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not quite so 'unhappily married'
cherylllr12 October 2006
I read the first several messages on the board here, and people who don't like this show seem to be doing so for two main reasons - they think the longer-married couple is too bitter and unhappy, and they keep comparing the show to Everybody Loves Raymond. Well, I hope the show gets at least a few more episodes to reveal to those of you who aren't paying enough attention that Brad's character and his wife do really love each other and are trying to make their marriage better. A related idea the writers could emphasize is that the Woodcock's marriage will get stronger when the kids take off the rose-colored glasses and begin to love the people they married, not the idealized version of those people. And as for comparing to ELR, if you feel you absolutely must, this show is a lot kinder and more loving than that one.
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Funny show
SonicStuart7 September 2006
I think this show seems kind of promising, especially since Brad Garrett from "Everybody Loves Raymond" is the star of the show. Brad Garrett plays a guy named Eddie Stamm who is one of those unhappy married guys who has been married for over 8,000 days to his wife, Joy Stamm (Joely Fisher). Then one day a newlywed couple (Eddie Kaye Thomas and Kat Foster) moves in next door and they try to teach the newlyweds on how marriage actually works. I liked the jokes where Brad Garrett is teaching Eddie Kaye Thomas about his marriage life and how everything else is pretty obvious in marriage. I hope this show lasts. This show premiered on FOX, September 2006.

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Getting Better Every Week
csselden15 February 2007
Til Death is starting to hit its stride...last week's show which featured the guys at a belated bachelor party was the funniest yet.

Considering the lack of entertaining sitcoms on the air I am surprised FOX would give this show the death slot against Earl and Survivor...not a good idea and one they should reconsider.

I hope FOX figures out a way to attract better ratings or at least gives the show a couple of years...I would hate to see another quality comedy put to rest because of a terrible time slot.

I had my doubts for the first two or three episodes (mildly funny) but the scripts are improving each week...Kudos to Brad Garrett and the rest of the cast...also hope to see more of Will Sasso's character in future episodes.
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Nothing New, But Garrett Makes it Funny
asam31228 September 2006
I was never really a huge fan of "Everybody Loves Raymond," but Ray's brother (Garrett) was always my favorite character when I watched the show. Now, after "Raymond" has left the networks, Garrett goes onto his new project "'Til Death." The show is funny. It shows everyday situations that a lot can relate to. It tells about two sets of married couples, one thats been married for 24 years and one that's been married 12 days. While the newlyweds are deeply in love, Garrett and his wife seem to have a strained relationship. I hope this show sticks around for awhile.

With many great one liners, this show is a surefire hit with anyone who's married.
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Started out great...
jazebelle22 August 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I've been watching 'Till Death since it's very first episode and I'm at season 4 now.

At the beginning I truly enjoyed this program and thought, what a fresh new start for Brad Garret playing a main role here instead of a supporting role in Everybody Loves Raymond (The episode where Ray Romano came in as an extra was absolutely hilarious)His character as Eddy is lovable, funny coupled with his dry wit and the bundle of jokes made at him about his height was pretty hilarious. And as for Joely Fisher who played Joy, well I can't really see anyone else in her role, she is great and the chemistry between Eddy and Joy is fantastic. Like some of the reviewers have mentioned here, it's easy to see that this couple are really in love with each other after the many years being married and they're much much kinder to each other compared to Deborah and Ray (Which I found over the board annoying - with her yelling and him cringing.) The series took it's hit after the Woodcocks left the show, but some how was salvaged when Kenny (Smoove) joined the line-up. I found him absolutely funny, natural and rather creative in his role. He brought back a little spark in the show, or may have added on more hilarity to what was already there.

However, the fact that they kept changing Allison Stark's character started making the show plunge even more. Played by various different actresses (Krysten Ritter, Lindsey Broad, Kate Micucci, Laura Clery), with Laura Clery by far being the worst actress on the show and ruined whatever image any of the viewers had for Allison Stark, (plus I don't get how she's the only one who has blond hair in the family), it was difficult to follow and get used to the constant change.

And then I think the show got more and more desperate to stay within it's required ratings so it wouldn't be written off, they kept introducing more new characters to the show which clearly showed how close to pathetic it was getting. Adding on more characters didn't necessarily make it any better, but brought it to an annoying level to which some viewers might just want to shut the T.V off. I'm for one a little sad to see how bad it had gotten since it started. But sometimes, I guess there's no one to blame for the show to go stale, the actors quit their roles to try on bigger things, and in a desperation level, the creators tried very hard to maintain the shows ratings, but alas it wasn't enough. I supposed the kindest thing that can be said about the show is that, the creators tried very hard to keep their audience and fans satisfied through many different lengths, but it just wasn't enough in the end. An A+ for effort.
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Great Show then not so much
drumax-759-4178287 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I gave the show a 5 because it started out as a 9 and now is probably about a 2. I liked the show a lot when it was the older couple contrasted with the younger couple. I thought the show was real funny, both me and my wife looked forward to watching it. Now we watch it just to see what time its on now, who is playing the daughter now and try to make sense of all the changes made from show to show. What a disappointment to see such a great show turn into this.

They have made so many changes to the show from when it started till now that its not even the same show anymore. All the supporting characters have changed multiple times. The wife was working as a travel agent...then she seems to be working at the school. His next door neighbor is the principal, now he isn't on the show any more as well as his wife. The daughter has changed 3 or more times and now they seem to just be throwing in new characters willy nilly.

I must say that the show started off great. The juxtaposition between the older married couple and the newly married couple and how the characters worked together was great. The woodcocks (the younger couple) were great characters...the husband somewhat naive and slowly learning about his new wife's somewhat wild past, all the same a happy newly married couple. Then there is Brad Garrett and his wife who have been married forever and the effect this happy newlywed couple has on them...and more importantly the affect they have on the newly wed couple who see their future in the less than romantic life of a long married couple.

I think this show was the best sitcom on (not saying much these days) and genuinely funny until they just started tearing it apart, moving it around, until even people like myself who watched it regularly no longer even knew what it was about anymore. The biggest mistake was to remove the woodcocks, then to add Kenny who wasn't funny and was a poor replacement...I feel for Garrett who started off in what I felt was a funny possible hit and ended up in convoluted mess. How can someone care for characters and a show where the characters are all coming and going...all I can say is its a shame what happened to this funny show. If you can somehow catch the first shows with the woodcocks...watch them, they are worth watching...after that...its a convoluted mess.
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'Till Death + Kenny - Woodcocks = Death
mel-chandler5 October 2008
I liked the original premise of the two couples, one young, one middle aged and the comedy of the differences between them. Kenny was funny as an occasional guest star, but having him all the time now and losing the Woodcoks (Jeff & Steph) has changed the show altogether to something that just isn't that funny anymore. I find myself hating Kenny more everyday and the show too. I caught one of the episodes they shot last season with the Woodcocks. It is out of place with the current story line, but a welcome break. I do so miss the Woodcocks. I do so hope that they bring the Woodcocks back for good. After these three episodes with them air and they're not back, I don't know how I can continue watching the show with Kenny and their current format.
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Watch & See MisGuided Marriages Getting Guided
DKosty12314 December 2006
Brad Garrett is the glue holding this together. Everybody else is playing off his character & he is doing fine, much the same way he did well on that Raymond series. In a way Garrett is the Raymond of this series. Fox has been giving this show a chance and is getting rewarded as the show is improving and the ratings are going up.

The scripts have had a wide range from somewhat funny to very funny. At first, it looked like these marriages between the two couples were totally different. The Woodcocks marriage was the eyes wide open smitten stage while Garretts union was the yes we've been together forever stage. The comedy was based upon laughing at how naive the Woodcocks were.

What has happened is that we are seeing the two marriages evolve. Woodcocks marriage is finding out it takes more than being smitten to make things work and they are learning to cope. Garretts marriage is finding out that even though they are comfortable they can still find heat and new things in their relationship. This is helping the show evolve into more than it was when it started.

The actress who is playing Garretts wife on this show is really evolving into a much better comedian as this show grows. Woodcocks wife who is supposed to be the young trophy one is still a bit up on the shelf so to speak. What is going to be interesting is to keep watching as the couples continue to change, in funny sort of ways each show.

There is some class warfare comedy undertones here as Garrett is the long time teacher & Woodcock is the young Administrator who is his boss. This helps the show along at times too.
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Seen it
kitkat612776 April 2006
My husband and I went to the taping of the pilot of this series and we were glad we did. The show was cute, the writing was realistic and funny, and the actors worked together wonderfully. Each line of dialogue was something that we've either heard from a family member or had said to each other in the course of our relationship. (The woman in the older couple asked her husband to look at the really icky paper cut she has on her hand...what wife hasn't done that?)Hopefully this gets picked up by the network and we can see the rest of the episodes. We know we'll watch it. (we saw this on our honeymoon and we thought it was so neat that the younger couple in the show was on day 12 of their marriage and so were we!)
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Northernjunkie19 January 2007
This show is so hilarious that I nearly fall off my seat every time I watch it. It is well written, the actors are perfect for their respective roles (the only exception being Kat Foster, who plays Steph), and anyone who had been married for longer than three years can definitely identify with both couples on the show. In the age where it seems that sitcoms have gone the way of the dinosaur, it is refreshing to sit down each week to half an hour of carefree, uncomplicated, laugh-out-loud, slap-your-knee hilarity. Don't get me wrong, I love the new wave of serial television shows that really make you think, make you angry, make you cry; but every now and then you really just want a little unambiguous comedy.
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Forget Jumping the Shark this show Adopts a Black Man
skanklover_6916 September 2013
This was actually quite a funny sitcom comedy for the first two season. The perky newly wed Woodcocks were in sharp contrast to the 20 year married Starks. I frequently laughed out loud and looked forward to watching it. There were plenty of pointed insights into relationships and married life in general.

Then something bizarre happened in season 3. The Woodcocks their next door neighbors disappear with no explanation offered & Eddie becomes big brother to a full grown black man (an absolutely ridiculous story line). Then the black man moves in with them. Then we have a cast of black characters added on. Were the producers including Brad Garrett who is also the lead actor cynically chasing urban African American TV ratings? Would love to know the thinking behind this.

The show becomes desperately unfunny immediately after that. The show then stopped after season 4. A mystery....
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Lacks of a spark...
insomniac_rod17 December 2007
Don't get me wrong, I think Bard Garrett is a fantastic comedic actor but his acting skills aren't exploited at it's best in this show.

The jokes and situations aren't as funny as you may expect from a Brad Garrett show. Also, the whole macho dominated situation is getting old by now.

I don't believe he is comfortable in the show and you can clearly see he looks awkward while performing some jokes. For example, the Bill Cosby spoofs.

Joely Fisher in my opinion is not that funny but she delivers. Eddie Kaye Thomas is a young talented comedian but I don't think he fits in this show. I believe he belongs to movies. Kat Foster is extremely sexy, hot but lacks of some comedic skills, well that's my opinion.
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Started off as an okay comedy but went down hill.
mary-179-67738313 April 2012
The show started off okay and I initially liked the authenticity of the characters. i.e. Joy not reading a book for over 12 years. It's funny, but people are really like this. They do regular things like have dinner with friend. The neighbours the Woodcocks were also good characters but they were boring.

The characters I can not stomach are the Starks adult daughter Alison and Doug played by Timm Sharp and the character Alison Stark played by four different actresses, cheapens the show. I can understand two actresses for the one role, but four. The producers should have cut the remainder episodes rather than replacing Alison with a third and finally fourth actress. The comedy seemed so fake and contrived when Alison and Doug were in it. I hated the cartoon episode, if I wanted to watch a cartoon dream sequence I would have put it on the cartoon network.I must say though, the character Doug can act, but his script was terrible. The actresses that played Alison on the other hand, need to go back to acting class.

J.B Smoove reminds me of Eddie Murphy (not the cool Eddie from the 80's and early 90's, but the family friendly nice Eddie post 1996. I didn't mind Kenny the character but again the humour just seems a bit silly (bad writing).

Overall, 'till death started off well but deteriorated quickly. It could have been a great comedy but they put too much contrived comedy in it. Then thinking of it's competition, I am surprised it lasted as long as it did. It was just such a terrible comedy.
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The show lost it after first season
porkepik21 February 2010
This show "died" after the Woodcocks (played by Eddy Kaybe Thomas and Kat Foster) disappeared without a warning...

Not that it was amazing, just a good 20 minutes of a properly made low key sitcom. But after the Woodcocks were cut off, the show just tried to take other directions and if of course failed miserably (who would have thought replacing half the cast could have an impact!?) What is weird is that while the show has obviously turned in to a train wreck, it is still on even though you can tell no one cares anymore... Their daughter has been replaced twice, even going from a brune girl to a blonde girl between 2 episodes, but if you can't tell that it's a sign even the producers don't care anymore then keep watching by all means!
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Thankfully it's gone...
markpamh6 June 2010
It was a great show till they dumped the only funny couple on the show, The Woodcock's. When they let them go and brought Kenny and started including that scary daughter (3 different daughters ALL CREEPY)they "jumped the shark". Kenny had NO idea what direction his character was suppose to take so he just floundered and soon petered out. The ex of Eddie made NO sense. What was the point? They were desperate and reaching.The boyfriend of the ex was a pointless character. Brad was a part of a winning combination for years and it's hard to find that kind of cohesion with another group. It's sad when shows reach this point.If this is the way they were going to continue it's better gone......
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Til Death has died
dorothyny15 March 2010
This show was so good but the new season is horrible. Woodcocks were great - why did they take them out? Kenny was the best character - made me LOL and he is gone. WTF? The Allie and Doug characters are lame - no other word to describe watching them outside of painful. I fast forwarded past most of "the wedding" episode - if I wanted to watch a cartoon I would. Now Til Death has added their political comments to the show in "the wedding" episode. We don't tune in to hear your political agenda. Boston Legal did that and they are off the air. The worst part of the show used to be the one scene in every episode (yes we noticed) where Joely would have her fake boobs (we know they are fake, too) hanging out and now the entire show is horrible. Change is not good - change it back or I'm out and I bet many more people are too.
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"Death" is a retro and unashamed sitcom. Flat, cliché but not unwatchable
liquidcelluloid-114 December 2007
Network: Fox; Genre: Sitcom; Content Rating: TV-PG (some crude humor, mild language and adult situations); Available: DVD; Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

Seasons Reviewed: 2 seasons

Eddie Stark (Brad Garrett) had a good thing going. After being married for 25 years, he and his wife Joy (Joely Fisher, "Ellen") have been lulled into a complacent lifestyle of low expectations and general acceptance of all of each other's annoying habits. That is, until obnoxiously chipper newly married couple (Eddie Kaye Thomas and Kat Foster) move in next door. Soon Joy is wondering why Eddie doesn't behave like that for her anymore and Eddie is forced to give the new guy marriage advice.

Watching " 'Til Death" I had the kind of thought that my usually optimism TV watching mind never lets me have: maybe there just isn't anything else for a sitcom to say about marriage. In "Death" a newly married couple experiments with pornography, wives use sex to get new patio furniture and a husband refuses to put his name on a girly birthday gift his wife bought. And so on. In typical sitcom fashion the women are hot and domineering and the men are either wimps or slobs. "Til Death" is not ashamed at all of being a studio audience sitcom. I honestly feel like I'm watching a remake of something I've seen years ago, just re-cast with Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher in the leads.

With "Death", Fox is loudly touting the return to TV of Brad Garrett. And with good reason, the multi Emmy-award winning actor was a breakout star on "Everybody Loves Raymond". In lull episodes Garrett's Robert could always be counted on to turn a one-liner into a huge laugh. And I'd watch Joely Fisher read the phone book. Garrett and Fisher have the veteran acting chops to balance out the amateur silliness of Thomas & Foster.

As you can imagine the show is nothing to get excited about. Naming the newlyweds the Woodcocks is only the beginning of many odd, lame sex jokes. The gags are broad and silly, nor are they tethered to anything more than a sitcom reality shaped by decades of cliché. Fox is asking Garrett to work magic with a script that is well beneath him, but the guy is such a pro he is able to get a few scattered laughs out of this material. Anybody can be funny with good material but it takes real talent to make OK material funny. It's that commitment that makes "'Till Death" better than "According to Jim", "Yes, Dear", "The King of Queens" and other bottom-of-the-barrel family and not-so-family sitcoms.

While playing a totally different character, Garrett's involvement only heightens the reality that " 'Til Death" is the kind of marriage sitcom that "Everybody Loves Raymond" was an evolution away from. Both are realistically cynical towards marriage and family, but "Death" doesn't have the depth or reason behind it. The situations are just as minuscule but on "Raymond" they always revealed a greater, nastier truth. On "Raymond" the arguments often built to an epic meltdown. Here our couple gets in a mild spat and make up happily at the end. Oh yeah, the old sitcom happy ending is back. The days of shows like "Married… with Children" and "Unhappily Ever After" that looked at marriage with cliché-busting, anti-establishment acerbic pessimism are gone, reverting back to this Oprah-esquire feminized view where everybody fights but underneath it they all love each other and there isn't a problem that can't be solved in under 30 minutes of TV time. I thought we'd gotten past all this.

If you expect more from your comedy don't even slow down here. Go in with low expectations and " 'Til Death" is an empty, inoffensive, fairly watchable sitcom. This is the type of show that I would probably be forced to watch if I was over at someone else's house. But with Garrett and Fischer at the helm, this one isn't as agonizing as it could have been.

* * / 4
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The "Romano Curse" Begins
ween-37 September 2006
Gotta tell ya, folks...i was really pulling for Brad Garrett, but this show has "mid-season cancellation" tattooed all over it...Garrett is one of those guys who's funny standing still, but even he's not going to be able to dig his way out of this level of sub-standard writing...the whole premise is DOA...Fox broke some ground with "Married With Children", but this reconstituted substitute of a remake is 20 years late and as tasty as margarine....

As Elaine Benes herself might have said, "Next!!! (Please excuse this parenthetic.........Nothing really more to say...just satisfying IMDb's 10-line minimum..)
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This show is everything that's wrong with American sitcoms.
O2D26 April 2017
Every bad sitcom cliché comes to life in one place with this terrible show.The entire set up,a young newlywed couple with a controlling female and an older married couple that doesn't care anymore, has been done a million times.The show starts out centering around the two men working together as school teachers.Because on TV,you always work with your next door neighbor.When the creators realize they have no show,they start changing everything.Without any explanation,the show starts to focus around the woman from the older couple.She suddenly has a job and that's what the show is about.Then suddenly the older guy has a new black best friend and it's J.B. Smove!He did the same move on Curb Your Enthusiasm one year earlier,another huge fail for this show. It ends up going back to the school and this time Martin Mull is there, desperately trying to save this miserable show.Did I mention that the entire time they keep changing actresses who play the older couples daughter?A total of four people play the part over four seasons and that becomes a running joke at the end.That joke is the best thing about this show. I can't believe I watched every single episode the first time they aired.
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Great show that gave out at the end
rleegray-569-5815821 March 2017
This was a wonderful show for the first 2 seasons (well most of the 2nd season) that just suffered from identity crisis it's last two seasons. It just didn't know what direction it wanted to go in. The original premise of the show featuring the contrast between the marriage veterans and the newlyweds was great. The performers and the characters meshed together, and for some odd reason the decision was made to shift focus to the Starks relationship with Eddie's new friend, Kenny. The character of Kenny should have never been a focus of the show -- he should have just been another one of the other friends featured from time to time in the circle. The fourth and final season was just the worse. None of the actresses that were chosen over four seasons to portray the Stark's daughter, Allison, ever worked; some of them were awful and even creepy.

In the end it goes down as one of those shows that should have ended a long time before it did. The first two seasons are still great TV sitcom worth seeing though.
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Season 3 onwards this turns into a confusing mess
James Graham24 February 2017
The first two seasons of this are a decent funny sitcom. It is basically about a long time married couple who have a newly married couple move into next to them. This is fine for the first two seasons. However in Season 3 the newly married couple disappear and are erased from history.

It then just becomes about the established married couple. However a few episodes for Season 2 were inserted into Season 3 so the newly married couple just suddenly appear. Season 3 is also out of order so Kenny (who was my favourite character) is living with them with no explanation until later on in the season when he moves in.

Season 4 just loses the plot completely. Kenny disappears. A rich man and his young wife move in (if he was rich why would he live in a working class suburb??) An ongoing joke about the married couples, daughter's boyfriend thinking he is living in a sitcom stops being funny after the first episode the joke appears. One episode involves cartoons of the characters (and jumping a shark). It felt like they knew it was the last season and all the ideas they had for another six seasons they were cramming in. This is without the fact the daughter changes actress four times (twice in Season 4).

It is a shame as the acting is great. The first two seasons were good but it just all falls apart. I really wish I had left it alone after Season 2.
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Born Good for a Laugh - Died a Boring Death
Vicki Hopkins25 May 2014
When first released, 'Til Death was a show that had me in stitches. I cannot remember another sitcom that has made me laugh aloud so often with each episode. Having been divorced twice and single for more years than I can remember, this show takes a look at marriage that will make you roar. What makes it work is the fact that it compares a pair of crazy newlyweds to a couple married over twenty years - The Woodcocks and the Starks.

However, sadly, the show dispenses with the anchor of the show (the characters who play the Woodcocks), and the sitcom sinks to the bottom of ridiculous. Gone are the laughs and the beginning of the slow death that leads to cancellation.

I just felt like I went through another heartrending divorce that has left me convinced I'll never marry again.

Score: Definite 10 before the demise of the Woodcocks; 3 after they left the show.
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A Classic....Mixed Bag
ksdilauri14 August 2013
It's been quite an experience discovering this series on Netflix, and gradually going through the seasons. The talent of the cast is pretty much beyond question, so on to the episodes themselves: they peak and tank like a roller-coaster. At times, the stories are very funny--other times they're just irritating. The Starks are not particularly nice people, and are often pretty nasty to other people and each other. Despite that,the appeal of Garrett and Fisher make you want to come back and check out the next episode. My bottom-line: the big pluses are the talent of the actors and the occasional original story idea....the minuses: the sudden disappearance of the Woodcocks, the overexposure of the one-note Kenny as the 'bestie' replacement, and the musical Allisons (all of whom are totally dissimilar in appearance and temperament. WHAT is up with that???)
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I don't watch TV much but this is OK...
bacardipr053 December 2011
First i like to start out i don't watch much TV or movies. I kind of finding boring to sit in front of a TV. I like the fact that the show takes place in Philadelphia. I was born and raised there and to be honest one gets tired of the same locals NY, Chicago, San Fran etc. This kind of show has been done before and one can say it sort of a spin off or Raymond. The two main characters really shine through in the show. It's quirky and Brad does an excellent job. His co-star is bodacious and the two mend well together. I say give the show a chance and stop watching crappy reality shows. Shows like these have a hard time making good ratings because America has come accustomed to junk reality shows.
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Please, Don't BLOW IT!!!!
jetedel94-677-3236504 March 2010
I've enjoyed this show since the beginning. Since the first episode, the jokes have been consistently funny. That along with Eddie and Joy have been the only things that are consistent. The revolving door of secondary characters has been unbelievable. The only positive to pull out of it, the new crop of characters are great! The school's principle is amazing. She is absolutely NUTS! In a good way! The future son in law has been fun as well. I've enjoyed the "we're living in a sitcom" gag. Never got tired of it and wouldn't mind seeing more of it. My only complaint has been the writing. For the most part, the jokes have been very good, this hasn't changed from the first season, but the story lines have become weak and fragmented. There must be a room full of joke writers with no story tellers. To be honest, I could care less about the story lines, but without them, they'll loose viewers, and that's where my fear comes in. I've enjoyed all the characters that have come and gone, but I would miss the current crop greatly if this show can't get it's act together and ends up canceled. Please guys, lets get some more consistent plots and quality story telling before the network gives up on you for the last time!!!
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