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Orlando Jones: Steven Johnson



  • Steven Johnson : You know what? This crocodile's like O.J. Simpson. He messed up when he killed that white woman.

  • Steven Johnson : I'd never say this in front of a bunch of white people, but slavery was a good thing. Anything you gotta do to get the fuck out of Africa is OK with me.

  • Steven Johnson : [to Jojo]  If I have to shove you up my ass to get you through customs, you are going to America.

  • Steven Johnson : I HATE FUCKING AFRICA!

  • Aviva Masters : [about her "relationship" with Tim and Steven's boss]  We go to dinner, and to art openings, and people assume...

    Steven Johnson : Of course they do!

    Aviva Masters : Look, do you think if he gave a shit about me, I'd be here right now? He just... he likes to be seen with women.

    [Tim and Steven sit up in surprise] 

    Tim Manfrey : Roger's gay?

    Steven Johnson : International playboy, married six times? He's not tapping your ass, somebody's tapping his?

    [Tim and Steven laugh and bump fists] 

    Aviva Masters : Look, guys, please don't tell anybody. Please don't...

    Steven Johnson : [they're in the middle of a swamp]  Aviva, who the fuck am I gonna tell? Jojo? Hey, Jojo, you know Roger Sharpe?

    Jojo : [sleepily]  No.

    Steven Johnson : He's gay.

    Jojo : Okay.

  • Steven Johnson : [sees an random African in the airport]  What up, my brother?

    Steven Johnson : [guy stares at him]  Well, fuck you, too.

  • Steven Johnson : [to villagers]  Y'all ever seen Jaws, the movie? Might wanna check that out.

  • Steven Johnson : I feel like a pork chop on Queen Latifah's dinner plate.

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