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will and grace - the mourning son
Jack-Sparrow-Lover1 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
its will and grace. its when will finds out that his dad had a heart attack. will just had an argument before and then Marilyn (his mother) came in and said that George (wills father) didn't make it to the hospital. will starts mourning. hence the name, the mourning son. its all very well written. graces belly begins to take shape as her pregnancy develops. Karen and jack are them crazy selves but less crazy than normal. this is one of the last episodes in season 8. season 8 IS the last season. I know, all very upsetting. I wish it didn't need to end but all good shows have got to end some time. when i am a little older, i wan to be a script writer. this is because of how well the writers on will and grace writs that inspired me. i wish they would do a movie. that would be cool. anyway, in the finale, the last line is, "goodnight, Gracie" this is because in the pilot episode, at the very beginning, will says that to grace. its all upsetting because its the last season and i only wish it weren't.
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