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Season 1

29 Jan. 2006
Episode #1.1
Danny saves a dying African monkey, unaware that he is sparking a chain of events that will change his family's lives forever.
5 Feb. 2006
Episode #1.2
As Danny considers signing a binding business contract, Sarah is appalled to learn the reserve would have fierce competition in the form of a nearby rival. Evan and Du Plessis accidentally run over a cheetah on the way to buy supplies - but the events of the day pale into insignificance when Olivia is bitten by a snake.
12 Feb. 2006
Episode #1.3
The arrival of Evan and Olivia's father throws the family into turmoil. He is determined to take his kids back to England with him and threatens to go to court to get custody. Sarah is furious - he wasn't thinking of them when he left her for his secretary. Rosie can't hide her delight that they might all be going home, but when a drunken fight breaks out in a bar, she is rescued by Tate.
19 Feb. 2006
Episode #1.4
Evan and Olivia run away after a series of rows with Danny, leaving Sarah to search for her children alone while Danny and Du Plessis go looking for a half-drugged lioness. While tracking the animal, they crash the truck - putting the warden in need of an emergency operation.
26 Feb. 2006
Episode #1.5
As their first tourists arrive a power cut and rampaging elephants threaten to destroy everything the family have achieved. Danny and Sarah's marriage is stretched to breaking point by Tate's interference.
5 Mar. 2006
Episode #1.6
An outbreak of anthrax threatens to wipe out all the animals at Leopard's Den. As Danny fights desperately to save their business from ruin, one of his family falls seriously ill.

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