show was really good but i hate to see it end i think they should have it until like Jamie gets older and they should have someone die like the grandmother I mean who really likes her she nothing but and old fart.
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It didn't do the show justice but it is still OK
egunderson2417 September 2017
I know this is the second highest rated episode but I didn't find it that good. It wraps up everything well, but I didn't really feel it did the show the justice that it deserved. I liked all the ideas that it delivered, it is just that I felt like something was missing. I do love when Lois finds out she is pregnant again though, that made me laugh so hard
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