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Terribly Endearing
trackstar1955 July 2006
I recently had the chance to watch the pilot for Kyle XY, and to my surprise, I enjoyed it very much. Of course, this topic has been experimented with before: mysterious figure with no past, relatives, etc. But something in this circumstance struck my interest. To be perfectly honest, I don't know exactly what did it. The mother, a psychiatrist, or paranormal psychologist of sorts, decides to take the stranger in, seeing as there are no other options as of the present time. The family, which is made evident of having its own problems, takes in the boy, and of course has difficulty with him, are reluctant to accept him into household goings-on, etc. Now, I know this concept seems predictable and juvenile, as stated previously. But to me, its both invigorating and intriguing for a person, or thing, to have the rare behavior to come to the aid of those whom he has hardly met-displaying the purity of the human heart, and conversely, the wretchedness of the impurities around him. The conclusion of the episode had to be the most enjoyable though. As the family members who had once merely discarded Kyle from their lives welcomed him into their household, the viewer is acquainted with the kindness of strangers in an effort to put others before themselves--a notion brought about so rarely on both television, and in life. And while not perfect, Kyle XY has thusfar, that is in the pilot, exhibited inter-familial machinations as well as captivating abilities of observing one's surroundings, and all without ever losing itself along the way. It is curious where this plot will lead, how all the mystery will be concluded, and we will all be there to see it...every step of the way. Afterall, it's part mathematics, and part....euphoria.
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excellent show
chrstngal033 July 2006
This show is excellent. The writers have a way of giving you the information you crave in just tiny doses at a time, kind of like 24. They keep you wanting to continue watching so you can try and gather more pieces of the puzzle to find out who exactly Kyle XY is. If you're one for suspense and mystery and a little science fiction then this show is definitely for you. I can't wait for each new show so we can find out a little more about Kyle's past. Who is he, where is he from, why can't he remember anything at all about his past? How is it that he can do all these magnificent things but can't demonstrate simple human emotions? I guess we just have to tune in next week and subsequent weeks to find out.
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The entire crew are all awesome!
juggernaut197728 August 2006
This is a show with pizazz and originality supreme. It is superbly cast. The star, Matt Dallas is truly a star. His eyes beam with sincerity and believability. He has a very warm and sincere personality. The family's interactions remind me of my own family. I came from a family of 8. The family interaction is totally believable and superbly acted by all parties. They make you want to belong to the family. Jean-Luc Bilodeau portrayal of the ding bat brother is supremely done. His character reminds me of me at his age. I just heard that there will probably be another season and I am elated. I hope this family continues in the new season. Can't wait. Next year it way too long! Next week would be much better.
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Jackie_Michele30 June 2006
You know, after the whole Roswell and X Files debacle I really wasn't all too interested about the "alien" television show. The aforementioned shows were good but they were definitely lacking.

I personally think Kyle XY has found the *it* factor.

Imagine taking a 17 year old kid who is from a different country and is suddenly plunked down in the middle of America with no means of communication. Well then, you've got Kyle. He is about as strange as they come. A human shaped being and no belly button and no information to draw from as to how to interact with other beings.

Now it would be boring to just watch a show about a kid who is seemingly another life form and doesn't know how to communicate, just as it would be boring to watch a foreign exchange student during your lunch period right before chem class. The interesting thing about this show is that the voice overs done by Kyle walks the audience through his emotions and his thoughts as he is remembering his first days as a human.

It is the most beautiful experience; almost as if you looking at the world through a newborn's eyes. You see what they see and you hear what their first thoughts were. Beautiful.

Since ABC doesn't really have a good Friday line up coming in the Fall, I'd like them to keep this show around to see what comes of it. It sucks you in with wondering what Kyle is.
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Pretty Good
trapt_headstrong0628 June 2006
I'm thinking that this was a pretty good show. The first time I saw the previews, I didn't think too much of it. I figured that the guy playing Kyle was pretty cute, but it didn't get my attention enough for the show. However, the more they came on, the more it got me to wondering why he didn't have a belly-button, so I decided to watch it. I'm really glad that I did. It was extremely interesting. It was the best. If you are really into shows that give off a bit of a mysterious air, then Kyle XY is definitely for you. I'm definitely going to be watching the next episodes, it's got me in suspense, and I want to know what is going to happen next. I give Kyle XY a 10 out of 10, it is an excellent show.
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Not bad at all
unicornpeg200330 June 2006
I must confess that I'm a nut for supernatural fare and was not expecting to enjoy Kyle XY but it's summer and there's nothing much on. I was pleasantly surprised at how much this pilot teased my interest. Sure the script might seem a bit familiar but the story is tantalizing and I'm hungry for more. It originally aired on ABC Family but don't let that fool you. It is not a strictly kid's show. Give it a chance especially if you have a taste for the unusual. This show is a combination of drama, family fare and supernatural. Any X-Files fans will have a pleasant jolt when you see the mysterious man watching our hero. I also have to admit that I felt a slight tug at my heart at the sight of how this family takes to helping this strange...and I do mean strange...teenager who appears from out of nowhere.
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A new take on sci-fi
huitzilipochtli29 August 2006
Being somewhat of a mix of a soap-opera, "The Pretender", and "Dawson's Creek", this show certainly surprised me, especially since I don't much care for those three.

We start with a basic mysterious boy story - he has some exceptional abilities, no memory, a caring psychiatrist, a newly acquired family to take him in, and a mysterious stalker - within which setting he must try to discover his identity.

This premise sounds pretty boring and even overdone in movies and TV, but the show grew on me, and I was hooked by the end of the season. Though many comments complain about the poor script and wooden acting, I beg to differ. Matt Dallas is well cast as a juvenile and naive character. He is supposed to have that doe-eyed-in-on-coming-head-lights look. I have to admit that some of the overall dialogue approaches cheesiness at times, but for the most part, the story stands well on its own and makes up for that.

I also thought this had nowhere to go after the first season, but the writers managed to put in a decent finale that will keep fans interested for the next season.

Some people have complained about the "adultness" of the material. I suppose this isn't the type of show for children to watch if they aren't yet familiar with typical teenager topics like sex, drinking, relationships, drugs, and general mischief; all the stuff that I'm sure many parents want to turn a blind eye to. Is it appropriate for ABC Family channel? You be the judge. Try it out, though. I think you'll enjoy the series. 7/10
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Time to boycott TV networks that cancel good shows
smallrage122 September 2009
I've said this in one of my comments about either Carnivàle or Eureka that I am not a fan of Sci-fi shows yet once again like those 2 shows I just mentioned comes yet another great Sci-fi show. Like Carnivàle it was canceled this time it was ABC turn to disappoint its audience.

What I don't get is Kyle XY hit record viewers in it's 3rd season even the users rating on here was 8.6 yet ABC boring Dancing with the Star has been on a serious decline and this site users rating is 5.2 yet that useless show wasn't axed and still boring us as we speak almost daily. Then there is Carnivàle this site rating was 9.0 and it still got axed, I'm certain that Eureka (seeing I love the show) will get the same treatment very soon as Kyle XY and Carnivàle It just goes to show you that the TV network just don't care about its viewers anymore and its getting worse every season, all they care about is reality TV shows so that they can save a buck. Its up to US the viewer to protest networks when they show us crappy Reality TV shows. When a reality show comes on just change the channel, maybe then WE the viewers will get our shows back.

I for one sorely miss the days of quality TV, Kyle XY was was very good, it had a great story line to it and it had great acting. Its shows like that that I miss instead they are showing US CSI,s and Law and order from every city in the US, they are showing us trash people it's time to wake up and take a stand and that time is now. If not you will be watching Jay Leno 24/7 if it keeps going, sure I like Jay but this new format just plain sucks especially as a prime time show.
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Positive review
mtnmanvt16 July 2006
I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that for the most part, the show is interesting. It combines a number of concepts including that of the outsider, and the "alien's" eye view of humanity. The main character is at once an alien, an alienated teen, and a baby in an adolescent's body. These different experiential views combine to offer some commentary on humanity, particularly US culture (since that's where the story takes place). There are some hokey cheesy moments, but overall I think "Kyle XY" offers viewers multiple opportunities to ask meaningful questions about the nature of life, reality, and our own values.
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Fun show
One_Blaze_Of_Glory26 July 2006
"Kyle XY" is a fun and interesting show. Perhaps it's not the best ever, but personally, I quite enjoy it. The mystery of Kyle's past keeps unfolding in each episode, and keeps you enticed and wanting to watch more. Matt Dallas gives a good performance as Kyle, with a believable supporting cast. Though it can get a bit risqué at times, it is still fun to watch. I'd recommend it to anyone thirteen or older who enjoys a good mystery. It might not be for everyone, but those who I know that have seen it like it. You should try it out. As I said before, it's not the best show ever, but it's a guilty pleasure of mine. :) Thus, I give it an 8 out of 10.
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A Parable for Foster Care
This mystery-science fiction series pilot shows a lot of promise as far as commentary on how far can the "helping professions" go; it is definitely a "blue state" kind of show (set in Washington State) since it implies a kind of alien visitor who can be plopped in front of "old style" computers and assumed to be techno-adept without much sense of what language he speaks or their importance. The director knows how to fold in a certain sense of threat and danger without going off in bizarre or grotesque scenarios. The helping family is seemingly ready to become the means to socialize the alien/savant and they are "instant foster parents/siblings" since the mother is apparently a state social worker/psychologist at Children/Family services of that state/county. The alien (Kyle is a "name" which seems a little too quickly attached to him) doesn't come with supernatural tools as did the "STARMAN" of a few years ago but he isn't quite a full amnesiac either since he is capable of narrating the first episode at least. For those of you looking for a mildly entertaining made-for-network series, on the basis of its pilot (June 30) I give it a 9 * rating). I hope the next episodes get shown on ABC main network and the creative thinking is given its full credit.
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TwiceDouble26 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I just finished watching Kyle XY and I must say, I can't wait for next week's episode. It is the best show I've seen since Smallville. It's funny and it kept me on the edge of my seat. Some of it was a bit inappropriate, but it's easily ignored. The writing is smart and the way Kyle thinks is rather funny. I can't think of any show out there that is quite like this one.

The best part was probably the scene at the party where Kyle takes on the cop one on one. It was interesting seeing someone who supposedly has limited motor skills and no social skills humiliate a trained cop with ease.

I definitely recommend this show to anyone who likes a good mystery show. I'm excited to see where this show is going to go from here.
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Kyle XY Rocks
dmajzoub27 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Kyle XY is a show about a boy who is found naked in the woods with no memory of who he is or even the knowledge of the most basic human functions. A progression of clues throughout the series leads us to the conclusion that he was the product of some type of lab experiment. My theory is that he is a genetically engineered/enhanced human clone. The XY refers to chromosomes which in Kyle's case have been manipulated. All and all, this show is a refreshing change from the usual boring summer repeat season. Thank God for Kyle XY and more power to Sour Patch Kids for sponsoring it. I hope the big shots at ABC have sense enough to pick this show up as a regular series. If not, it's gonna be a killer to wait all the way until next summer for new episodes.
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Love, Life, Family and Identity
mystiq-122 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Kyle is essentially a fully-maturated human who has no more development to go through, only a learning process, to learn what it is to be human, to learn to love, be loved and what family and acceptance means to a person, their identity and what identity itself means to a person. Kyle XY's very first couple of episodes are decidedly awkward as a result; I personally cringed at the scene where he first speaks and is asking for a drink. He starts out very much as a wax mold of a human and this concept is used to basically poke fun at humanity itself as Kyle learns of the world around him.

As Kyle grows and comes to learn that everyone and everything seems to have a place in society, possibly a purely human-developed psychological structure designed to make one feel accepted, he begins to wonder what his own place is and where his acceptance lies. He then changes from a happy, glowing wax figure, one who is afraid or doesn't know how to outwardly present his own feelings, to someone who will uppercut a guy in the jaw through a window because his family was threatened; the gamut of human emotion is always there, Kyle learns, like a catalog of feelings your body is ready to open up and show you when necessary, however unexplainable they may at first be.

It is very refreshing to see that it is not only one character whose personality makes noticeable shifts in the life of the show, but nearly every character that has a shelf-life long enough and with enough exposure to Kyle to be affected by him, unafraid to break its own stereotypes so that characters truly do seem to grow as the show progresses. That the show is unafraid to and does discuss the themes of family, love, identity and acceptance like it does, to show that they are at the same time infuriating, heart-warming, manipulative, kind, forgiving, loathsome, pitiable and a whole myriad of other descriptions leads to some very touching moments.

Kyle himself didn't seem to be progressing at all but it is quite apparent at the end of season 3 that Kyle's own mannerisms and the way other characters begin to recognize his predictability was all leading up to a big change in him, starting with him punching someone and threatening his life. It's just unfortunate the show ended before we could discover where this self-revelation would take the character.
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Best Show EVER
thafrogg30 March 2009
There is something to be said about a show that you can watch over and over... and enjoy it more with each viewing. Kyle XY is that kind of show.

Many, many people are outraged over the cancellation of this gem. However, only a portion of those upset know that there is a campaign going to revive Kyle XY! United we stand, divided we fall.

Those interested in joining the fight to save Kyle XY, feel free to join. There are several websites where fans are gathering. Any fan of Kyle XY who would like to be a part of the campaign please visit,, and

Now if only some network would realize that... and pick it up!
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emotionalcripple13 March 2009
Do not mistake Kyle XY for just a petty boring sci-fi series for teenagers. It is not. I'm an adult and I got hooked from the first 5 minutes of the pilot. It's got a little bit of everything; drama, humor, sci-fi, love, loss, pain, mystery, name it and you'll find it in this amazing show. This is simply a show that meets all ages and satisfies all tastes. All the characters are so well written, and the cast did an amazing job portraying every character. It really breaks my heart that they are taking the show off the air after only 3 season!! How could they put an end to such a great show that fast!!!!! How could they not care about the thousands and thousands of fans that supported the show and still do!! I really really hope someone out there would realize what a HUGE mistake that is and would do something about it... Kyle XY needs a hero to save him !!
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Amazing show
tragicallylostx5 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This show is a great show filled with suspense, drama and everything in between. Kyle XY does NOT disappoint. From the incredible plot line to the amazing acting Kyle XY is a 10/10. His first memory was waking up in the forest. He can do extraordinary things such as levitate, run exceptionally fast, and he's a super genius. But he's not alone. He's not the only one of his kind. The female experiment, Jessi, can do anything Kyle Can do. As they search to for the answers to their past they learn that even if they're special, and extraordinary, they're people like everyone else. From this sci-fi/drama mystery you will find yourself at the edge of your seat, laughing crying, and maybe a little bit of both. Kyle XY will change your look on science,family,love and overall the great discoveries of life.
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I love it!
theimmortalsam20 January 2009
I love the storyline and the mystery, mainly the idea of extended gestation periods. The show is really unpredictable, they are always springing things on us that we never saw coming. Also, the chemistry between the cast members and the excellent acting, which contributes to how we can really relate and sympathize with the characters. Great little tidbits and advice on life here and there. At times they make me feel like I'm not the only one experiencing this, or having issues with that. This show has the perfect mix of sci-fi/romance/action/thrill/mystery/comedy/drama and every other genre there possibly is, and this is probably ABC Family's best show!
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Geatest TV show
msimahesh16 October 2008
This is the greatest TV show i have ever seen., in this scenario, i don't know but something touched my heart., the way people communicate, and the relationship among them. and also their family, they really point out what is meant to be a Family. and it's really really amazing., i personally love this TV show more than every single film I've watched. and kyle is the most incredible person. he has no superpowers. but his brain is developed than an ordinary brain. he is new kind of a hero. "Love" is really pointed out in this movie., Amanda and kyle, they have very good story of loving each other. and everything depends on kyle's super brain.

i can't wait for the next season.
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Not a review.
Mark4 July 2008
I first saw this show when it was first being aired on BBC2/BBC1 in 2008 in the U.K. At first I thought it was a film (a really good one) because I had tuned in half way through the first episode and tuned out before it was over so I could watch it fully on DVD. The next day I checked the RTE Guide to find out the name of the film. I then realised it was a TV series. I couldn't wait and watch an episode once a week so I downloaded series 1 and series 2 off the internet. After the second episode I had literally fallen in love with the characters and the show itself. After finishing series 2 I was both angry and sad that there was nothing more to watch. (Series 3 is being aired in January 2009 {but only 10 episodes :[}) I am now watching the first series of 24 which I love but I keep on wishing I could watch Kyle XY.
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This is a must watch
edd-591 June 2008
This is a great series thats doesn't attempt to mask any of the events that really happen in everyday family life. Most teen drama programmes try to portray family life as all happy and a bit fluffy on the sides, family life isn't like this, families are always having problems. This program shows the problems families go through and how they overcome those problems bringing them to a moral conclusion, not always the right conclusion or the conclusion the audience expects, but that is how life is (not always Rosie). Although this is a sci-fi drama all the events evolve around the importance of caring for each other and looking out for one another. Yes it contains discussions about sex, drugs etc. but these are real issues that families face everyday you cant just shove these issues under the carpet and forget about them until its too late. Keep watching
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Kyle X-Y? Why, because it's brilliant!
bandyguden4 March 2008
Some shows have character. Some shows have charisma. Some shows even have what people describe as "soul". It's very rare, almost never, that you encounter a show with everything. A show like no other, a show that gives you something other than the usual 30 minutes of light entertainment. Kyle XY is such a show. The first couple of episodes tickles you mind in a way I have never experienced before. There has been lots of shows involving mysterious characters and the evolving plot-line, but Kyle XY is different. The first season lets you view the world, our world, almost from a child's eyes. Imagine yourself as a new-born baby in the body of a teenager, with no knowledge of anything the world has to offer, not being able to speak, and without any recollection of your past, being put in the middle of an urban city. The thought is intriguing, and so is this show. It could easily lost its appeal quickly and bummed out, but it hasn't. And I think it will take a while before it does. Every episode is overthrown with warmth and, yes, I will say it, soul. It has truly uniquely captured something I never thought possible capturing. My heart. Please, for your own good: watch it.
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Kim Rørmark11 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
First, you'll have to excuse my English, as I am from Europe.

Second, I have to say, I registered at just now, so i could rate and comment Kyle XY.

I simply love the show. That you see this boy experiencing all this things that we do as babies, but being able communicate and tell how he feels. And one thing I like really good, is that Kyle doesn't understand all the flaws and errors we humans have developed trough evolving and so on, and in that way we see them ourselves.

If you haven't seen this show, I'll bet you'll get hooked before the first episode is done.

Hope you understand! :)
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Better Than Expected
sarah-giggles27 November 2007
At first when I heard ABCfamily was making original series like "Wildfire" and "Kyle XY" I thought, "Oh no! My favorite channel is going to turn into the Disney Channel where there are no good shows or reruns playing, but a whole lot of original series that weren't even worth making in the first place." Then, when ABCfamily had a marathon over this show I thought I should watch it and just see if I liked it.

I did! By the time I saw the first episode of season 2, I was surprised at how addicting it really was. This was a show that portrayed real teens with a twist of sci-fi. Every show that's on late at night is either not appropriate to be watching or just a night time soap opera. This was neither.

Most teen shows now are obviously night time soap operas that never really portray the consequences of their actions. At first when I started watching an episode about Lori and her friend becoming "virgins" again I thought it was going to be a little dirty, instead, both she and her friend learned a valueable lesson in the end.

I can't wait till season 3 comes on. I'm definitely not going to miss anything!
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Fantastic fun! (For a family show)
Harrison Koch8 September 2007
Kyle XY is one of those shows that can pull you into it very, very well. Unfortunately, because of the plot, it would be best to watch from the beginning. This is rather easily done however, since the show's first season is available on DVD. The characters are all very believable. While there may be a few cheesy "Full House" like moments in the show, these in my opinion add to the family quality of the show. Not quite as action packed as say "Heroes," but equally involving, Kyle XY delves deep into ethics, psychology and drama. I get a very strong sense of tension, love and compassion from the characters in "Kyle XY." Definitely a good way to spend a Monday Night, other than Monday Night Football, which happens to be in the off season during KYLE XY's run. All in all, it is an ABC Family show, and so one can expect the mushy, cheesy moments, but this should not deter any viewer, as they are few and far between, and the plot, characters and acting are all phenomenally done.
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