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We Are Marshall is precisely what one expects from a true sports story: it's uplifting and inspiring.
Chicago Tribune
Surprisingly restrained and undeniably entertaining.
The film is injected with a refreshing energy whenever McConaughey is on-screen, balancing some of the inherent sadness of the story.
What should have been an inspirational story about fortitude and courage in the face of mind-numbing tragedy becomes a compendium of sports cliches.
Full of good intentions, We Are Marshall has a game plan that's hard to fault, but as with any playbook, a scheme is only as good as how well it's executed.
L.A. Weekly
McG's Marshall lies at the nexus of Thornton Wilder and Norman Rockwell -- it's David Lynch without the irony -- and if he overdoes things a touch, there’s nothing disingenuous about it.
Entertainment Weekly
We Are Marshall has little of the bone-crunchingsincerity of the recent pigskin rouser "Invincible." This one is more like Unconvincing.
It's a powerful subject, but director McG and screenwriter Jamie Linden haul out every cliché in the playbook.
Village Voice
Even by the low standards of the young-jocks-as-good-clean-soldiers movie, there's little at stake here, unless you count the kids' hunger to win one for the Gipper.
A movie like We Are Marshall stands or falls on its ability to make you feel the pain and loss of individuals in a place where community pride and football are one and the same. As the film, directed by McG (the "Charlie's Angels" movies) from a wooden screenplay by Jamie Linden, follows a handful of Huntington residents during the months after the accident, not one of them comes fully to life.

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