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Season 4

11 Jan. 2011
Melanie deals with the backlash of having to ld Derwin the results of the DNA test, only to learn that the results are incorrect. The baby is his. Malik commits the ultimate betrayal when he sleeps with Tee Tee's new girlfriend Allison. Meanwhile, Jason is growing increasingly upset by Kelly's reality show. Elsehwhere in San Diego, Rick bombs at a comedy "open mic" night,embarrassing Tasha. Could she be turned off?
18 Jan. 2011
Beach Chairs
Melanie musters the courage to reveal the mistaken DNA test results of Baby DJ, further driving a wedge in her marriage and sending Janay on the warpath. Janay isn't the only one on a warpath - still bitter from being let go from the San Diego Sabers, Jason talks about his ex-teammates on Benched! The guys confront Jason about his inappropriate roasting of them as acorrespondent on his new sports show. Finally, Tasha and Kelly reconcile.
25 Jan. 2011
The Confession Episode
Malik continues his downward spiral of behavior, culminating in a drunken rage and assault against a police officer. He's arrested. Melanie is the new president of the Sunbeams. She gets carried away with hosting a charity event for young girls, but learns a lesson in humility after trying to exclude Jazz (ex-video vixen) from participating in the event.
1 Feb. 2011
The Wing King
The cast of The Game watch t.v. as they see Mallik gets arrested for pushing an officer. He then decides to temporarily quit playing football, because he decides to go to rehab in order to play football for the new season.
8 Feb. 2011
Men in Crisis
Derwin tries to make amends with Janay by spending time with his son at her house, and it almost jeopardizes his relationship with Melanie. Elsewhere, Tasha learns a life lesson from Dante.
15 Feb. 2011
Don't You Know Who I Was?
Malik, frustrated with rehab and convinced that he has no problems or addictions, leaves to attend a Sabers' party only to run into Jason and Derwin, who confront him about his reckless behavior and send him back to rehab to face his problems head on. Kelly tries desperately to hang on to the Sunbeams, only to learn that she is no longer embraced by the women of the Sabers.
22 Feb. 2011
You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello
Kelly tries to stay relevant as her reality show struggles; Malik searches for the root of his troubles.
1 Mar. 2011
A Very Special Episode
Melanie tries to spice things up with Derwin; Malik wants to put his life back in order but faces problems that are difficult to resolve.
8 Mar. 2011
Whip It, Whip It Good
Tasha keeps an eye on Brittany at Jason's request; Melanie's relationship with her parents changes as a result of her marriage.
15 Mar. 2011
Never Surrender
Malik plans to end his affair with Parker; Tasha's lie about her relationship with Dante is exposed.
22 Mar. 2011
Death Becomes Her
When Tasha finds out her new man has a terminal illness, they spend his final days tackling their bucket lists. But is his terminal illness as final as we think? Meanwhile, Malik is dealt another blow when he learns his future with the Sabers is questionable. Melanie and Derwin entertain the idea of starting a family, finally!
29 Mar. 2011
The Right to Choose Episode
After trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant, Melanie and Derwin visit a fertility specialist, but the visit to the fertility specialist reveals more than Melanie bargained for. Will their relationship make it? Meanwhile, Malik's downward spiral continues as Jenna refuses to take him back and the Sabers court a new quarterback. Tasha runs into her dying boyfriend and is devastated.

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