'Hurt' him: Winer sells pilot to Fox

'Hurt' him: Winer sells pilot to Fox
It's a threepeat for hot writer-director Jason Winer, who has landed his third pilot in as many seasons.

Fox has given the green light to "This Might Hurt", a partially improvised single-camera comedy from the mastermind behind last year's "Giants of Radio" for CBS and the 2005 pilot for Fox "The Adventures of Big Handsome Guy and His Little Friend."

20th Century Fox TV, where Winer is based with an overall deal, is producing. In addition to creating the show, Winer will executive produce and direct the pilot.

"Hurt", which has been fast-tracked by Fox to shoot in November, is set at a private medical practice run by three partners -- a fiftysomething pediatrician, a charming buddy-type who is all bedside manners but not up to speed on the latest medical advances; his son, an internist, who is serious and intellectual and doesn't get along well with his dad; and a female OB-GYN with a secret.

"It's a look behind the curtain at the people that we perceive as being healthier than us both physically and emotionally," Winer said.

'Handsome' pilot turns up on Web

The Internet's pilot bandit has struck again. The Adventures of Big Handsome Guy and His Little Friend, a comedy series passed over by Fox Broadcasting Co. for the fall schedule, has mysteriously popped up on at least three different viral-video Web sites. The emergence of Handsome marks the second known TV pilot left over from the 2005-06 development season to resurrect itself from unknown auspices. Nobody's Watching, a comedy from NBC Universal TV Studio rejected by WB Network, resurfaced on YouTube last month, and generated enough buzz to prompt NBC to pick up the series. Upon discovering the pilot online Thursday, Handsome production company 20th Century Fox Television issued a statement indicating plans to track down the source of the leak.

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