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Show gradually got bad now it's WORSE!
dninc7918 January 2012
I have absolutely no idea what happened, suddenly this show just began to suck. I'm not sure what's going on; writer's block maybe? The chemistry the characters had back when it was on CW was far better than they are now, everybody and everything seems off and tweaked really badly, the comedy seems more like a after-thought and this is suppose to be a Comedy-Drama.. it's turned more into an African American 90210. I have no idea why the scenery would change so drastically, you'd think they would simply move all of the set's from LA to Atlanta and keep them intact, instead they went fresh with everything and threw-off the vibe the show had.. Even the quality of the film is bad, it's almost amateur HQ Camcorder-ish.

It also seem like Tyler Perry had a little influence in the writing now, the women seem more uneasy, stuck up, angrier, uptight and the men seem more like these Politically correct cavemen and Clean-cut Thugs.. Everybody got an attitude.

Bring back the way the show originally was why downgrade and cheapen it so drastically after such a good first few seasons?!!
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Refreshing, Original, and Entertaining!
indigochronicles153 January 2007
"The Game" tells the stories of three women (Melanie Barnett, Kelly Pitts, and Tasha Mack) who are the girlfriends, wives, and mothers of professional football players (Derwin Davis, Jason Pitts, and Malik Wright) who play for the fictional San Diego Sabers. The show has a refreshing premise. Some say it's similar to the BBC show "Footballers Wives", but that show is a moody drama, while this show is a comedy that focuses on the relationships between the women and their men. The show is pretty accurate in the way they portray the women (especially the hierarchy: groupies are at the bottom of the pyramid, the girlfriends are next, the wives close to the top, and the footballers' mothers at the very top) and the players (especially how the veterans refer to the newbies as simply "Rookie".) The show has its funny moments, but does need better writing. The show is brilliantly cast, with several familiar faces from very popular shows.

Tia Mowry, known for her six years on the hit WB sitcom "Sister, Sister", leads the young and talented cast as the rookie's naive girlfriend, Melanie Barnett.

Wendy Raquel Robinson, who starred on "The Steve Harvey Show" for six seasons, portrays Tasha Mack, the abrasively blunt and honest mother / manager to her star player son.

Coby Bell, who is best known for his six-season stint on the popular NBC drama series "Third Watch", as well as a recurring role on UPN's "Half & Half", portrays the Sabers' notoriously frugal team captain and star player, Jason Pitts.

Brittany Daniel, of the series "Sweet Valley High", portrays Jason's ditzy wife Kelly Pitts, the leader of the wives / girlfriends organization, The Sunbeams.

Pooch Hall, who made several guest appearances on the WB's short-lived series "Pepper Dennis" and starred in the holiday special "Christmas At Water's Edge" with Cosby kid Keshia Knight Pulliam, stars as the team's ambitious rookie, Derwin Davis.

Rounding out the cast as the womanizing and sometimes-immature quarterback Malik Wright is Hosea Chanchez, who previously had a recurring role on "For Your Love".

Good show, wonderful cast, great acting. The show definitely has the potential to be a hit, but needs better writing and desperately needs more exposure if it's going to succeed.
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By Far...A Great Show
foxyfawn723 May 2009
Once I started watching The Game I was hooked, it has great story lines, and personal stories that we all can relate too. You will want to follow along, each week to see how each character's life progresses. I absolutely love this show and I just recently started watching it. I think it gives an accurate depiction of how sports players interact with there family and the public. Although it is a fictional comedy, it still brings a little bit of reality. There are so many reality shows out there, and when I finally get back into the groove of watching a sitcom I hear it is going to be cancelled. I am saddened and disappoint to hear that they want to cancel the show from the CW. if there is a way I can help petition, readers please give me information!!!
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A Spin-off that is full of comedy and love.
ronandboys32326 January 2007
This show shows the lives (and drama) of three women who are in someway connected to football players.

Tia Mowry stars in this show which is a spin-off from Girlfriends. She plays Melanie Barnett, a med-school student who is the girlfriend of a rookie football player named Derwin. She is new to the sister circle but she loves and supports her boyfriend and his career.

Wendy Raquel Robinson plays the oldest member of the sister circle, Tasha Mack, and who is the mother of Malik. She loves her hot headed son and balances being his mother and his manager. Even though the 2 of them often disagree, Malik knows that his mother has his best interest at heart.

Brittany Daniels is Kelly Pitts. She plays the wife of one of the lead football players, Jason. She tolerates her cheap husband and takes care of her bi-racial daughter the best way she can. She keeps Tasha from overreacting and welcomes Melanie with open arms. Even though she may seem shallow, she has one of the biggest hearts and just wants to be the perfect wife.

Overall, The Game is a GREAT show with an INTERESTING concept. The show is full of laughter and love as you watch these three women balance their chaotic lives.
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Complete and utter crap.
vidavidavida9 April 2013
Do not waste your time with this show. The writing is so childish and it promotes the worst of the worst stereotypes among African Americans. The first three seasons of this show were decent when it was on the CW, but since moving to BET, the writing, directing, production value, and overall direction of the show has gone so down hill, it is at the bottom of the ocean's floor knocking on Hell's gate. I don't have one good word to say about this show. It is amateurish and anyone and everyone associated with this show should be embarrassed.

Now that Tia Mowry has left the show, there really is no point in continuing. She was the lead character. The show followed her relationship with a football player and her friendships. When she left, she took the last shred of class with her.
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The new Game
ranndyb29 March 2011
This New season of the series "The Game" has been OK. It's had ups and downs. But overall grade has to be a "C+". Until tonight, I had to stop my self from changing the channel. It was just overly dramatic, way to short and not enough substance. The writing this season was totally subpar compared to the prior seasons. The show seems to be moving more towards a bad daytime Soap Opera.

While acting on this show has grown in spite of the script. There is a foul stench of reality TV starting to seep in. Mara Brock Akil and Kelsey Grammar need to take a look how the show was originally produced and try to find a happy harmony between the and now. Salim Akil should take notes from his directing from season two. It feels like the show as a hold has lost its true direction.

Most of us fell in love with this show because of the subtle insight into the lives of Pro Football players and their families, friends, and franchise. The Sabers were becoming one of America's teams. They were replacing the new Cowboys for me. California hasn't had a winner like this since Joe Montana and the 49ers. We didn't want the show to become a blend of "T.Ocho Show" meets "Basketball Wives" with a twist of "Days of Our Lives". The writers should be afraid for there jobs. Tasha Mack was a hopeless shell of her former self since the old series finale (Season 3 Finale). When did Derwin Davis become the sneakiest back stabbing character. They have given him sort of multiple personality complex thing going. "You my boy Malik", " Yo 'F' you Malik!" "Let's get you to rehab Malik." "Man Malik's career is over Yo 'F' him." Isn't he the church boy? Is Derwin and Jason the same character now? Is every character the same type of person! What happen to the diversity in the roles. This is not the show we all clamored and protested for since 2009 through 2010.

Congrats to the actors for true growth. "Tee-Tee" Barry Floyd, you my boy, and Terrence J. (Terrence Jenkins) as Donte has given the best performances this season. Keep growing and going my brothers. The actors have the ability, now writers give them better words for their voices to shine.
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Very Good Show, Worth Watching
brandiziglar28 November 2006
I use this site regularly to find out about shows and movies. I decided to register when I noticed the lack of comments being posted for black shows. I believe it is unfair so I will try to correct that by commenting on a new black show that needs support. The Game is really cute and I have to say something new to television. Tia Mowry stars as Melanie Barnett a med school student who gives up the college of her choice to follow her boyfriend to San Diego when he gets drafted to an NFL team. The show is really good and the acting is refreshing. While the show still plays on some of the same old stereotypes that most black shows do, it is still funny and I believe it has plenty of room to grow. Don't pass this show up, give it a chance and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
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When its bad its bad no matter what color!
markmaynation2 April 2012
Its has nothing to do with black and white which is all people wanna make it out to be, its just not good, so get over it. bad, is bad no matter what color!!!!! when ever something is bad its a race thing but whens something is good its all about talent. give me a break! its bad, end of story. People wanna say its good cause its made with African type actors and so on, but lets face it, just because you have actors of color or something is directed by a person of color does NOT mean it gets to be great without merit its that simple. People of color made there own awards show because of sub-par work from people of color, if the work was up to standards there would not have to be a separate awards show for people of color simple as that. you can call me a lot of things but I just call it like I see it. And Holly Berry is smoking Hot and talented thats why she got an Oscar because of her talents and for no other reason.
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like the game but not sure I'll watch it anymore...
Aishat52317 October 2012
I am really upset that Melanie is no longer a part of this show. I like Tia Mowry as Melanie and she is a huge part of the show and it will definitely not be the same without her. I can not believe she left the show. It is not the same because no other characters are as interesting as Melanie and Derwin. I really wish it was some other way she could stay on the show and have a baby or a few babies. I know she would be a great mother and Derwin really wants her to have his babies. I hope she will come back and this show need to pay her a good amount of money because she is the reason a lot of people watch this show. I like some of the other characters but Melanie and Derwin are definitely my favorites.
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First three seasons were really good
nik-stillthinking10 May 2012
The first three seasons of this show were really good. It's a pity CW dropped it i've seen much less funny shows which less talent go on for longer. Networks stick to shows that might not start out well but end up as classics. Case in point is Sienfeld, in this case the ratings were good so i don't see the justification for it. And with no due respect to the previous poster, really "Holly Berry"!!! that's just plain ignorance and it says everything i need to know about you. And oh, it is a race issue. PS:BET you need to keep the Jason Pitts character as a principle he was/is funnier than any of the character, plus Coby Bell's delivery of the lines is spot on. I should add that the Kelly character was a nice compliment to the Pitt's character, it just needs better writing (AND directing).
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The Game always and forever
Roxanne Wright23 April 2013
The Game is a nice television series to watch. I have been watching The Game since the first season. We are now on season six of The Game. We have seen the growth and change though each  character. The Game is an entertaining and hilarious drama mini soap opera about the lives of football players and relationships with their girlfriends and wives.  Season six has changed drastically due to the two main characters Melanie and Derwin not being as present, as to previous seasons. The show isn't the same without the two main stars but Tasha Mack is holding it down so far in season six. It's still nice to see that this show is still running. I hope for more seasons to come. If you haven't seen The Game, I suggest you start watching. After watching each episode you'll be waiting with excitement to see what will happen next. It's a great show, you'll get hooked!!
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My Favorite TV sitcom
joemoe1166 April 2011
My favorite TV show is The Game the show revolves around football players, their families, their wives, and their girlfriends. I became a fan of the show when it was a spin off of Girlfriends. Joan Slaton's cousin Melanie moved to San Diego with her football player rookie boyfriend Darwin Davis. In the first episode of the show we meet the star quarterback Malik Wright, his abrasive, blunt, and brutally honest mother manager Tosha Mac, the frugal team captain Jason Pits. Jason's wife and leader of the sunbeams Kelly Pitts. The Game gives us a look inside the world of professional football players. One thing I like about the show is, the characters are not perfect they are just like you and me they make mistakes. The actors and actresses portray their characters with realism that is rarely seen in most sitcoms. Some posters have claimed about the writing, but for me, the writing is some of the best writing on television today for me, the acting on The Game should be required viewing in acting classes. I will admit, sometimes the story lines could be a little on the daytime soap opera side. If it wasn't we probably wouldn't watch it.
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They must bring this show back!
CLove1171 December 2009
This is one of the few black TV shows that was on and I could laugh my butt off, relate too and enjoy. The storyline is so good that I got hooked along with plenty of others and we want more. I feel that there is so much that still needs to be shown with this show...and 3 seasons is hardly enough. I hope Bet really get's The Game back on for the 4th season and many more to come! Luv this show! (I hate when we get a new show and it gets canceled right when we start getting into it. Let's just also make sure it comes on at a good time too. That's part of the reason The CW dropped the show hell it kept moving the day it aired. It started on a Mon., then moved to a Thurs. then to a Fri. No wonder the ratings kept going down...who's at home on a Friday night?)
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Waste of time and talent
Kelly7 June 2017
Admittedly I only watched part of this series online. I saw Momoa had appeared in the series and I enjoy his work so I found his episodes and watched only them. The stories and performances were stiff and uninspired and fell flat. Writing unimpressive. Talent was wasted. How a show can stifle the natural magnetism, goofiness and accessible, at times tangible vulnerability of Momoa I will never understand. Baywatch (not exactly known for it's deep content) did a better job of using his talents! Disappointing.
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ayumi yoshida10 November 2013
I saw this movie, I thought that he was a living thing which deceives people. Nobody expected that fraud began from the present got from his younger brother. And I cannot believed his older brother was became the victim of fraud. I thought that it became impossible for nobody to believe if many such things have happened. And I thought I should not do many things for sensational. Nicolas telephoned for sensational and "the game" started. The face of the pierrot who was rolling in the house was most impressive. The pierrot seemed very uncanny. From the second half of a movie, it was thrilling. I gave feeling of being at a performance that the scene of shooting and the scenes sunking into the sea in a taxi. His counterattack was very smart after it turns out that Nicolas understood that CRS is a fraud organization at last. I thought that justice won any time.
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Don't waste your time watching this...
Cindy Crenshaw25 April 2012
The game is probably the most boring comedy/drama I have ever seen. Don't waste your time with this. The jokes are either dull or childish and I don't see why they keep on playing the laughter tracks/soundboard even when something's clearly not funny. Matter of fact, without the laughter recordings, you'd probably never tell that it's comedy; and it really doesn't fit the description of a drama either. It used to be good some years back when I first watched it(although I only saw two or three episodes), but now it's just poor work from the writers , directors etc. It's at the point where 'How I met Your Mother' is heading. Boring as hell Some of the actors are good as I have seen them in other shows but this show is just a waste of time.
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