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Sex & Nudity

  • [Season 1]
  • Some scenes of lovemaking are portrayed in this first season with nudity shown at times.
  • [Season 2]
  • Some scenes of lovemaking are also portrayed in the second season with nudity shown at times.
  • [Season 3]
  • Nudity consists of a few sequences where topless women are portrayed in a sexual context. For example, there are shots of bare-breasted women pole-dancing and gyrating on men's laps as a form of entertainment at a bachelor's party.
  • These scenes of nudity are sexualized and prolonged.
  • [Season 4]
  • The stronger of the two scenes occur in Episode 5, titled 'Dirty Harry' where a nude woman, whose breasts can be seen, is orally pleasured by a man.
  • The second sexual scene which appears in Episode 10, titled 'Lost Boys', features a naked couple in a sexual position accompanied by thrusting movements.
  • The scene is however, un-detailed, brief and passing, seen from Dexter's perspective as he drives around a neighborhood looking for the murderer.
  • Other depictions consist of upper-frontal female-body nudity, often in a non-sexual context, seen in episodes throughout this season.
  • [Season 5]
  • There is a sexual scene depicted where Dexter peers into a room and sees an unsuspecting victim having sex with a woman. The scene is depicted from Dexter's perspective and is that of a man thrusting into a naked woman with her breasts visible. The scene is brief but heightened by the realistic sexual moans heard as the Dexter approaches the room.
  • There are also some sexual references depicted in this season such as "your dead wife can suck my dick", "you give the best blow job", etc.
  • [Season 6]
  • Two of the strongest sexual scenes in this season involve a man thrusting a woman from the back.
  • In Episode 3, a couple appears nude although there is no depiction of nudity with implications of sex via sexual moans.
  • In Episode 9, heavy thrusting is depicted between a couple, with changes in sexual positions between them.

Violence & Gore

  • The theme of serial killing plus the aftermath of acts of violence which feature many mutilated bodies are disturbing.
  • The series also contains scenes of implied killings, and some viewers may find it disturbing that the protagonist attempts to seek justice through repeated murders, to a point of experiencing pleasure at his victims sufferings and even teaching the 'trade' to a friend.
  • [Season 3]
  • One of the more notable scenes occurs in 'Episode 11', where Dexter coils a cable around a man's neck and strangles him to death.
  • [Season 5]
  • Violence consists of the stabbing of victims with some gore depicted in the forms of detached heads and decapitated bodies.
  • [Season 6]
  • [Violence is seeded in the narrative as the lead character, Dexter, a blood-spatter pattern analyst for a fictional Miami Metro Police Department, leads a secret life as a serial killer. However, his penchant for blood is contextualized by the fact that he had a violent upbringing and his adopted father had taught to restrain his victims to killers themselves who have killed without justifiable cause and are likely to do so again.
  • Apart from the narrative, there are some scenes of stabbings and gore.


  • [Season 1]
  • The frequent use of coarse language (e.g. 'fuck' and 'motherfucker') is prevalent in this season.
  • [Season 2]
  • There are two instances of religious profanity in this season.
  • The frequent use of coarse language (e.g. 'fuck' and 'motherfucker') is also prevalent in this season.
  • [Season 3]
  • There is an utterance of 'fucking Jesus' in Episode 5, entitled 'Turning Biminese'.
  • Profanities such as 'motherfucker', 'cunt' and 'fuck' are uttered in every other episode, sometimes out of anger and sometimes said in a sexual context.
  • [Season 4]
  • The episodes in this season contain the frequent utterance of coarse language such as 'fuck'.
  • [Season 5]
  • This season contains a single utterance of religiously-denigrating profanity used by a character in a moment of frustration (in Episode 8).
  • In addition, there is coarse language such as 'fuck' occurring in every episode.
  • [Season 6]
  • This season also contains an utterance of the religious profanity, 'Jesus fucking Christ', used by a character in a moment of frustration.
  • Coarse language, on the other hand, consists of utterances such as 'fuck' and 'motherfucker'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In Season 6 of the TV series, Dexter and the forensics team investigate a serial killer who believes that he has been chosen by God to rid the world of sinners.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • (Season 1)Throughout this season, Dexter is taunted by a serial killer, named the Ice Truck killer, who seems to know his real identity. He later finds out that the Ice Truck killer is his long lost brother. He does not remember him because his memory is suppressed due to the trauma of witnessing his mother being murdered. His brother wants Dexter to kill their foster sister. Dexter refuses and kills his brother instead.
  • In Season 4, Dexter becomes obsessed with finding the trinity killer who has been committing murders in a fixed pattern in various states all over America in the past few years. Firstly, he kills a woman in a bathtub, then he forces a woman, who is a mother of two, to jump to her death, ending with the brutal beating of a man that leads to death. Dexter manages to trace the identity of the trinity killer and is surprised that he has a family and that he keeps up a good front. He decides to delay killing him as he thinks he can learn something from him. However, his delay in killing him costs him a great price.
  • In Season 5, Dexter, who is devastated after Rita's murder, manages to get a nanny to look after his baby son while his two step-children goes to live with their maternal grandparents. While on leave, he turns his attention to killing a serial killer, Boyd Fowler, but his act is witnessed by one of the victims of the serial killer, Lumen. Later, Dexter manages to convince her that he will not harm her and learns from Lumen that besides Boyd, there were other men who raped her too. They became partners in crime, tracking down the men and killing them. In the process, Dexter and Lumen fall in love, but she leaves him eventually once she had avenged the men who raped her.

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