The Man from Earth (2007) Poster

William Katt: Art



  • Art : What you're saying, it offends common sense.

    John Oldman : So does Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, that's the way nature works.

  • Harry : [insistent]  *You* are creating the mystery here obviously y'have something you'd like to say. Say it.

    John Oldman : [Hesitant]  Maybe... I...

    Harry : [sing-song]  Ten, nine, eight, seven, si...

    Sandy : [Chiding]  Harry, stop.

    John Oldman : There is something I'm tempted to tell you I think, I've never done this before, I wonder how it will pan out. I wonder if I could ask you a silly question?

    Art : [Scoffing]  John, we're teachers, we answer silly questions all the time

    Linda Murphy : [Teasing]  Hey!

    John Oldman : What if a man from the upper Paleolithic survived until the present day?

  • John Oldman : I had a chance to sail with Columbus, only I'm not the adventurous type. I was pretty sure the earth was round, but at that point I still thought he *might* fall off an edge some place.

    The Group : [incredulous looks all around the room] 

    Art : Look around John, we just did!

  • Dan : A medical test might be a way of proving of what you're saying

    John Oldman : I don't wanna prove it.

    Art : So, you're telling us this the yarn


    Art : of the century and you don't care if we believe it or not?

    John Oldman : I guess I should've expected you to... You're not as crazy as you think I am.

    Edith : Amen!

    Sandy : I've always liked you.

    Edith : Well, thank you dear.

    Sandy : Well, that's changing.

  • John Oldman : I suspect I saw the British Isles from what is now the French coast. Huge mountains on the other side of an enormous deep valley that was shadowed by the setting sun. This was before they were separated from the continent by the rising seas as the glacier was melting.

    Harry : That happened?

    Dan : Yes, the end of the Plasticine Period. So far what he says fits.

    Art : [incredulous]  Oh get... from any textbook...

    John Oldman : And that's where I found it. How can I have knowledgeable recall if I didn't have knowledge? It's all retrospective. All I can do is integrate my recollections with modern findings.

  • Harry : [Wryly echoing Dan]  Supernatural.

    Art : [Quietly disturbed / reflective]  Supernatural, stupid word, everything that happens happens within nature whether we believe it or not.

    John Oldman : [Amused]  Like a fourteen thousand year old caveman?

  • Art : You-you-you realize this is an invitation to men in white suits with happy pills?

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