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sagovac3 July 2006
Love golf and loved this movie even more...great writing! Invite your golf buddies over and enjoy a hilarious video together. So many golf bloopers here you'll find really funny. Hidden cameras capture stuff that you never would imagine. Obviously this isn't going to be for kids because of the sexual nature of some of the skits/scenes. This is a great DVD to show during a party, because people just can catch a scene here and there and get a laugh or two. You can't go wrong with this one, as good comedy is HARD to find these days. Most of it is just old stuff that's been re-done. By the way, not just men love this, my wife and her friends found it hysterical also. You won't be disappointed!!
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Hilarious and seriously fun to watch
roryshilehf6 March 2012
I was laughing a ton during this movie! As a golfer since I was ten I am all about Gold Digest and so many other golf movies. I love all sports bloopers and sports related humor. This movie was exactly what I was looking for. Both myself and my dad have watched it twice. When the weather out here is getting better and we're weeks away from hitting the courses this is the ideal film to watch to get ya in the mood. I seriously love David Leisure and he is perfect in this! I love good comedies and you can tell that the Director knew exactly how to make this movie come out with someone like me in mind. If you want to laugh your butt off I recommend this!
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