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An awesome horror slasher reboot Jared Padalecky was the best in this film
ivo-cobra824 September 2017
This reboot in my opinion is a great horror slasher film from 2009 mostly because of Jared Padalecki. In this reboot from Friday the 13th film series, Jared Padalecki from Supernatural was awesome in this. Both of the actors from Supernatural Jansen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in 2009 were playing in a horror slasher remakes the lead protagonists. Jensen Ackles tried with the film My Blood Valentine 3D playing Tom J. Hanniger the main protagonist. While Jared Padalecki tried his portrayal the protagonist Clay Miller in Friday the 13th (2009). I must say both of the actors did a good job in each horror slasher remakes! I watched both of the movies separately and I loved them. I love Jensen Ackles and I love Jared Padalecki! Jared Padalecki in my opinion did great and a lot better job then Jensen Ackles did in My Bloody Valentine 3D I have enjoyed Friday the 13th movie way better then I did My Bloody Valentine (2009). I seriously think this reboot is great slasher film and miles way better then My Blood Valentine and miles way better than A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) remake. That movie sucked so much, I hated it.

Do I think this movie is better than the original slasher film? No! Of course not Friday the 13th (1980) is a classic slasher horror film and my fifth favorite Friday the 13th film and it always will be. But it is a good horror movie entertaining and very intense, scary and creepy as well. Do I think Derek Mears is better Jason Voorhees than C.J. Graham and Kane Hodder? No I don't think so but in my opinion it is as good as the original film not better tough.

A group of young adults discover a boarded up Camp Crystal Lake, where they soon encounter Jason Voorhees and his deadly intentions.

I have the killer cut on Blu-ray that is more gory and scary the was the original version and it has a lot of scary moments in it. The movie scared me so many times at point.

Marcus Nispel directed this movie and I thought he did a good job directing it I like it a lot more then Freddy Vs. Jason cause I thought Derek Mears did way better job then Ken Kirzinger did.

Jared Padalecki was great as Clay Miller who was searching for his missing sister I love movies like this, I really miss movies like this. Why can't they make movies like this one today? Danielle Panabaker from The Flash is in this movie as Jenna and she does a good solid job. Ryan Hansen from Veronica Mars is also in this film in which he is killed by Jason when he get's arrow in his head. Travis Van Winkle as Trent is also good as a selfish asshole he isn't that bad in this movie.

A lot of people dislike and hate this film I don't I like scary horror movies and this one is a guilty pleasure of mine and it is a movie I will always watch. I like it.

The problems with the film I have: first they rebooted all three films we see young woman cut Mrs. Voorhees head and escapes in present, suddenly we have Jason with a sack on his head when he later find's a hockey mask and becomes a slasher homicidal maniac he was before. What happened to that girl that killed Jason's mother? it was never explained what happened to her. Jason was way too smart killer in this movie, he kidnapped Whitney (Amanda Righetti) which I don't understand why. Jason never kidnapped people in the series before. Why did he kidnapped that girl and hold her a prisoner? it is weird. On the end of the movie after Clay and Whitney kills Jason and they throw him in the lake, why did Jason jump and grab Whitney when he was dead?, makes no sense to me. Other things I did enjoy this film and I have enjoy it better then My Bloody Valentine 3D. I have the killer cut in My Blu-ray collection in this movie and I hardly wait till I get whole franchise on Blu-ray, I am so happy.

Terror never dies. Producer Michael Bay and the director of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre take you back to where the terrifying nightmare began. At Crystal Lake what started as the best weekend of their lives could quickly become their last, A group of teens, miles from civilization, are about to learn, one by one, that the lake has a bloody...past and it's ready for revenge.

Friday the 13th is a 2009 American slasher film written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, and directed by Marcus Nispel. The film is a reboot of the Friday the 13th film series, which began in 1980, and is the twelfth installment in the film series.

This movie get's A 9/10 it is my eight favorite Friday the 13th movie and I am glad I have enjoy this movie so damn much I highly recommended.
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The Texas Chainsaw massacre Remake... Or was it Friday the 13th?
tennwo0214 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Did you know a horror franchise drowned a day before this week? The Producer and Directer weren't paying any attention... They were counting their money while that cult icon drowned. It's name was Friday the 13th. I watching the night it happened. Losing my temper... there. I was a fan. Friday the 13th should have been awesome. Every minute! It was... It wasn't a very good remake. We can give up now... fans.

You see Friday the 13th was my favorite movie... and today it was raped.

I mistakingly had high expectations of this movie. Of course I was bothered by the fact that Marcus Nispel, who did such a smash up job on Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake, was directing. In fact besides the fact that Jason wore a hockey mask, had an affinity for machetes and his mother was in it for five seconds. It was almost impossible to differentiate between the two movies. Lots of slack jawed yokels and shaky camera action in the dark, just like Chainsaw. Poor story telling with numerous loose ends, just like Chainsaw. Terrible adaptation, just like Chainsaw.

Okay, maybe I'm being a little too hard on the movie. The first few minutes of the movie were incredible. Of coarse there' no rhyme or reason to Jason's return from the grave, but they never had on in the original either. The elements that they took from the first four movies were there, and yes I said 'Four' movies. There were elements from the Final Chapter despite what the propaganda says. The acting wasn't terrible. Yoo's character was probably the funniest character to ever be in a Friday the 13th to date. The under the dock kill was so classic that it felt like it belonged and it was good to see Jason in his old sack mask again.

Many key elements were there, but only for a second or two. Mrs. Voorhees head wasn't really elaborated on and wouldn't be caught as significant to anyone who hadn't seen the original movies. Despite all the hype about how Jason gets his hockey mask in this movie, it was a big let down and just seemed a little too convenient. The locals in the town were basically rejects from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. In fact the scenery may have appeared New Englandish... but the locals just screamed, "I'm from Texas!"

Jason Voorhees. How could they screw up a character like Jason Voorhees? Give these folks a hand though. They did it. I started to realize that Jason wasn't quite himself around the sleeping bag death scene. First and foremost Jason is a killer, not a sadistic torturer. Sure he's done some pretty brutal things to his victims, but roasting a person alive, just isn't his style. It's too much set up for Jason honestly. Additionally, if Jason has you on the ground with a machete coming down at you, you are DEAD. He doesn't lock you in his basement and keep you alive for months because you're a pretty girl who looks like his mother. Jason kills. And he especially kills if you impersonate his mother.

The end... in more ways than one. When I watched the ending of this movie I literally had the feeling that I was ripped off. The pay off with the wood chipper wasn't even utilized here. And then for some reason the survivor(s), another thing that was lame, decided to dump his body in the lake. This means they had to actively decide it was a good idea to get rid of the evidence that they were not the manics that killed a bunch of people, but it also means that they had to take Jason out of the chipper, take the chain off his neck, remove his mask, and carry him all the way out to the dock. And if Jason was playing possum the entire time, why didn't he just kill them when he still had access to a wood chipper and a barn full of tools?

In fact this movie raised nothing but questions. Who killed Mrs. Voorhees? What ever happened to her? Why did Jason miraculously come back from the dead? Why was his body still intact after all those years in the lake? Why does Jason wear a mask? How did he keep the rats from eating his mother's head? Why did the local cops not bother investigating anything? How did Jason learn to hook up electricity to his camp? Why didn't the power company notice nobody's paying the electric bill for an abandoned summer camp? Why would Jason keep some girl chained up in his basement? Why do all the locals of Crystal Lake appear to have come from Texas? Why did they bother doing makeup for Jason when they show his face for maybe two frames of the whole movie? Why does Jason pop out of the lake at the end with his mask on? What were they thinking? Why did I see this miserable attempt to remake a great movie? Why am I wasting more time on a bad review? Why are you still reading?

All in all a terrible movie.
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Lousy remake/reboot/re-imagining/whatever the latest PR spin word is.
capkronos21 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I didn't expect much of anything other than a few memorable kills and maybe a cheap jump scare here and there. This pathetic excuse for a movie couldn't even deliver that much. For starters, I personally can't stand how recent horror movies are shot. Everything has the same dark, muddy and flat-looking quality, with no real clarity of picture and irritating shakycam going into overdrive during 90 percent of the horror/action scenes because far too many directors today aren't talented enough to stage an effective horror or action scene without it. The gore was often even hard to make out because of the camera-work, too, which renders something like this almost completely pointless. And while the 1980s Friday films aren't what I'd call genre classics, you could at least clearly make out the gory scenes instead of getting a split flash of some CGI effect while the cameraman goes into a seizure. Bah-humbug, I know. But I swear I really did try my best to like this one. Honest!

Defenders of this latest bargain basement remake will say things like...

"It's not supposed to have a storyline or plot!" or "The acting is supposed to be bad!" or "The dialogue is supposed to be stupid!" or "The characters are supposed to be unbearably obnoxious and annoying!" or "It's not supposed to be scary!" Well OK then. I'd now like to take the opportunity to congratulate Mr. Nispel for making an unscary, ugly-looking, suspense-free movie with bad acting, terrible dialogue, forgettable kills and annoying characters. Way to go Marcus!

What other "goodies" do we get here? Let's see...

For some reason, the film opens with all the credits but waits until about twenty minutes in to reveal the TITLE.

Half of the dialogue seems to consist of either the "f" word or "dude." And what's up with every person talking to themselves? Every time a person was alone they were having a conversation. With whom? I have no clue. When a floorboard creaks it's not really necessary to have someone say "What was that? I better go upstairs and see what that is!" Or, in Friday remake terms it's more like... "What tha @#!* was that @#!* ? Dayum I need to go up doz @#!*' stairs to investigate me some @#!*!" The characters are all pretty awful - a bunch of annoying, smug, self-satisfied, foul-mouthed twits who seem like they need to immediately be committed to a rehab program. Naturally all the white characters get to pair off and have sex, while no one seems the least bit interested in the one black and one Asian character. Since the black guy can't get laid he's reduced to pleasuring himself while listening to whitey going at it upstairs. At least three different male victims said "What the @#!*?" when they were confronted with Jason. The black guy had a slight variation though since he's black. Seriously, whoever wrote this should be embarrassed.

The cast was also bad. Travis Van Winkle should never act again. What is the appeal of this guy anyway? He can't act for squat and resembles Vincent from the Beauty and the Beast TV series. And Jared Padalecki (though one of the better actors here) would probably look better without the Farrah Fawcett hairdo. I had a very difficult time telling the actresses they hired apart. When blonde #1 was killed and they cut back to the cabin to blonde #2 I was like "I thought she was already dead?" And then there's a missing sister, who I kept confusing with the rich jock's girlfriend toward the end. If you can hire a black and an Asian actor to help diffuse all the shaggy-haired white boys, then why can't you hire an attractive black or Asian actress? Preferrably one who isn't sporting a set of distracting and unnatural-looking silicone cans like several actresses in this film. No wonder Willa Ford couldn't keep herself under water for long! Note to parents: If your daughter begs you for a set of DD bolt-on's for her 18th birthday, get her a Prada handbag instead. She'll thank you later.

The film is full of extremely stupid moments and scenes. Getting hit directly in the head by a speedboat going about 50 miles per hour will only result in a tiny little boo-boo. And the extensive lair of underground catacombs under Jason's house? Did Jason dig all that out or is it some sewer system in the middle of the woods? Maybe a former coal mine... with an escape hatch through an overturned school bus? Whaaaaaaa? Then we have Jason keeping a hostage. Well, the Jason I like don't play like that. Are they trying to now "humanize" him like Rob Zombie did with Michael Myers in his equally wretched "remake" of HALLOWEEN? Urghhh...

It all leads up to an ending that fails just as badly as the rest of the movie. The original has that legendary moment that made people jump from their seats while the people who made this botched that opportunity because of a completely awful editing cut. So sad to say, this was sloppy, irritating and pretty much just plain boring. It could have been fun. It's not. JASON GOES TO HELL and JASON X were even better than this!
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Booze, Boobs and Bongs
Simon_Says_Movies27 February 2009
"Jason was my son, and today is his birthday…" Twelve birthdays have passed for the masked killer Jason Voorhees since the series was born thirty years ago back in the golden age of slasher films. Of the slew of terms studios use to avoid the word 'remake' I suppose the best term to describe the latest 13th film would be rejuvenation. The series started its downward spiral after part IV and while director Marcus Nipsel's doesn't wipe the slate clean, he ads enough pizazz to make it the best of the series in nearly two decades.

To give credit where it is due, this film does a number of things with the Jason character that are certainly a relief. Nipsel has opted to do away with the supernatural element and the super-zombie- Jason angle as well as giving Jason some spunk and cunning that he left with him at the bottom of Crystal Lake before part VI. Along with discarding these cumbersome characteristics, Jason is graced with a hunter/gatherer mentality that has him setting snares, traps and siphoning gasoline from locals. This is what the character should be; a loner forced to fend for himself in the forest; disturbed and deadly.

From the get go I thought this movie was a disaster. Never before had I seen poorer character development or less tense of a build- up. But don't leave the theatre so soon, as the opening act is graced with a nifty twist that you will not see coming. The calibre of the acting has never been a prominent staple of the Friday films, but this latest offering certainly comes closest to what could be considered as such. The dialogue is acceptable, only occasionally displaying the wince factor, and the leads are likable enough that you care just enough that you don't wish for a machete to the skull.

Years have passed since young Jason drowned at Camp Crystal lake, and the rein of Pamela Voorhees (Nana Visitor in a cameo) has been cut short…pun intended. Returning to the town of terror, much to the chagrin of the sheriff is Clay Miller (Jared Padalecki) who longs to find his sister (Amanda Righetti) who disappeared along with her friends a month prior. Clay's journey intertwines with a group of friends venturing to a cabin for a weekend of booze, boobs and bongs including Jenna (Danielle Panabaker), the cabins snooty owner, Trent (Travis Van Winkle) the resident stoner, Chewie (Not to be confused with Chewbacca, Aaron Yoo) among others. Their story lines are forced closer together still as people go missing, and soon the terrifying force from the nearby abandoned camp is revealed.

Aside from the Jason overhaul, who can run, jump and kill with the best of them, I enjoyed how the director managed to make the characters do stupid things, without making the characters themselves seem equally idiotic. The way the story unfolds, it is only the frantic ramblings of a few characters that claim a threat, which allows the others to wander to their bloody demises. There are still all the trademark Friday elements; a lot of booze, a lot of pot and a lot of nudity (which is overdone at times) When Jason first rears his ugly head, he has not yet donned his hockey mask, and I was interested to see if they could have him happen across it in an uncontrived manner; I was pleased if not blown away.

Fans of the series should at least be content with the latest offering, but really there is nothing new enough to become ecstatic about. One death aside, it is predictable, and the gore and deaths are less inventive then the early films. There are moments of tension to be certain, and the climax, like all Friday films, does not fail to disappoint. Disposable, but nothing special, when Jason does return I am hoping for a full overhaul of the horror icon that will not be as unlucky as its title implies.

6.5 / 10.0

Read all my reviews at:
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3 movies in one, plus an awesome reboot!!!!
exterminateall11 July 2015
It's surprising to me how many people give this movie so many bad reviews. It's got everything a slasher should have, plus more.

I LOVED this reboot. It starts off with bag face Jason worshiping his mothers decapitated head, which is wicked cool. His mask which he eventually finds, looks really awesome and grittier than normal. It's basically the first 3 movies (minus the boring parts) rolled into one. And the overall look of Jason may be one of my favorites in the entire franchise. Jason really is a MASSIVE lumbering maniac.

Now, why people hated this movie really makes no sense to me. One of the things you always hear from slasher films is "How does the killer catch up to them?" or "How did he know they were there!?". Well, this reboot explains all of that, which I thought was seriously amazing. We've got this big giant maniac of a creep, with underground tunnels and caverns, with booby traps all over the camp to know at all times where these stupid kids are. I love that. I also loved how they used the whole summer camp thing in this as well. His archery skills and his axe throwing, I thought were really neat and pretty brutal really.

We get some great kills in this movie, as well as some iconic scenes. The whole wood chipper chain necklace scene is in this one, and done really well.

For me, this movie nailed it. It had the gore. It had the stupid kids, and the one scummy kid that you couldn't wait to see die, a girl getting steamed alive in a sleeping bag. What's not to like? And one of my absolute FAVORITE things ever, was just the beastly-ness of Jason. Him RUNNING around, added to his horrifying size, made this a Jason that you'd truly be afraid of if you were in these kids shoes.

I recommend this one, ESPECIALLY if you're a fan of the old movies. Give this one a shot.
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About what I expected
freaky_dave14 February 2009
THe Friday the 13th films have never been what you would call good movies. For me they have always been guilty pleasures, but not something I would recommend to fans not into gory movies where there are occasional scares but no real suspense built up. After seeing this latest entry, which is really a remake of the first four films into one, I can't really say its bad. Horror movie fans who love creative killings will love it, but if you're not a horror movie fan of the slasher genre, then I really can't tell you to see this movie. However if this is your type of thing, go see it.

Now on with the plot, which I really won't go into detail about because we already know what it's about. It starts off with a pitiful prelude that goes back to 1980 and found me rolling my eyes, but afterward it gets better. Young adults go camping, young adults die in nasty ways. THe one wrinkle added to the story is that one of the character's (Jared Padelecki from Supernatural on the WB) is brought into the story because he is looking for his sister. THis sister was involved with the first group of victims, and now there is this second group who know of nothing that has happened to the other group because it has been about six weeks since the first group went missing. You all know what happens next, so I won't say anything more.

Most of the cast was competent, better then many of the ones from the earlier films. THere were a few who were annoying, but that is part of the Friday The 13th scenario. I like the new Jason because he is much more active in the role, much like the Jason from the 2nd and 3rd entries back in the early to mid 80s.

I will give the movie a solid 7 out of 10. It went out and did what it was supposed to, but if you are more into the suspenseful horror films, and not hack and slash with a few jump scares, then Friday the 13th 2009 is not for you.
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raycja8917 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
My title pretty much sums up what I feel when I recall this movie. It was surely unlike any other horror movie re-make, sorry, RE-ENVISIONING I've encountered in a LONG LONG time. The cheap scares were bumped up, the gore was definitely there, and the sex...well, it wouldn't be a "Friday the 13th" movie without the sex. As for Jason's new "attitude" if you really wanna call it that, it's a huge plus in my book. He's more bad ass, he's more ruthless and he's definitely more imaginative with his killing 'methods'. I went in expecting another night of jumps and scares, and got just that plus the satisfaction of knowing a classic horror movie icon was finally re-done correctly. Although I hate talking' about scenes in a movie, I have to say that having Jason stick a camper in a sleeping bag and hang them over a roaring fire while they scream for their lives at the top of their's a hugely big improvement from his usual hack and slash from his roots, needless to say there is a lot of 2009 showing in this Jason installment.

In final words of advice, I must say catch this while it's still in theaters because in my opinion it's well worth shelling over the cash, not once but twice.
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This garbage is Friday THE 13TH meets Farrelly Brothers meets Texas CHAINSAW MASSACRE
Andy-198120 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
(Slight spoilers, though nothing major. Hell, the whole rotten movie is a "spoiler")

Upon viewing the opening third of this movie, I swear I thought the film had been written by Peter and Bobby Farrelly (the talentless brothers behind such pieces of dung such as THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, and ME, MYSELF, AND IRENE) because the film assaulted the audience with embarrassingly crude, off-color, profanity-ridden dialogue.

The film also stoops to presenting distressingly stereotypical characters, including blatantly adding the token black guy and the token Asian guy and then tries to poke fun at it! ("Just because I'm black, that mean I can't listen to Green Day?") The film didn't get any better from there.

As a longtime, die-hard Friday fan, I cringed as I watched the filmmakers completely destroy the myth and character of Jason Voorhees by turning him into a psycho, inbred redneck -- directly out of the Texas CHAINSAW series (directed by an individual who directed the crappy remake of that, and using actors from that remake too!). Absurd was the plot point of Jason holding the girl hostage (for reasons that were never truly made clear)-- since when has Jason EVER done anything like that? Oh right, we're making him into Leatherface now.

The lighting was awful, the kills were mostly too fast and too dark to be enjoyed, Derek Mears was OK but unremarkable as Jason. I'll credit him for doing the best with the sickeningly bad material he had to work with.

Worst of all, the film tries to have it both ways -- it tries to create a scary Jason, but makes the characters so repugnantly unappealing that the audience is rooting for Jason. You can't have your cake and eat it too: either have a scary Jason that we're rooting against because he's the villain, or portray him as the (anti)hero who's there to wipe out teenage scum. Not both.

A couple good touches, such as the topless skiing scene (even though that didn't show off what it could've) and the ax kill (now THAT was pure Jason) can even begin to save this pile of sludge. But I'm sure we'll have another awful remake (or sequel to a remake), since this crap hit it big at the box office.

Grade Z tripe.
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Balance not quite right
jtindahouse12 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Friday the 13th has an incredibly powerful first 15-20 minutes. It really kicks off with a bang. Jason is back better than ever. Then something goes fractionally wrong and we fall back into old territory. Everything becomes a bit too familiar. Still, it does better than most horror films in the sense that it really doesn't become too tedious until the last 10 minutes or so.

The main characters are strong in their performance without being memorable. The cameos are the real scene stealers including a gas station attendant and a man named Donnie. A lot of the jokes from all concerned really hit the mark though and are a nice touch to the film.

The Friday the 13th remake is what it is and at the end of the day probably all that could realistically have been hoped for. It won't decrease the seemingly ever growing hate of remakes, but it certainly won't add to it either and that in itself is an achievement.
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Re-Make, Re-Boot, Re-Vamp, Recycle, Re-Use, can't tell the difference? Well, neither can I!
Smells_Like_Cheese19 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Tttch, ttch, ttch, ha, ha, ha… Jason Vorhees is back ttch ttch ttch ha ha ha, OK, I'll stop doing that. Well, back in the glorious decade that was known as the 1980's came out a series of slasher films, two of which have stood the test of time and given us Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees. The new millennium brought us Freddy vs. Jason, awesome movie, I recommend it, but we still needed a re-boot of the iconic monsters. So we have Friday the 13th, what baffles me is why the title is same of the 1980 film that was a great slumber party movie. This could have been a lot more better if it had worked as a sequel rather than a re-make. Now, don't get me wrong, I felt that this was actually a fun horror movie, the fans get what they want with the blood, gore and sex. But Jason seemed a little off to me, I think he went to rehab or something for his killing addiction, don't know if it was the actor or the director's vision, but this could have been a little bit better.

On June 13, 1980, a young Jason Voorhees witnesses his mother being beheaded by a camp counselor who was trying to escape Mrs. Voorhees's murderous rampage around Camp Crystal Lake. 30 years later, a group of vacationing friends arrive at Crystal Lake on a camping trip. As Mike and Whitney explore the abandoned Crystal Lake camp, Jason begins to kill the rest of the group one-by-one. Jason also kills four of the friends, but instead of doing the same to Whitney he decides to kidnap her because she resembles his mother. Six weeks later, Trent, along with his girlfriend Jenna, and their friends Chewie, Chelsea, Nolan, Bree and Lawrence arrive at Trent's summer cabin, which sits on Crystal Lake, unaware of the events that occurred a few weeks prior. Also in town is Clay, who has come to Crystal Lake searching for his sister Whitney. Clay eventually makes his way to Trent's cabin, where Jenna agrees to help him look for his sister on the other side of the lake, much to Trent's dismay who's jealous of Clay. As Clay and Jenna search for clues to Whitney's disappearance, Jason does what he does best… baking cookies… oh, wait, I got that messed up.

With the recent roll up's of remakes like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween, coming soon Nightmare on Elm Street, is Hollywood literally that much out of ideas? Like I said before, I think this would have worked better as a sequel, because not having the original creators on set makes the film feel like a bunch of frat guys who just thought "Hey, wouldn't it be cool to make our own Jason movie?". Sometimes we do have a winner with the remakes like Dawn of the Dead or even Texas Chainsaw Massacre had it's moments as well, unfortunately Friday the 13th didn't do anything to stand out against the other movies. I do recommend it for a night rental, it's always cool to see Jason and how awesome his murders are… kudos on the girl in the sleeping bag getting set on fire, what a… burn! Ha ha ha ha ha! I made a funny, ha ha ha, eh, uh, I try, give me some credit.

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anna-50818 February 2009
Our beloved friend if back with a new attitude. Jason Voorhees had been, literally, scaring the crap out of us for 3 decades now and it has been 5 years since we have seen him last and now to be completely hones; I was not disappointed. It has all the elements of a great scary movie and anyone who says that they don't get at least a little afraid out by the man in the mast it a LIAR! You can see through the movie that some of the deaths have been done before but have a little more twist now and that is just fantastic. I have read what the critics have aid about this movie and to be completely hones; screw em'! Critics never know a good horror movie even if it came an bite them in the ass, literally. They have always looked down upon great horror movies and what do they know?! 3 decades ago when the original Friday the 13th came out, it got horrible reviews and look at it now; it's a cultural classic! All I have to say is; see it! If you are a fan of the Camp Crystal Lake and Jason, watch it! You will not be disappointed!
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Pleasantly Surprised
realisticcriticism13 February 2009
It's rare these days I enter a movie theater to see a horror film and leave anything short of sorely disappointed but today differed from recent past experiences. I've been a fan of the original Friday The 13th for many years now and was of course skeptical of this "remake" but decided to give it a shot nonetheless. I'm a fan of horror movies - this includes good, bad, and indifferent so I figured why not? Being that Friday The 13th was one of my favorites, I didn't expect much.

From start to finish the film keeps you on the edge of your seat. It isn't so much the suspense but instead, the moments you know are coming just not when or how they'll be approached exactly. It takes quite a bit to frighten me and I counted a good 2 or 3 times I actually jumped throughout the film. There's plenty of gore for the gore lovers, plenty of sexual explicitness for the perverts, and plenty of drugs for the stoners just like an old fashioned horror movie should contain.

This film is not a remake but rather a revision and one I came to appreciate much within the first 10 minutes. The action begins almost immediately and builds steadily throughout the hour and thirty five minutes it lasts, right up until the very last shot. I say to those of you who bash this or claim it's a "rip off" or a "poor remake" consider this - It's neither. It is instead a different look at our old pal Jason and one that can be appreciated greatly if given the opportunity. Don't shun the film simply because it bares the title of an old favorite of yours and mine...

Look at it as a modern take on an old time classic with new characters (who admittedly are annoying and overly obnoxious at times just as most teenagers/twenty-somethings in films, especially of the horror genre, usually are) and an (almost) entirely different plot. This movie wasn't made to be compared to the original. It wasn't trying to replace what it was to begin with and people need to keep this in mind before going to see it. Do not enter a theater with expectations, especially not high ones. Whenever you do, you find yourself let down at your own expense, not the expense of the film you're seeing or your experience seeing it.

With this in mind, I highly recommend checking this one out. You won't be disappointed if you're seeing it in the right mind set and that is a very open minded one.
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Definitely in the top 10 worse horror films I ever saw...
Dandy_Desmond15 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Its very rare that I turn off a film before the end. I did with this one as by round about the end I did't really care what happened. I was bored stupid with it. So were they any good points? Well yes the opening 20mins are quite good and it seems Jason is more agile and aggressive that before- great!

Well no...because when we get into the main film he ends up being pretty boring like the rest of the cast. We are introduced to a group of good looking teenagers with no personality. Well I can live with that- this is a horror movie after all. But when I say no personality I mean NO personality, I mean the characters in this movie hardly speak! Long long stretches of people walking about, water skiing and generally looking good. We also have the awful cartoon black and Asian guy. The black guy coming out with the old 'is it cos I'm black?' (yawn) and the Asian guy who loves drugs (how original) Then there's the soft porn in the middle, now this girl has great knockers but god this scene goes on forever - now if I wanna see this kind of thing there are movies I can watch. But when I watch a horror movie I expect horror or suspense. Not soft porn. Note to Rob Fking Zombie as well...if you think blood stained boobs and long long scenes of screwing make horror films great you are misguided, and it just seems like an obvious attempt to make your movie cool by having lots of t & a.

Friday the 13th is a pointless waste of time and it was written by 3 people. 3 f*cking people! the mind boggles. avoid.
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Another Nispel "masterpiece"
captrose17 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Here is the usual "SPOILERS ahead" warning. Read at your own peril!! I've always been a F13/Jason fan. Can't say I was excited about the remake being produced by Michael Bay but at least I hoped we would get some cool new special edition dvds (which we did). So expecting nothing and knowing I had my old favorites still to watch I went to check it out.

Have to say I was under impressed. One of the charms for me about F13 has always been the fact the movies didn't take themselves very serious. The creators might disagree with that statement but come on, how do you explain his healing factor, the fact Jason never runs but somehow always get ahead of his victim and his "victim radar"? This new movie tries really hard to make it "realistic". Jason runs (*sigh*) after his victims. (Runs? Runs? Jason doesn't run!) There is some sort of crazy mine below Camp Crystal Lake (?) that Jason now uses to get around (because the director wanted a mine. You know, a generic mine, not any particular kind). Along with bear traps and trip wires to let him know where people are. Some half buried bus to come out of ... somewhere on the camp ground. We only get one "Kill, kill, kill, Ma, ma, ma" when he finds the hockey mask. (I remember reading that the new creators wanted to have some "meaning" about why and where he got the mask. Guess they forgot that because it's the same thing, he finds it.) And oh yeah, not much happens at the camp because the producer, Michael "Big Explosion" Bay, thinks that summer camps aren't scary. That reminds me of the director for a Captain America movie who said he hated the costume so he kept the hero out of costume as much as possible. Where the Hell do they get these people? It's more of a remake of F12 Part 3, than Part 1 or Part 2 though there are parts of both in it. Nana Visitor is utterly wasted as the new Mrs. Voorhees. There are some great comments over at Stacy Ponder's Final Girl blog review. Then I found out something that would have kept me totally away from the flick, the director is the same guy who did the god-awful remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre from a few years back (Marcus Nispel). Honestly, if I had known that, I wouldn't have wasted the $9.50 nor the time. But, I would have warned you my friends, this guy doesn't ever need to make a movie again. Let alone another "horror" movie.

It's not totally horrible and I'm sure the kids who like the remakes of the current time will like it. But for this old timer, it takes the parts of F13 I liked and totally ejects them in favor or "realism". Honestly, it makes me worry even more about the upcoming "new" Star Trek.

For old fans, I would recommend picking up the new versions of F13 1-3 and "His Name Was Jason". F13 P3 is finally in 3D, and His Name Was Jason is hosted by Tom Savini. All kinds of 80's slasher goodness there. Don't forget the original "Valentine's Day Massacre" just released, also uncut for the first time ever. You'll enjoy it more than this remake.

I'll give it 1 hockey mask out of 5.
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A whole lot of fun if you know what you are in for
DonFishies13 February 2009

The hockey mask.

The machete.

That ominous theme that sounds a lot like "Kill, Kill, Kill."

Anyone with any knowledge of the horror genre has undoubtedly come across this villainous icon who practically sprayed theatres with blood throughout the 1980s. Although he pretty much became a parody of himself in Jason X and then was basically (and wrongly) turned into a psychologically tormented Frankenstein's Monster-style creature in Freddy vs. Jason, the beast was always remembered for who he originally was.

And that is what makes the new remake/reimagining of Friday the 13th such a success (for the most part). Despite being written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, the same guys who brutalized Freddy vs. Jason, they wisely went back to the basics that made the character so popular. Sure, he runs now, but he is a hulking beast again. There is a bit of added development in the relationship Jason has with his mother, but the story remains the same. He is still taking revenge on sex-crazed teenagers stupid enough to want to camp on Crystal Lake.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween and to an extent, The Hills Have Eyes, all went down the route of making their deranged killers need to have parental issues in order to establish their motives as adults. For some reason, there seemed to need to be a reason for these killers to be the way they are. They simply could not exist as being demented and totally sick-in-the-head. Friday the 13th does not bother with any of that. Sure, there is a plot twist that will make any devotee or fan squirm with repulsion, but it still makes sense in the grand scheme of who Jason was and is now. The character has no added dimension completely taking away from how terrifying he is, and making him into a misunderstood infant. For that alone, the movie is more than worth the price of admission.

Another wise choice is sticking to the formula. The filmmakers here (including director Marcus Nispel of Texas Chainsaw remake fame) have made what is basically an homage to the series. Instead of trying to completely redo and rebrand the character for a 2009 audience, the film amalgamates everything everyone loved about the series that made them come back for ten sequels. Remember the gratuitous amount of breasts and graphic sex scenes? They are here, and just as graphic as ever. Remember the goofy dialogue, and total lack of any knowledge shown by the characters in trying to combat themselves against this machete-wielding maniac? Its back too. And remember all those ridiculously violent kills?

Well, they are back too.

The film knows its genre, and it knows its audience. It throws plenty of cheap scares at a moment's notice, and offers just enough laughs (both intentional and unintentional) to keep the audience invested in the movie. And when the actual scares come, the film manages to keep the audience transfixed at those moments too (whether they are screaming in fear or laughing from how ridiculous the scene is). Rather tastefully, the deaths are gruesome, but not to the point of overkill like in the Saw series or even within The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Sure, there are some points where it may be hard not to wince, but it never seems like the filmmakers want to push the audience to the limit. They ground themselves in reality (for as real a situation as this story seems), and very rarely do they cross that barrier. They know which buttons they want to push, and which they want to stay well away from. And instead of exploiting the genre, they embrace it and somehow do not make things too disgusting for themselves. None of them may look innovative, but they work for the type of movie it is trying to be.

But for all the praising, the film is obviously imperfect. Leaving aside the ridiculous twist in the middle of the film and the total lack of character development (albeit, totally expected, but upsetting nonetheless), the film drags its heels getting to the finale. There is a very dry spot as the film nears its third act that borders on boring, and seems more like a forced narrative device to stretch the running time out. I have more than enough faith to see that they clearly could have added more running and screaming to some scenes, and still could have gotten a better effect. Some scenes seem marred by trying to be tense and failing as well. But of course, it is pretty hard for a scene to be tense when you are cheering for the killer as opposed to the victim.

The film also suffers from the slapdash editing that plagues modern horror and action films. In some instances, it is almost impossible to be scared because we barely see what is going on in the scene. It merely shows Jason show up, the person make their movie, and then a quick cut of what Jason does. Some scenes linger on the aftermath, but some happen and disappear quicker than you anyone would think. The fact that the film is not incredibly gory only makes it seem all the sillier to be so horrendously edited in some areas.

Some of the actors could have tried a little harder too, but that is just a nitpicking gripe.

In the end, Friday the 13th is a whole lot of fun. I did not think I would enjoy it at all, but I ended up being surprised at how reverent the film was to the series. Granted you know what to expect from a film featuring Jason Voorhees as the main character, than you should not go home disappointed.

And coming from a remake, that is saying quite a lot.


(An edited version of this review also appeared on
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This is what a horror movie should be
rwunder15 February 2009
Hands down, excellent remake. This movie had absolutely everything that you could want in a horror movie.

This story was told in two parts and both parts were linked. The kills were awesome; much better than expected. The characters were nothing new, but they were perfect for the story (especially the girls ;).

The first part begins with some twenty-somethings on a hike in the woods looking for a field of marijuana when they unknowingly stumble on Camp Crystal lake and its lone, evil, inhabitant.

Part two takes place six weeks later where we meet a group of young people out to take advantage of a weekend home. We are introduced to the brother of one of the hikers from part one who is searching for his missing sister. The weekend home is situated on the same lake as the camp and Jason shows us that in the first part he was only warming up.

Every aspect for this horror movie was well done. Jason is badder than ever. The director holds no punches and just lets loose with everything he had. The on screen talent was great (for a horror movie - don't expect an award winning performance, we are talking about Friday the 13th here). The story was good and it moved along, the sex and nudity were top quality, the kills were awesome as well.

With Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween and this remake of the classic, I'm pleased to see Hollywood going down this route. Both of these movies were very well done and they breathed new life into a stagnating and over saturated genre/series. I love it, bring me more!
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A Travesty!!!
krazyjym13 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Jasons runs? What a bunch of bunk. He's a slow, plodding stalker. He's supposed to take his time while you run from him. Yet, somehow he beats you there. That used to be a common theme, a sort of impending doom. No matter what you do you will not be able to escape. In this piece of junk, he runs.

Jason thinks? That's right. He has traps set. And warning systems in place.

Jason takes prisoners? That's right. He's smart enough to think clearly enough to set traps and warning systems, but he's not smart enough to understand that a teenage girl ISN'T his mother.

Did I mention that Jason runs? Seriously. I'm still angry about this.

None of the characters are even remotely likable. They are overly done stereotypes, but not the stereotypes we all know and love. They are just dumb versions of stereotypes.

None of the deaths are even remotely memorable. They are just your average run of the mill "someone gets stabbed with something" kinds of deaths.

Seriously, Jason runs almost the entire movie!!!! For me, though, the topper of it all is that Jason didn't once get confused and tilt his head. Not once. And he had quite a few opportunities to do so. Like when he was running he should have looked at himself and thought "This makes no sense." Or when he was setting traps and warning systems. Or when he was holding a girl hostage because she kinda looked like his mom.

This movie almost makes Jason X look like a decent movie.
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Makes original look like Citizen Kane
fritzlang26 December 2009
Look, I know F13 series was never high art. it was never really clever (except maybe part 6).. it was camp. but in general, it was fun.

This film alternated between three moods

1) nothing. I mean there is at least ONE HOUR where NOTHING HAPPENS! a bunch of moronic, profanity-laden kids TALK!!! No suspense. No horror. No humor.. NOTHING!!

2) Sex. Hey, part of the slasher genre is some sex scenes. But this felt more like soft-porn. There was one sex scene that felt like it went on for TWENTY MINUTES.. I didn't clock it, but it sure felt like it to me. These scenes went WAY beyond T&A or tease. I actually felt uncomfortable watching some of these.

3) Sadistic-torture porn. When Jason was around it felt more like a Saw movie, or maybe the remake of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Jason TORTURES his victims? Huh? Instead of a supernatural zombie he is more in line with a sadistic serial killer. a VERY different personality, and one that I felt was repugnant. In the original, Jason was alternately fun and scary. In this, he was just a sicko. Ugh.

This pretty much sums up the movie for me.

Oh, except one more thing. It looks like they used the lights over from AvP:Requiem. The scenes were TOO dark to see. And the Michael Bay 2-second scenes just made it worse! This wasn't some heavy cheap=CGI that had to be 'hidden' with low lit scenes and fast cutting!! I couldn't take it anymore.. And found myself fast forwarding to get through the picture.. Every time I played the movie it was one of the above 3 moods..

I never thought I would appreciate the 1980 original so much. That was truly a brilliant piece of film-making compared to this.

I have NO idea of who/why someone would like to see this. I am seeing some folks giving this high marks, so obviously it is filling a need. Just one that I don't understand.

Where was the fun?

If there are sequels to this reboot,then I will pass..
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Michael Bay creates a new acronym: CHIRGO
Critomaton15 February 2009
It stands for "Classic Horror In, Re-imagined Garbage Out". You can substitute "Camp" or "Crap" for the C, depending upon how you feel about the original "Friday the 13th" - the rest of the acronym remains the same.

The re-imagined "Friday the 13th" isn't scary. It isn't creepy. It isn't suspenseful. It isn't funny at any point, and it's only the slightest bit sexy. It doesn't add anything to the Jason mystique or, for that matter, to the "unstoppable boogeyman" archetype in cinematic horror.

The characters in this flick are so one-dimensional they make all the throwaway performances from previous installments of the series look positively Oscar-worthy. And that includes episodes 5-9, which are hard to beat on the Unwatchable Meter.

As many have noted, the lighting in a lot of scenes is bad. This is probably done for realism, but frankly it doesn't detract too much because you never feel like there's much to see anyway. Likewise for the relatively sparing use of shakycam.

Considering all the things they might have updated 29 years later, there really seems to have been little thought put into this movie. Yeah, there's more sex and nudity than in the original installments, but it doesn't seem that over the top and it definitely isn't titillating. Most of it is accompanied by insanely annoying dialogue.

There are plenty of scenes that will make you cringe and groan for their stupidity, but I don't want to include any spoilers, so I'll skip them.

Instead, I'll just mention the two most memorable non-spoilers:

1) There is gratuitous use of sudden loud noises to create shock or suspense when none would otherwise exist. Lots of movies do this when they can't be scary - I can't think of another one that does it so often or so loudly.

2) There is also a major preoccupation with weed. Was "Pineapple Express" that big a hit?

If there is any horror in this movie at all, it is that Amanda Righetti and Willa Ford felt it necessary to star in it to advance their careers.

This movie does to the "Friday the 13th" franchise what "Quantum of Solace" did to James Bond. I hope Bond can be revived somehow. I no longer have the slightest interest in the goings-on at Camp Crystal Lake.
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Terrible. Absolutely terrible.
forty_715 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Lots and lots of spoilers below.

First of all, let me be clear and say that I have not seen the original "Friday the 13th" in over 10 years. It isn't a movie that stayed with me in any way - I've always been a fan of Halloween / Michael Meyers. That said, I think I know what makes a good horror film, and I know that none of those things are in this film.

My first complaint lies in the structure of the story. The first thirty minutes or so of prologue lend nothing but confusion as to where the story is going. When we find out after the first group of murders who has been kept alive and how they are connected to the second story line (Clay's search for his sister), I had spent so much time being repulsed by the group of friends that I really had no emotional stake (re: I couldn't even remember the character's name) in whether the girl lived or died.

My second complaint lies with I expect that there will be the obtuse sex, drinking, and drugs in any "campy" horror film like this, but these first 30 minutes were so packed with inane boobs and weed shots that I was ready to consider this a comedy, not a horror film. I'm not looking for social commentary when I see a slasher film, but all of the references to marijuana seem like they're being made by people who have never even come in contact with it. It's almost like when you're in High School, bragging about how high you got, and the guy you're talking to lies so that he doesn't feel stupid for not partaking in substances like that: "Man, I got SOOOOoooo freaking high last night. What'd you do at the party?" "Oh, uhm, I smoked several weed cigarettes and drank a couple brewskis, then passed out." Apparently, this guy wrote a screenplay for a Friday the 13th "remake".

Lastly, although I could probably keep complaining about this film, Jason is absolutely NOT SCARY in the first half of this movie. By the time we're midway through the second story line (I contend that this movie should have been called: "Friday the 13th: A Bunch of Douche Bags Go Camping, and Jason Voorhees Is Somewhat Involved") there have been so many crappy people on-screen, and they have been killed by Jason in typical Jason style, he just isn't that scary anymore. We know he's there, waiting for the topless girl with fake boobs to swim ashore so he can decapitate her. WE KNOW. This film is neither atmospheric, nor does it even attempt to build tension. It is simply a terrible movie.

Other grievances: The pot-dealing redneck, who is only introduced so that he can be killed and Jason can find his hockey mask (a full HOUR into the film), is the single most disgusting character I've ever seen on-screen. This is not a compliment: just before his "untimely" demise, he talks to a mannequin, and asks the mannequin if she "remembers that night, when (she) took (his) virginity". I would rather be decapitated by Jason than ever hear those words spoken in a film again.

Why is it that every Michael Bay production or direction has to include the blue halo / lens flare around electric lights? I noticed this early on, but at one point later in the film, as a flashlight goes across the screen, there is actually a sound effect applied when the lens flare hits the audience. WHY? How much money did you spend on that? How much time was spent adding that tiny "swoosh" into the soundtrack? God, Michael, get a freaking life - you can't just add things like that and hope that you've produced a good film. You haven't. And you never will.
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Little Substance, Weak Style, But Great Entertainment
gavin694214 February 2009
A group of young adults, some in search of the elusive illegal herb, stumbles upon Camp Crystal Lake, where a legend tells of a boy who grew up to be a killer. A few weeks later, another group enters that same woods. The body count begins to climb... is Jason back, and if so, can he be stopped? Let me make a confession: I really didn't want to like this movie. I loved the original series of films, I don't like remakes for the most part, and with Michael Bay's name attached, I knew it was going to be an action-packed film done in ADHD-ready music video format. Sadly, I wasn't wrong about the last part. However, the film as a whole isn't that bad.

The Jason mythology is still here. His mother is still involved, there's still a hockey mask, and it all makes sense. I'm a little unclear as to why he has a home at Camp Crystal Lake (he has a permanent bed at a summer camp), but that's fine. We even have the brother off to find his little sister scenario, which hasn't been in the series since the 1980s... well done bringing back a one-dimensional character. Crazy Ralph isn't here, but an old woman does a weak job replacing him, which is better than nothing.

If you're looking for sex, drugs and rock and roll, this film has it. Plenty of topless girl screen time (thanks, Willa Ford), although you should be warned that the two most attractive women (Whitney and Jenna) don't get naked. Sorry. Marijuana plants and bongs are around, as is the Pabst Blue Ribbon. Some might say "if you only have PBR, you're out of beer" but I disagree. As for the rock... they had Night Ranger's "Sister Christian". What more do you want? The theater audience I went with enjoyed singing along.

Many good one-liner jokes, and the gore here is decent. I'm not going to say it's the best gore I've ever seen, but there's no shortage of bodies getting impaled, hacked up, shot with arrows... another reviewer summed this film up as "killing spree", and that couldn't be more true. There was almost no plot to speak of (this is the film's downfall), but how could there be when characters were getting killed off every five minutes? Derek Mears is a fine Jason. There is a better one -- Kane Hodder -- but Mears' version, where Jason looks like Darkman, is respectable. Despite all my misgivings about this film, it turned out to be alright. Not my favorite in the series, not by a long shot. But if you're into beautiful young people drinking, having sex and dying in bloody ways, this film should meet your criteria for quality. Next on the list, the "Last House on the Left" remake... if there's one film I think should have been left alone, that's it. But if they do as well as Marcus Nispel (a great guy, and director of one of the better "Frankenstein" incarnations) did on this one, it has a chance.
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Solid outing for the angry goalie
Darth_Yoda13 February 2009
In response to Wayne Malin, the acting is much better than in the rest of the movies, you do hear the ch-ch-ch-ch-ah ah ah ah in this, and for those of you who don't recall, the original did have nudity in it. Remember Kevin bacon's big sex and death scene? I'm thinking Wayne here didn't even bother seeing this movie and is one of those guys that sits on IMDb all day on his mothers MAC.

This movie is a lot of fun, and has what I personally enjoy. Hot chicks having sex and getting killed, silly comic relief types a la Jimbo and Ted from the final chapter and good splatty murders. Is it going to change the world? No, it is a good 95 minute mind jelly movie. Don't go into it planning to over analyze it. Just enjoy. Its a good time.
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A nearly worthless remake
joeampfan21 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Friday the 13th fans beware of this one. The scares just weren't' there. Why does Jasons run now? And why does he think out his traps and all that. That is not how Jason is supposed to behave. He is supposed to be slow and scary and without thinking out plans and warning systems. Also, it makes no sense Jason would take prisoners. The killings are not memorable either. Not that it matters much, because no one is even slightly likable. They are all pathetic stereotypes that are more idiotic than the original characters. By the way, it was so laughable the way Jason held the girl because she resembled his mother. Seriously, unless you want to see a classic horror film destroyed, skip it, or if you must see it, catch it for free on TV. I was hoping this would at least have some good scares, but I was let down. Even the TCS remake was better than this and that is not saying much.
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Friday the 13th(2009) - A Stupendous Addition to the Series
jonas3333313 February 2009
As a fan of the horror genre and all the ones in this series that matter, I am thrilled to finally say "Thank you for doing it right!!!" to the people involved with making this film.

I didn't expect it to be good. I walked into the theater wondering "How are they going to mess this one up?" Years of remakes have made me and presumably many others calloused and weary of all the foul-ups. This fan is very pleased.

To begin with, this time was different. I actually felt like I did while originally watching the better parts of this series (1,2,3,4,6 and a little 7). The ambiance of Crystal Lake is executed perfectly which is a vital aspect to this series. The woods, the lake, the cabins all take on the elements needed for just the right setting. Great lighting and effects add to the suspense nicely.

The film has just the right mix of suspense, horror, comedy and gratuitous nudity that are required for a Friday the 13th movie. In some ways, it is more suspenseful than any of the originals and if I might add, a little scarier as well for those that are not as "de-sensitized" as yours truly. The acting/directing was certainly a helpful hand to the additional fear element as the actors maintained a nice brevity between real fear, comic delivery and enough "over the top on purpose" character development to play the ideal camp victims that they are. Nice directing choices there.

The death scenes were both gratifying and terrifying with touches of humor and the count was not disappointing. Some of the scenes were a touch too quick. The blood is very realistic and the gore even more so. I would have liked to see one heavy splattering but the variety was well done.

Jason himself is well portrayed and it's enjoyable to see him large and in charge in his turf. I feared the preview images of him running, but this was actually not overdone at all. He's just as ominous as ever with his clearly forceful determination to maintain his loner atmosphere and follow his mama's lead.

I find myself going back and forth between seeing this as a remake/re-imagining and wanting to declare it as it's own rightful installment of the series. I'm sure the producers must have been tempted to do the same. Aspects of several of the prior films were pulled together to echo the originals and should be a treat for the hardcore fans. It was for me anyway. Regardless, this movie is far superior to the lesser, extremely crappy installments of the Friday the 13th films. Thanks again.
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The best installment in the series
metal36016 February 2009
Many remakes of horror classics never seem to be as good as the original. And that is mostly due to a different style of the new horror films, relying on gore instead of suspense. But unlike many horror classics, Friday the 13th was never a great film to begin with. But there were three things that kept us seeing each of the Friday the 13th films: naked teenagers, Jason, and creative murders. All of which there are plenty of in this flick.

Many critics have criticized this movie for being "cynical," and because most of the teenagers are so scummy. However, I personally thought that made the film much better. It made their deaths much more glorious. In all honesty, what horror fan has ever watched a Friday the 13th film and said "please don't let Jason kill that character" without the words "before she gets naked" at the end of the sentence? Not very many I would imagine.
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