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Nothing special, but not bad
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews21 October 2007
First off, this should not be watched by anyone who hasn't already seen the film, unless they don't care about spoilers. I'm not sure the film will hold any surprises whatsoever if you see it after this. As far as behind-the-scenes featurettes and such go, this is informational enough. It has interviews with various people who worked on it, and a handful of special effects in the film are briefly explained in adequate detail by the people who created them. A few tidbits of info are divulged, including how locations were found and where. Interviews with the actors are also featured in this. The pacing isn't bad, and the short running time was a good choice. It isn't terribly entertaining. The editing breaks no boundaries. This and the other featurette(On the Set - The Making of The Forgotten) featured on the DVD of The Forgotten are fine, and fans may want to check them out. The commentary track of the film may be worth a listen to those interested in info, as well. For anyone who wants to interpret the film to be anything other than exactly what is presented: you may not want to watch this. No mention is made of even the possibility of the movie being about anything but what it, itself, ends up saying it is. I'm not sure anyone who didn't love the film would find anything in this particularly interesting, unless they deem it so from reading this review. The special effects talk isn't bad, and the interviews are OK. I recommend this to fans of the film, except for those who want it to be about something other than what it claims it is. 6/10
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