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Season 3

28 Sep. 2008
Our Father
Dexter begins to question his blind loyalty to his father's memory. In an act of spontaneity, he wonders whether the code of Harry is a necessity anymore.
5 Oct. 2008
Finding Freebo
Dexter catches up with Freebo, but once again the kill goes terribly wrong.
12 Oct. 2008
The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Miguel continues to press his unwanted friendship on Dexter, who has other things to worry about - primarily a child molester who has his eye on Astor.
19 Oct. 2008
All in the Family
Dexter botches his first marriage proposal to Rita, but a shocked and grieving fiancée's display of emotions provides him with clues on how to show the proper feelings himself.
26 Oct. 2008
Turning Biminese
Through Miguel, Dexter learns of a wife-killer who has gone free - the perfect person for his next kill.
2 Nov. 2008
Sí se puede
Miguel surprises Dexter by agreeing to his unreasonable request: access to a white supremacist already in custody.
9 Nov. 2008
Easy as Pie
Dexter, who once chose his own victims, is now receiving requests - one from Miguel and another from Camilla.
16 Nov. 2008
The Damage a Man Can Do
Dexter's friendship with Miguel grows closer - dangerously closer - when Miguel declares that he wants to make the next kill himself.
23 Nov. 2008
About Last Night
Dexter and Miguel's friendship becomes uneasy just as Rita confronts Miguel about being unfaithful toward his wife.
30 Nov. 2008
Go Your Own Way
Dexter needs leverage against Miguel and goes looking for it - specifically the ring Miguel took from Ellen Wolf as a trophy.
7 Dec. 2008
I Had a Dream
Maria suspects Miguel of Ellen Wolf's murder, and Dexter knows she suspects it. Dexter will have to make his move before Miguel goes after Maria.
14 Dec. 2008
Do You Take Dexter Morgan?
As the wedding day approaches, Dexter still has Ramon to deal with. Meanwhile, the Skinner is still loose, and Dexter is his next intended victim.

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