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  • Slice of Life Edit

  • This fruit is called "blood orange" and is found in Florida. Edit

  • They edited the profanity, the nudity, and for the sake of fitting it into the time slot, a few conversations. They really didn't need to cut the violence, but there are some scenes where they only flash on it, rather than have the camera linger. Edit

  • Emotions associated with sex are harder for him to fake. Every time he sleeps with a woman, she sees something in him that freaks her out and she leaves him. Its safer for him to just avoid it.

    In the first season he finds it "messy" and "human". He does not see himself as "human" as he is so different and fakes all feelings/emotions to fit in and not be seen for what he is. His life is "clean", his apartment is clean (he was uncomfortable with Debra's messiness when she stayed at his place), his crime scene is set up for as little mess as possible and he disposes of all debris to leave the area clean so as not to be detected. Eventually Dexter gets over his hangups and his sexual life begins to resemble the average male's. Edit

  • Music from every season (from season 1 to season 6) can be found separately for purchase on Each season has its own released official soundtrack (the soundtrack for seasons 2 and 3 were released together in the same disk) Music from season 7 will be released sometime in the future as well. Edit

  • You're in luck! Someone has. Television Without Pity has excellent detailed summaries that far outdo anything we could type here. You can click this link to get there. Edit

  • There is a complete list of the show's filming locations, for all eight seasons, at Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • He and his brother witnessed their mother murdered with a chainsaw in a cargo container as children. They were found days later in a pool of blood that was 2 inches deep. He was taken in by Harry Morgan, who saw him for what he was, a sociopath. Harry taught him a code of ethics that helped him to satiate his bloodlust successfully and also help rid his little section of the world of other serial killers who could escape the justice system. His brother was taken in by the state and was never trained the way Dexter was. Edit

  • Approximative total by series finale : 130

    Including his past kills, and the growth of his slide collection between seasons, Dexter has killed (at the very least) 100 people: around 55 of these have been on-screen kills (including flashbacks). In S5E1 he claims to have killed 67 deserving people, though if the 12 inbetween S3 and S4 is taken into account (portrayed in the Turned Upside Down promo), this should actually be around 88 at the start of season 5.

    In S2E8 Dexter's slide box is revealed to have 46 slides in it. Taking into consideration all the on-screen slide kills from S1E1(including flashbacks) till then, there are 32 slides unaccounted for (though at least 18 are identified during the BHB investigation). It is established that Dexter has killed before he began to take trophies (First Nurse, Juan Rinez,), which brings Dexter's potential pre-series kill total to 36 (this includes Early Cuts characters Peter Thorton and Robert Milson).

    victim - method of kill - reason - blood taken

    Season One

    Episode 1 Kills: 2

    Mike Donovan - Power saw - Killed (at least) 3 boys. Blood taken.

    Jamie Jaworski - Meat cleaver - Killed Jane Saunders in a snuff film. Blood taken.

    Episode 2 Kills: 1

    Matt Chambers - Knife to the heart - Repeated fatality drunk driver. Blood taken

    Episode 3 Kills: 1

    Nurse Mary (flashback) - Knife to the heart - Overdosed patients and tried to OD Harry (Dexter's first kill). No blood taken

    Episode 5 Kills: 2

    Jorge Castillo - Knife - Coyote who drowns illegal Cuban immigrants. Blood taken

    Valerie Castillo - Knife to carotid artery - Jorge's wife and accomplice. Blood taken

    Episode 6 Kills: 3

    Alex Timmons (flashback) - Unknown - Sniper. Blood taken

    Gene Marshall (flashback) - Unknown - Arsonist. Blood taken.

    Cindy Landon (flashback) - Unknown - "Black widow" who killed her husband(s). Blood taken.

    Episode 8 Kills: 1

    Dr. Emmett Meridian - Power saw - Encouraged patients to commit suicide. Blood taken

    Episode 12 Kills: 1

    Brian Moser (The Ice Truck Killer) - Slit throat - Ice Truck Killer (Dexter's brother). No blood taken

    Season Two

    Episode 2 Kills: 19

    Little Chino - Knife to the heart - Gang hitman. Blood taken

    18 previously unmentioned victims are uncovered as BHB (Dexter's media name) victims.

    Episode 3 Kills: 1

    Roger Hicks - Knife to the heart - Killed two women. Blood taken

    Episode 6 Kills: 1

    Ken Olsen - Beheaded with a cleaver - Attempted copy-cat killer. No blood taken

    Episode 8 Kills: 1

    Santos Jiminez - Chainsaw - Killed Dexter's mother. Blood taken

    Doakes finds Dexter's slide case with 46 slides in it, meaning at this point he has 46 confirmed blood slide victims on top of those he hasn't taken a slide from (first nurse, Brian, etc).

    Episode 10 Kills: 2

    Jose Garza - Hand saw - Murderer. Unknown

    Juan Rinez (flashback) - Unknown - Killed prostitutes. Unknown

    Episode 11 Kills: 2

    Esteban Famosa - Snapped his neck - To protect himself and Doakes . No blood taken

    Teo Famosa - Shot - To protect himself and Doakes . No blood taken

    Episode 12 Kills: 1

    Lila West - Knife to the heart - Killed Sgt. Doakes; kidnapped Rita's children; Burned Ex-Boyfriend Alive. No blood taken

    Season Three

    Episode 1 Kills: 6

    Unnamed Carnival Attendant (flashback) - Meat Cleaver - Unknown. Unknown

    Oscar Prado - Knife to the heart - Self Defense. No blood taken.

    Dexter has started a new slide box of victim's blood; there's already 4 slides in the box.

    Episode 2 Kills: 1

    Fred "Freebo" Bowman - Knife to the neck - Killed 2 sorority girls. Blood taken

    Episode 3 Kills: 1

    Nathan Marten - Strangled - Convicted sex offender stalking Astor. No blood taken

    Episode 5 Kills: 1

    Ethan Turner - Knife to the heart - Killed his wives. Blood taken

    Episode 6 Kills: 1

    Clemson Galt - Knife to the heart - Killed Jenna Kendrick. Blood taken

    Episode 7 Kills: 1

    Camilla Figg - Poisoned keylime pie - Dexter helped her die as she was terminally ill with cancer. No blood taken

    Episode 11 Kills: 1

    Miguel Prado - Garotted - Murdered Ellen Wolf, planned to kill Maria LaGuerta. No blood taken

    Episode 12 Kills: 1

    George Washington King (The Skinner) - Broke his neck - Self-defense. No blood taken

    Season Four

    Episode 1 Kills: 1 - 13

    Benito Gomez - Knife to the heart - Beat two people to death with his bare hands. Blood taken

    Promotional material and shots of the slide box suggest at least 12 victims inbetween S3 and S4.

    Episode 4 Kills: 1

    Zoey Kruger - Knife to the heart - She shot and killed her husband and daughter. Blood taken

    Episode 7 Kills: 1

    Jonathan Farrow - Decapitated with cleaver - Actually innocent/ Mistaken identity. Blood taken but later destroyed

    Episode 11 Kills: 1

    Stan Beaudry - Throat ravaged with power saw - Killed a prostitute/ Used as scapegoat. Blood taken

    Episode 12 Kills: 1

    Arthur Mitchell - Bludgeoned with hammer - Responsible for 100+ murders. Blood taken

    Season Five

    Episode 1 Kills: 1

    Rankin - Beaten to death - Innocent/ Rage kill. No blood taken.

    Episode 3 Kills: 1

    Boyd Fowler - Stabbed in heart - Killed 12 women. Blood taken.

    Episode 6 Kills: 2

    Dan Mendell - Shot by Lumen , neck snapped by Dexter - Raped 13 women. No blood taken

    Lance Robinson - Strangled - Gay serial killer. No blood taken

    Episode 8 Kills: 1

    Cole Harmon - Stabbed in heart - Raped 13 women. Blood slide given to Lumen .

    Episode 10 Kills: 1

    Alex Tilden - Stabbed - Raped 13 women.

    Episode 11 Kills:1

    Stan Liddy - Stabbed in heart - Self defence of sorts/self preservation. No blood taken.

    Season 6

    Episode 1 Kills 3 - 16

    Ben - Killed with defibrillator - Killed patients to harvest organs. Blood taken.

    Roger - Killed with defibrillator - Killed patients to harvest organs. Blood taken.

    Joe Walker - Hit in head with hammer and stabbed in chest - Abusive husband who killed his wife. Blood taken.

    When we see Dexter's slidebox there's up to a dozen more that has been added between S5 and S6.

    Episode 2 Kills 1

    Julio Benes - Throat slit - Gang leader and murderer. Blood taken.

    Episode 3 Kills 1

    Walter Kenney - Suffocated with pillow - Serial killer from the 80's. Blood taken.

    Episode 6 Kills 1

    Nick - Drowned- Killed Brother Sam . No blood taken.

    Episode 7 Kills 1

    Norm - Stabbed with pitch fork - Self Defence. No blood taken.

    Episode 10 Kills 1

    Steve Dorsey - Stabbed in stomach - Doomsday killers' helper. No blood taken.

    Episode 11 Kills 1

    Beth Dorsey - Trapped in room with her gas bomb - Doomsday killers' helper. No blood taken.

    Episode 12 Kills 2

    Alberto - Stabbed with harpoon - Coyote/self defence. No blood taken.

    Travis Marshal - Stabbed in chest - Doomsday killer. Blood taken (later lost).

    Season 7

    Episode 1 Kills 1

    Viktor Baskov - Bludgeoned with fire extinguisher - cop killer. No blood taken

    Episode 4 Kills 1

    Ray Speltzer - Stabbed in chest with a stake - double murderer. No blood taken.

    This episode marks the end of Dexter's second slide box.

    Episode 8 Kills 1

    Unknown hitman - Pinned down and throat slit - Self defence/trying to steal Dexter's quarry. No blood taken.

    Episode 9 Kills 1

    Oleg Mickic - Stabbed in the back - Hitman. No Blood taken

    Episode 10 Kills 1

    Clint Mckay - Stabbed in the chest and thrown overboard - extorting Hannah and Dexter No blood taken

    This kill is significant in that Clint doesn't really meet the code. Dexter rejects the Dark Passenger, realising he is in control of his killing, and decides to let a guilty victim go so he can focus on Clint: becoming a killer who kills because he wants to, not because he needs to.

    Episode 12 Kills 1

    Hector Estrada - Had Dexter's mother killed - stabbed in the heart and shot. No Blood taken.

    Season 8

    Episode 1 Kills 2

    Unknown - Dexter is seen engaged in his kill ritual in the opening montage, using a Power Tool. Presumed to be a killer. Unknown if any Blood was taken (unlikely).

    Andrew Briggs - Stabbed in chest. Self-Defence/Jealousy Over his relationship with Deb . No blood taken.

    Episode 3 Kills 1

    Ron Galuzzo - Stabbed in chest (out of camera shot). Cannibalistic killer. No blood taken.

    Episode 5 Kills 1

    A.J. Yates - Impaled with curtain pole through bed. Serial killer of women. No blood taken.

    Episode 12 Kills 2

    Oliver Saxon - Stabbed in throat with a pen. The Brain Surgeon; killed Vogel and mortally wounded Deb . No blood taken.

    Debra Morgan - Turned off life support. An act of mercy . Edit

  • In Season 1, Episode 9, Dexter learns that his biological father Joe Driscoll has passed away. He takes a blood sample from him and has Masuka run a paternity test comparing it to his own. The paternity test proves that Joe Driscoll is Dexter's biological father.

    In Season 2, Episode 5 we learn that Dexter's adopted father Harry was engaged in an extramarital affair with Dexter's biological mother Laura Moser. However due to the paternity test in the first season, we know that there is no way Harry can be Dexter's biological father unless Joe Driscoll was related to Dexter some other way or the paternity test was wrong which are both highly unlikely. Edit

  • Only season 1 followed the main plot line of the first book. In season 2, the shows writers went their own direction, though they do appear to have adopted some elements from the other books, (The Skinner resembles Dearly Devoted Dexter's Dr Danco, as is the case for S2's Doakes sub-plot.) Edit

  • Bear in mind that the antagonists aren't all necessarily evil, just representations of opposition against which Dexter must contend.

    Season 1: Brian Moser aka The Ice Truck Killer

    Season 2: Special Agent Frank Lundy, Sgt. James Doakes, and Lila West.

    Season 3: Miguel Prado and George King aka The Skinner

    Season 4: Arthur Mitchell aka The Trinity Killer

    Season 5: Jordan Chase

    Season 6: Travis Marshall aka The Doomsday Killer

    Season 7: Isaak Sirko, Hannah McKay, and Capt. Maria LaGuerta

    Season 8: Oliver Saxon aka The Brain Surgeon. Edit

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