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To bé amoral or, to be nót amoral .... succinctly put
huh_oh_i_c7 February 2009

This is the best episode of the entire 26-part series, despite the heartbreaking, moving and action-laden first two episodes. It is the best, because it sums up the dilemma of the cyborg-prepubescent girl and her human partner so very, very nicely: What to do (as said girl) when a innocent bystander happens to get in the way of your mission? Why, you kill him, of course! But not AFTER you said sorry, of course. Goes without saying. The writers had the good sense to let the two characters establish a friendly rapport before. Even if that's a tat obvious.

But Rico shoots him nevertheless, because as she ponders in the beginning and the end of the episode: "Before, I didn't have a body, strong enough to get out of bed. But now, the Social Welfare Organisation has given me one, and as long as I follow orders, nothing will disturb this happy symbiosis ..."
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