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Early unimpressive work by rising director
Horst_In_Translation15 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"El Cojonudo", which basically means "The Colossal", is a 22-minute live action short film from 2005, so this one is already 12 years old now. The writer and director is Fede Alvarez, who has risen to fame recently for his collaborations with actress Jane Levy. Back when he made this movie here, however, he was still a complete nobody, even if he made short films before that already. With the filmmaker's nationality, it is an Uruguayan production in the Spanish language, so make sure you got subtitles. I personally don't know any of the cast members, but none of them impressed me much, so it's certainly not a great loss and definitely not to a level where I would look up their bodies of work. Even if there are supernatural and horror elements in here, it is really all about the comedy though. Sadly, it is really more trying to be funny and sometimes in a pretty bad gimmicky way that is nothing but loud than actually succeeding in terms of genuinely entertainment. So yeah, if you like Alvarez's recent works, so not expect too much from this one here as he was still in his 20s and clearly looking for his successful approach to filmmaking. It's not a failure, but nothing about the directing, acting or, most importantly, the script is memorable here. Thumbd down. Not recommended.
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