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A superb ending for a superb series
Paulo Maia22 May 2006
The final episode of Charmed was a valentine for every true fan of this amazing show.

Filled with over-the-top performances and the best kind of nostalgia, this episode takes us into the core of the Halliwell family, before and after The Charmed Ones fulfill their destiny once and for all.

In its 8-year run, with 178 action-packed and delightful episodes, the series ender made justice to its followers, and gave proper closure to all the characters we have learned to love and cheer for over the past 8 years.

Charmed, you will be missed.
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The Best Finale for the Best Series
arturo_smallcharm16 August 2006
I'm gonna miss Charmed, this show gave me the most incredible eight years in my life. I started to watched since I was 10, I wish it had have more seasons, but it didn't. Anyway, now Charmed is part of history, my history, and once when I get marry, I will let my children and my grand children to watch the reruns or the DVD's. I will be so proud of it, even when I get old, when the actresses will be dead by that time, I will remember them.

I wish they had have Shannon Doherty for the final episode, and then fans would have been happy with Paige meeting her. But it did not happen.

Farewell My Beloved Charmed Ones. Rest In Peace, Mr. Aaron Spelling.
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Farewell my Beloved Halliwell
solitary_demon31 May 2006
When I saw the door closing at the end of the series I felt the most horrible feeling of emptiness I ever had. The brilliant conclusion to a series full of great actors (the guest list in this show is by far the best ever, perhaps friends is about as good), and of course beautiful lovely Ladies. After all this time I'm gonna miss the rhythmical spells, or when Phoebe used to foretell, or when Piper froze my heart as well. I missed Prue for a long time, but Paige became the perfect rhyme. Besides Prue's absence in the last episode I couldn't ask for anything else. Everything, was delightfully perfect. I really enjoyed how they wrote their experiences in the Book of Shadows. Nothing was left undone, they showed us through words their lives in the future, their families, and children. Chris and Wyatt are the ultimate siblings, because they mostly think as one and alternate their sentences nicely. Leo and Piper, Coop and Phoebe, and Henry and Paige are the couples who will live happily ever after in my heart. Bye Charmed, farewell my beloved Halliwell, and Leo as well. PS. Sometimes, I'm a "good demon"
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Charmed Ends PERFECTLY!!! Spoilers!!!
Jan Myers22 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
After 8 years of demon fighting, innocent saving, and falling in and out of love. Our favorite witches said goodbye in what I believe was the best way possible. After the final battle was over instead of just leaving us to guess what happened to them. They FastForward through time showing that our girls finally got the lives they wanted. Having Old Piper and Old Leo walking up the stairs passing by pictures of the family and it made me cry. Then having one of the granddaughters closing the door to the Manor one final time. I gave this episode 10 stars. I say Thank You to everyone involved in Charmed. I just hope that sometime in the future we might get a TV Movie or even a Theater Movie out of this. Maybe some sort of spin off with their children. All I know is that even though now I have an empty feeling... I am every happy with the way Charmed ended.
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Nothing over the top... nice ending for a wonderful series
lori_knapp1425 May 2006
Like most shows that come to an end, I was concerned how Charmed and it's creators, writers and cast would end this wonderful show. This show has been under the radar for the past 8 years, with little help from the network. Thankfully, I feel that syndication helped bring extra viewers to a show that is timeless.

The ending was extremely well done and I feel gives the viewers the much needed closure that many shows don't give nowadays. After hearing that the show almost went off the air last year, and the ending season 7 received, I am glad it was brought back for one last season. I feel the show ended with the same grace and tact it has had all these years.

I was also glad to see many cast members return for this final farewell, as well as the way the show was written to answer some of the questions many of us would have had.

It will be missed by many, adored by more and, I feel, the magic of Charmed will continue to live on in the stories, DVDs and syndication.

Thank you to those who worked on such a wonderful show!!!
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Forever Charmed
heathmcc21 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This episode was the best and the saddest. I cant believe that Charmed is really over, after eight years. I cried during this episode, it was so moving. The very end of the episode was the most touching part. In the end, the three sisters write about their lives in the Book of Shadows. There is a voice-over as scenes flash by. Phoebe talks about the past eight years and the future. She says that her life has just begun.She marries Coop and ends up having three beautiful girls. Paige goes next, she talks about her future. Paige ends up having one boy and twin girls. Piper goes last, and talks about her life. She has two boys and her little girl. Later, we see future Piper with one of her grandchildren. Piper finishes reading her entry and goes up the stairs of the Manor. The other grandchildren come home and we see as Piper walks up the stairs, pictures of the past, present, and future. While watching this episode, I suggest you have a box of tissues ready.
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spikebabe925 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I watched three of four series finales(That 70's show,Charmed, and 7th Heaven/Will and Grace(did not watch on same time as 70's show)) in the past 3 weeks and this was by far the best. The endings of the other shows were fulfilling but they left things vague. The ending here was pristine and perfect. Happy endings all the way around. I love the fact that Billie was included in the flash forwards as Pheobe's sitter. It is sad that she lost her sister but she gained 3 and what more can you ask for. Having Piper's Grandchild be the last one seen closing the door(With her powers) was brilliant. The first chapter ends and another begins with a new generation. I am proud to say that I watched this show from the beginning and I would like to thank the creators and writers for 8 incredible years.
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A perfect end!
andy2639645326 May 2006
This is the greatest end to any episode i have ever seen! After 8 fantastic years this show sadly comes to an end! But they did not leave us wondering what would happen, they gave us and the characters closure and touched all of our hearts! For all you fellow charmed fans you will understand when i say life won't be the same without our fix of kick ass witches and our little fix of magic that we get from watching Charmed! Thankyou Charmed and Thankyou to the amazing writers of the show and all the amazing actors! I hope maybe one day we may see the next generation of charmed ones taking their place on our screens and in our hearts!
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A proper goodbye
rachybabz1257 June 2006
The final episode of Charmed was indeed spectacularly simple, drawing to a close all the things fans had always anticipated. It drew together so many "forgotten" elements that had been dismissed in the past, such as telling Patty about Prue's death, which had always been cautiously neglected in past episodes. Even references were (perhaps unintentionally) made to season three when Prue, Piper and Phoebe travelled back in time to the colonial period. At the time, Phoebe was blissfully unaware of Cole's demonic side and asked a fortune teller to reveal the letter of her true love. It was, of course, C and I was impressed that Phoebe ended up marrying Coop, which meant a nice line of continuation. I admit that I did cry, especially at the end when the photos on the wall were scanned over. I thought that Holly Coombs did an amazing job of conveying her desperation not to lose her sisters ever again and her overall acting was incredible. It was also nice of Drew Fuller to make another appearance as the sexy Chris. I was pleasantly devastated by the final episode of Charmed but I felt it was a fitting tribute to all the hard work Alyssa, Holly and Rose have put in over the last few years. It would have been nice for Shannon Doherty to make an appearance as Prue but, of course, that was wishful thinking on my part. However, it must be said that the episode was utterly fantastic and was a fitting goodbye to a show so many people will allow to live on all over the world.
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Couldn't Have Been More Perfect!
rmorse215 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Die-hard fans of this marvelous series will find this, the last-ever episode, both exciting and gratifying.

Bringing together several beloved characters from past episodes including Grams, Patty, Victor, and the adult Wyatt and Chris, evil is defeated, love is affirmed, and all loose ends are tied neatly.

A special treat is the tender look into the futures of the three sisters and their respective families.

I'll offer no more details or possible spoilers, since viewers should be able to enjoy Charmed's final installment as events unfold, but when about to watch the episode, take this advice: sit back armed with favorite snack and beverage, turn off the telephone, and bask in the pleasure of what may be the finest episode in the show's long history.
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Lauren V10 September 2006
I think that this episode of Charmed was truly wonderful. As a viewer for its entire 8 year run I was very impressed. This episode brought me to tears as a watched old Piper head up the staircase past the old photographs, which were recognizable from past episodes.

This episode tied up all loose ends. Wrapped up everyones lives. This episode was truly wonderful and a gift from the creators of Charmed. It engulfed every member (Even mentioning Prue) and brought the story line full circle.

I was happy to see each member of the Halliwell family and their extended family (Billie) grow up. Wonderful episode...a must see!

There could have been a picture or 2 of Prue on the wall or something a bout Darrel but otherwise great!
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You can't wish for more.
owlaurence2 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Having been cruelly disappointed by some endings, I was really anxious about everything that could go wrong for this one, and... it is everything I could wish for. Emotional, both in a sad and in a happy way, crammed with all the characters we have come to know and love over the years, filled with small reminders of past events and events yet to come. Just... wonderful.

As Piper and Leo travel back and forth in time to save Paige and Phoebe, collecting their relatives along the way, I can't stop grinning. How wonderful is it to see the whole family reunited and working together? Not to mention everybody blissfully blurting out things that they shouldn't (yay Wyatt and "Uncle Coop"!) It's all very sweet, even though I feel sad for Patty who missed so much. But what a treat to see Wyatt and Chris so close, when you know what could have been.

Then to the main plot. It is particularly ironical that the last evil the sisters vanquish is a human witch, whom they once treated as a sister. Billie's gradual realisation that her beloved sister is lost, and her final decision to kill her, is heart-breaking. Faced with the big family reunion, the main plot could have been a mere pretext, but it works because it remains coherent, and there is this clever mirror effect, with Billie's powers and Coop's ring being used by each side alternately. And the Angel of Destiny popping back in every 5mn, and Leo just watching Piper in a way that expresses his complete belief in her...

So we finally have our "happily ever after", wonderfully illustrated by the intertwined narratives the sisters and the really, really beautiful shot of old Piper and Leo, the ultimate couple, slowly walking up those familiar stairs, past a series of photographs that sum up everything the family stood for and symbolised. Thus does the door close for the last time on the Charmed Ones, and as I can find nothing more to ask for, I'll let it close and be content.
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The Perfect Ending To A Great Series
TOrockchick30 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed this episode and believe it was the perfect way to end the series. I really did feel bad for Billie that she wasn't able to save Christy, but at least she gained friends in the sisters. I was glad that everything else ended happily with the future ending up happy with everything how it should be. I really liked it how the granddaugther ended the series the same way it began, with the closing of the front door with her powers.

I have been a fan of the series since the start and have not missed a single episode. I also happen to own the first four seasons on DVD (the fifth to be added tomorrow) and enjoy watching them over and over. I will certainly miss this series and it will definitely be one to add to my list of all-time favorites. I do hope that somehow a spin off will be made from this, either with the children or grandchildren. I would love to see this continue and watch them grow with their powers.

Blessed Be to all Charmed Fans
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Charmed, for ever and always!
du0419 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This has to be, as many reviewers before me have said, the best ending to the best show, ever! Which is very rare to hear me say as I am not usually a fan of nice, everything-in-a-bow, happily ever after endings. But this one was different! What Charmed has always been the best in its field at doing, is capturing people's imaginations and enabling the audience's sympathy with the characters. Therefore, it was only right that an ending should show the sisters living what they always dreamt, children, grandchildren and long, happy lives.

This also has the very great honour of being the only TV show I have cried my eyes out at... The penultimate scene, when old Piper & Leo are walking up the stairs and the camera pans around to all the old pictures of the characters, never fails to being a tear to my eye! Fantastic job to everyone involved, Charmed Forever!!
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sfvoiceteacher1 November 2006
I have been a fan of the show since the beginning. The story lines have been great, just as the guest stars have been.

The best part for me...that Christy was finally smoked! I could not stand her!!! I loved how the multi-generational family thing tied it all together. I understand the whole Prue thing. I am actually pretty cool with the fact that she was not 'in' the EP, BUT, I think the greatest tribute would have been to show her picture on the wall as the show ended. The storyline would NEVER have worked without Prue, and I think that for those of us that were the die hard fans deserved more respect from a show that we respected for eight seasons.
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Best Ep Ever
starchild_spaceace12 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I rate charmed 10/10 because it was the best episode ever. You need to watch this. I cried at the end, i suppose it was sad. It was great that Phoebe and Coop got married and had 3 girls, also Paige.

The end was cool with them as old folks and Wyatt and Chris picking up where the charmed ones left off.

I just wish they made more seasons, but people weren't watching.

You must see this EP, its the best one ever!

I recommend watching this with a box of tissues.

I'm looking forward to the 8th season DVDs! Hopefully a movie also!

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I missed 85% of the last episode
jpycior-122 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I caught the last 15 minutes this past Sunday, however, what I did see was incredible..Charmed will indeed be missed. I cried at the end, and it was tears of joy. It was an amazing episode, no doubt. It was good to see it end on such a good note. Is there anyone who can give me more details of what happened. I understand that Piper had to go back in time to save her sisters. What I really enjoyed about the episode, is when they all wrote in the Book of Shadows and to see everyone together again..it was good to see Leo and Piper back together again after so much had happened to them in their lives. The ending was very well done. Fantastic performances all around. Please email me with details, if possible or if you know when and if the episode will repeat sometime soon. Thanks!
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Micaela10 July 2007
This is by far the best series I've ever watched...its simply amazing, its always loads of fun watching it, always something new. I learned so many life lessons by this series. When I watch it, it is as if i've known really the wise piper, the responsible Pru, the beautiful phoebe and the so good Leo. I have two sisters, and when Pru was still alive. We had a game. The smallest sister was phoebe, the middle one was piper and I was Pru. Believe it or not, I actually cried when Pru died. Today I watched this episode, which was obviously the best one, and I didn't know it would be the last one. So I quickly came to IMDb, and it made me so sad to see that it was the last one, a dream had ended. I will never forget, and i'll continue to watch the old episodes. I just want to thank Charmed. I love you all, the best of the best ThanksThanksThanks!
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The Sweetness
James Hall14 June 2006
Even though there was lots of conflict in it i think that it was a very sweet ending. It made me cry to be honest heehee especially the song at the end, it was soooo sweet I'm just angry that they arnt making a season 9, they could have carried it on to season 10 lol. I also think that they should make a spin off with Chris and Wyatt. I think that the girls should have some kind of reward like a bafta because how they have acted throughout the years s totally spectacular. I though Buffy was good, but this is 10x better. I wish the girls all the luck in the future and that the person who plays Billie is fit lol

James xx
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the end
giovno7324 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I heard someone lost 85% of the episode. Well, you can find a way to find the episode in the Internet! The final episode was wonderful but I did not appreciate the big inconsistency regarding Prue: why they did never see Prue? You'll say that Doherty did not want to be back or that it was too expensive to have her back...or have image rights...OK but after so many years it was enough to let her appear in the shadow or in the mist or whatever using another actress(it was enough to show an older Prue or a younger Prue). We saw everything and everyone, the Source came back, the Triad, Cole, Barbas etc., granny, mummy, almost everyone (except Andy) returned at least once. But not Prue, this is too inconsistent even considering that they kept mentioning her in the show. And the pictures we see at the end...well I can't believe they couldn't afford to show the old picture with Prue in it. However, letting this incongruence apart...the episode was really satisfying and plenty of emotions!
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travel through times
Liz Sharrod21 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
OK...i only saw this last week as it is on later in the year here in the UK then in the USA but hey...OK i only just got into charmed as i found that 8 simple rules star, kaley cuoco is in it.i was glued to it and now it has sadly ended! i was touched on how the last episode concluded a charmed...it was absolutely genius.I really do like Coop he is gorgeous but happy that he has found love with Pheobe...it ended perfectly the director did a good job in making this and the writers are also genius...the director picked a cranking good cast...Kaley Cuoco now in my top 5 favourite actresses and as if her bday is the same as mine lol...but still good job folks lol
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final episode comments
mcase527 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have been watching Charmed since the beginning and have to say it has been absolutely one of my favorite shows! I love the way they ended the series. I thought it was exactly the way it should have been done. It was definitely right for Piper to be the one to survive the fight with Billy and Christie. She was so devastated when she couldn't save Prue that it was only fitting that she was the one to save her sisters and finally have the closure she has been yearning for. Definitely a tearjerker episode. The walk up the stairs at the end when they show all the family photos was a fitting end to a really great show. I was a little surprised there was no mention of Darryl, but, it was still a great episode.
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Very wonderful ending to a very wonderful series.
EmptyTranquility10 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I am sad to see this series end, very much so. This was an AMAZING ending. Probably one of the best I've seen - but it still hurts so much knowing that this series is over. After eight years. I'm going to miss seeing Holly, Alyssa and Rose on the screen, and Bryan as well. I'll miss the entire cast. They were the BEST. Though it will likely never happen, I'll keep my fingers crossed for The X-Generation of Charmed. I could see a new series about the kids of the Charmed Ones and the battles they have to face. That would be extordinary... and me being a girl and all, I'd love to see Chris on the screen. Heh. Or, they could at least give us a movie... but it's okay, I know it probably won't happen. So, all that is left to do, is watch reruns. No show will ever take Charmeds place in my heart.

<333 Charmed Rocks <333
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great show
diyana88200318 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
ya...can't believe it's over too.i mean...i've been watching tat show for so long and when it finally came to its end,i cried.i mean.Wat else am i supposed to watch after this.???but it is definitely a good show...you'll regret it if you didn't manage to watch it...the last episode was a nice episode.felt touched when seeing the whole family together trying to solve the problem.i kind of hated the christy character coz she's trying too hard to convince billie to kill the charmed ones.i was kind of relieved to see that phoebe and paige were brought back alive and that christy finally died.oh.i was also happy and relieved that leo was given back to piper...FINALLY!!!
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Forever Charmed***This comment may contain some spoilers **
rhondie303 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I really enjoyed this episode.But it is still so sad that it had to end.My favorite part was the end where the sisters are writing in the book for the last time,Pheobe finally finds her true love and gets married has 3 girls,Paige has a family of her own with Henry and 3 little ones, Finally Piper and Leo get the life together that they deserve and I'm so happy that Wyatt doesn't turn out evil and him and Chris are so close in the future. needless to say I cried all the way through this part especially when it shows old Piper and old Leo walking up the stairs and there grandchildren coming in using magic. It was just so touching to finally see the sisters live the life they always wanted.Charmed will always be my favorite show and I will continue to watch the reruns on TNT.
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