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Lieut. Jim Brice is the wayward son of the Colonel. Troubled over his boy's conduct, the Colonel requests Sgt. O'Grady to keep an eye on him. Jim frequents a gambling house kept by a Spaniard named Gomez, and one night loses heavily, being finally compelled to give Gomez his I.O.U. for $1,000. Upon his return home, Jim, in a tipsy condition is seriously upbraided by his father, who threatens to disown him in a highly dramatic scene. Jim has been carrying on a clandestine courtship of a pretty Indian maid, Winona, and he promises to elope with her and build a home away in the wilderness. Gomez takes advantage of the desperate financial situation of Jim, and demands payment of his I.O.U., agreeing, however, to cancel the indebtedness if Jim will tip him off when the payroll money for the fort will arrive. Jim gives him this information, and Gomez and his band waylay the stage dressed as Indians, and massacre the escort. When Jim learns of this he is stricken with remorse, but dare not ...

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