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Good times all round.
chrismartonuk-114 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I remember this one well - for personal reasons too. This tale of two married women painting the town red in the absence of their hubbies working months on a North Sea oil rig had a particular resonance as I had a brief fling with one such woman herself - she went one better than the women here in having kids! We follow the two women as they doll themselves up for a night out and pick up men at the local night club - the "baldy man" credited in the cast tries his luck but fails. The older woman, Anne Kirsten, can barely restrain herself as she starts unzipping her blokes' jeans while Phyllis Logan is more demure. But it is Anne Kirsten's character who suffers agonies of remorse the morning after. Phyllis Logan's character had gained a taste for it however - the fact that her husband spends much of his time at home sleeping off drunken hangovers helps - and she starts seeing her lover regularly. She attends an extremely amusing party where her boyfriends' offer of "do ye want a drink" results in him gulping down a drink and passing it onto her when he kisses her. She reveals a very tasty pair of boobs in a love scene as she proceeds to get more serious - much to her ex-friends' astonishment. But the bleak, almost puritanically punishing ending has her walking out on her husband only to catch a glimpse of lover-boy with a new paramour. The last shot of her standing alone on a windswept beach seems unduly harsh since all she wanted was a little affection. It's the sort of story that would be dealt with in a few episodes of a soap opera these days. I often wonder what became of mine.
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