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MPAA Rated R for sexual content and language

Sex & Nudity

  • The theme of the movie revolves around the number of sexual partners a woman has had. Sex is discussed freely and often, though not often graphically--although penis length and penetration are visited several times.
  • The male lead is nude or mostly nude throughout much of the film. Although his "package" is never shown, we see every thing else.
  • A woman's bare breasts are shown for a scene lasting just over a minute. She is wearing only panties.
  • There are several instances of obscured (blurry) but visible nudity: A man's buttocks are shown in the background of a scene and his "package" can be seen between his legs as he bends over; A woman steps out of the shower nude at profile and leans over the sink; A couple is shown nude jumping into water at night. Woman peeks out of the water revealing both nipples for a very brief second.
  • A woman lays in bed with her shirt unbuttoned and opened in the center and no bra. Nipples are sightly visible through the shirt. She later gets out of bed and crawls over a guy, giving a quick flash of her entire left breast.
  • Several buttocks are shown (both male and female) and topless women from the backside (two flashes of breasts shown) as she dresses.
  • There is one clothed sex scene played for comedy and a moment where a man pleasures himself in public (only his facial reactions are shown).
  • A man and a woman play basketball in their underwear.
  • A woman wears a tight night dress showing cleavage.
  • A man is said to have had sex with his dog.

Violence & Gore


  • 22 uses "f**k" (3 used by kids), 8 uses "s**t", 1 use "B-s**t", 12 uses "OMG", etc...

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

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